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This Wiki belongs to the fellowship of Anglishers found on Reddit and Discord. We ask you to conform to the following standards. Join us on the Discord for more in-depth discussion, and to be granted additional rights here on the Wiki.

You Must

  • Respect: Do not edit other people's work without their permission unless you are fixing something which is indisputably a mistake, or adding something the owner would almost certainly agree is worthwhile.
  • Content & Translations: Articles must either be about Anglish or written in Anglish. Translated works must have a copyright status which is compatible with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). The content must also be of high quality. Examples include: folk tales, folk songs, and books in the public domain. Examples of content that should not be translated: Pop songs under copyright, film and tv show transcripts, fan fiction, or copies of Wikipedia articles.
  • Wordings: Do not make up words on the spot unless their definitions are so obvious that they are not likely to be misunderstood. See the Anglish Wordbook for words that have been settled upon by the fellowship.
  • Spellings: For the sake of readability, we ask that you kindly write in either the Anglish Spelling standard, or keep to standard English spellings. If you wish to spell things your own way, then kindly also write it out in standard English, so that everyone can understand you.
  • Proper nouns & foreign concepts: As a broad rule with occasional exceptions, do not attempt to translate loanwords which refer to foreign places (like 'Tokyo'), people (like 'Mark Antony'), concepts (like 'karma'), or objects (like 'kimono'). Our kind of Anglish is meant to have a natural feel, and it is strange for a natural language to reject these kinds of loanwords.
  • Pre-Norman borrowings: Do not be afraid to use foreign influence from before the Norman Invasion. This influence was borrowed willingly and usually for good reasons.
  • Word Compounding: Be aware that Germanic languages often make compound words where Italic languages use adjectives. If you find yourself using -y constantly, that is a sign that you are aping French. Instead of directly translating 'glorious victory' as 'woldry sye', consider making a compound like 'woldersye' (glory-victory).
  • Sources: Be skeptical of everything on Wiktionary. Recommended sources include: Etymonline and the Oxford English Dictionary

You Can

Please write your articles in a way that is easy for people to read. That means writing in Plain English when possible, keeping paragraphs short, and making good use of Miraheze's formatting for sections, dot points, and tables. See the Plain English Campaign website for guides on how to write and format clearly. See Wikipedia's help article for detailed information on how to format text.

  • Alternate Text: You can put alt-text, or hover-text into your writs, to give context to an Anglish word that is not also English. It will show alt-text when your cursor is hovered over the word. Beware that the hover text does not work on all devices. To do so, write out the following without the spaces between the consecutive curly brackets:
    { {over|english word|anglish word} }
    So that it will read like this: anglish word
  • Accessible Headers: Use Headers with appropriate titles. This is especially helpful for those using Accessibility tools, like, screen-readers. Format a header by putting your main section headers on a new line between two consecutive equals signs on either side, like this:
    == Header 1 ==
    and put your sub-headings between three consecutive equal signs on either side, like this:
    === Header 2 ===
  • Instructions for Phonemes: If you're writing about how to spell and sound something out, please stick to the format of ⟨l⟩ and /l/, where the former is for the written letter, and the latter is for the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbol which represents the actual sound. Specifically, please use the following angle brackets, and not the default US International keyboard brackets, as the default ones can break the Wiki's formatting: ⟨ ⟩
  • Wiki Tables: The following web tool can be used to convert spreadsheets into valid Wiki tables: