Monðs and Holidays

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This is a somewhat silly article about the months and their holidays. It is supposed to be reminiscent of the writings of medieval authors who felt the need to impose regularity and order where it did not actually exist. This text prefers native English words over Old Norse loanwords.

The Writ


  • Lide - Þis monð's holidag is Holie Patrick's Dag. Þis holidag is linked to þe Irisc folk. On it folks drink ale.
  • Eastermonð - Þis monð's holidag is Easter. Þis holidag is linked to hares and egren. On it egren are heƿed, and often sƿeets are hidden for cildren to find. Cristens tie þis holidag to Crist rising from þe grafe. Bede saged þat þis dag ƿas named after a heaðen gidden.
  • Þrimilk- Þis monð's holidag is Mag Dag, hƿic sum tie to Beltane. On it folk tumb abute magpoles. In georedags it ƿas folkcooð on þis dag among sum of þe Englisc to put hemselfs into ƿeed as þoug hie ƿere Robin Hood.


  • Ereliðe - Þis monð's holidag is Midsummer. On it bonfires are lit.
  • Afterliðe - In America þis monð's holidag is Canada Dag or Independence Dag. On þese dags Canadians and Americans herrie her þeeds.
  • Ƿeedmonð - Þis monð's holidag is Lammas, hƿic means ‘loaf mass’. On þis dag Cristens bring loafs of bread to circ.


  • Holimonð - Þis monð's holidag is Mickelmas. In georedags þe Englisc ƿere ƿont to eating goosflesc on þis dag. In Ireland if one finds a ring hidden in a Mickelmas pie þen it is saged hie ƿill be ƿed before long.
  • Ƿinterfulð - Þis monð's holidag is Halloƿeen, hƿic is linked to ‘Samhain’. On þis dag cildren get into ƿeed as fifels, goasts, ƿicces, and þings like þat and go huse to huse to gaðer sƿeets. In late times, groƿn folk haf taken to also putting on holidag ƿeed, þoug hie drink ale more so þan eat sƿeets.
  • Blootmonð - In þe Oned States, þis monð's holidag is Þanksgeefing. On it a simbel is had.


  • Eregeƿl - Þis monð's holidag is Geƿl, but its better knoƿn name is ‘Cristmas’. On it gifts are geefen, and simbels are had. Cristens tie þis dag to þe bird of Gesu Crist.
  • Aftergeƿl - Þis monð's holidag is Neƿ Gere's Efe. Fireƿorks are set off on it.
  • Soalmonð - Þis monð's holidag is Holie Valentine's Dag. Þis dag is linked to luf. Sumtimes chocolate is geefen to lufed ones.