Original Premise of Anglish

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Drawing from the very first texts to be called Anglish, which were articles published in Punch magazine in 1966 entitled *1066 and All Saxon*, we can derive this original premise, or outline:

1) Anglish was English that avoids influence from the Norman Invasion.

We have seen in foregoing pieces how our tongue was kept free from outlandish inmingling, of French and Latin-fetched words, which a Norman win would, beyond askthink, have inled into it.

2) Anglish was English that avoids real and hypothetical French influence from after 1066.

. . . till Domesday, the would-be ingangers from France were smitten hip and thigh; and of how, not least, our tongue remained selfthrough and strong, unbecluttered and unbedizened with outlandish Latin-born words of French outshoot.

3) Anglish was English that avoids the influence of class prejudice on language.

Yet all the words [in Modern English] for meats taken therefrom - beef from boeuf, mutton from mouton, pork from porc - are of outshoot from the upper-kind conquering French. . . Moreover the upper kind strive mightily to find the gold for their childer to go to learninghouses where they may be taught above all, to speak otherlich from those of the lower kind. . .

There is no upper kind and lower kind [in Anglish], but one happy folk