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I wonder if other people could put their interpretation of these rules in here.

My interpretation of Younger Futhorc[edit]


(soft G) ᚦᚫᚱ᛫ᚹᛟᚾᛋ᛫ᚹᛟᛋ᛫ᛖᚷ᛫ᛞᚪᚸ᛫ᚻᚢ᛫ᛒᚪᚱᛣᛖᛞ᛫ᚹᛖᚷ᛫ᛏᚢ᛫ᛗᛟᚳ᛬ᛋᚩ᛫ᚦᛖ᛫ᛣᚫᛏ᛫ᚳᚩᛋ᛫ᛏᚢ᛫ᛋᛖᛏ᛫ᛖᚷ᛫ᛏᚱᚫᛈ᛫ᚠᚩᚱ᛫ᚦᛖ᛫ᛞᚪᚸ᛬ᛒᛟᛏ᛫ᛁᛏ᛫ᛒᚪᛚᛣᛖᛞ᛫ᛏᚢ᛫ᛏᚱᛁᚸᛖᚱ᛫ᛋᚩ᛫ᚦᛖ᛫ᚻᚫᚢᚾᛞ᛫ᚸᚪᛏ᛫ᛟᚹᛖᚷ᛫ᚹᛁᚦ᛫ᛒᛠᛁᛝ᛫ᛚᚫᚢᛞ

There once was a dog who barked way too much. So the cat chose to set a trap for þe dog. But it balked to trigger so the hound got away with being loud.


(soft G) ᛖᚷ᛫ᛒᚫᚱᚩᚹ᛫ᛁᛋ᛫ᚦᛁᚾ᛫ᚫᛏ᛫ᛁᛏᛋ᛫ᚻᚪᚷ᛫ᚫᚾᛞ᛫ᚹᚪᚷᛞ᛫ᚫᛏ᛫ᛁᛏᛋ᛫ᛚᚩᚹ᛬ᛁᚠ᛫ᛁᛏ᛫ᚹᛖᚱ᛫ᛟᛈᛋᚪᚷᛞᛞᚫᚢᚾ᛫ᛁᛏ᛫ᚹᚢᛞ᛫ᛒᛠ᛫ᚹᚪᚷᛞ᛫ᚫᛏ᛫ᛁᛏᛋ᛫ᚻᚪᚷ᛫ᚫᚾᛞ᛫ᚦᛁᚾ᛫ᚫᛏ᛫ᛁᛏᛋ᛫ᛚᚩᚢ

A barrow is thin at its high and wide at its low. If it were upside-down it would be wide at its high and thin at its low.

I use "᛫" to separate words & "᛬" to separate sentences.

Recently I have been contemplating using soft G, & by extension "ᚸ" after Anglish started using soft G. I am still undecided.

I use "ᚩᚢ" to separate certain words that would have otherwise used only "ᚩ": Low = ᛚᚩᚢ snow = ᛋᚾᚩᚢ glow =ᚷᛚᚩᚢ/ᚸᛚᚩᚢ sow = ᛋᚩᚢ so = ᛋᚩ