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Hello, my name is Anleaf /ˈænliːf/ or Aleaf /ˈeɪliːf/ (Old English Ā(n)leof, Norwayish Eiliv, Old Norwayish Æilīfʀ), and I’m from Norway. I first cared for Anglish for the likeness to my own Norwayish speech, but now it’s more that I want less known English words and word shapes to not be forgotten. That is, the words and word shapes that stem from Old English.

I’m not all that wis about what my name would be in English. It would have been *Ainalībaz (or *Aiwa-) in oryermanish, where *lībaz is from *lībą ‘life’. I thought this would become Onlif /ˈəʊn.lɪf/, /ɒn-/, but someone told me *-ą and *-az did not yield the same outcome. The first would have had a breaking, yielding -iu- and then -eo-. I have seen the name Aleof before (likely from *Aiwa- then), but for the longest time, I believed it was wrong. Seems like it wasn’t then.

My leaf on other websteads[edit]

Some English names of steads in Norway[edit]

The ones with stars are mine; the others are found elsewhere.

  • *Barrowin /ˈbærəʊɪn/barrow + *-(w)in (Oryermanish *winjō), akin to Old Norwayish Bjǫrgvin (*Bjargvin with w-umbloud) and Bergvin.
  • Mere (South-, North-) /mɪə/*Mēre, akin to Orn. *mōrijaʀ and ON Mǿrr (Mǿri).
  • *Osleigh, *Osley /ˈɒslɪ/os- (OE ōs) + leigh, akin to Ornorthish *Ansulauhu and ON Ósló.
    Osleigh haplessly lost its name to Christiania in 1624, named after a Danish king, and it stayed until 1925. Osleigh therefore didn’t get an English name. The only other (non-Northish) tongues to have names for Osleigh are Dutch with Ansloo and Low German with Anslo.
  • Throwendham /ˈθrəʊ(ə)ndəm/Throwends (OE Þrōwendas) + -ham, akin to Orn. *Þrōwendhaimaʀ and ON Þróndheimr.