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Jer_E's Spelling[edit]

This is the spelling system I have used in wendings I have posted on the Anglisc reddit or discord. This largely based on the findings from others on this wiki and discussions I have read on the ƿord-smiðe board, but some are my own conclusions too. Thank you all for your work.

# From To When Examples
1 a, o, ou, e NE schwa from ME [e] liar→lier, worse→ƿerse, sailor→sagler, harbour→harber,
2 c s /s/ cinder→sinder, fleece→fleese, race→rase, since→sinse
3 -c -k, -ck /k/ orc→ork, garlic→garlick
4 ch c, k /k/ christ→crist, ache→ake
5 ch c, ce /tʃ/ chin→cin, choose→ceoose, much→muce
6 ea after ch, y, sh e_e distinguish ea from e+a cheap→cepe, year→gere, shear→scere
7 non-initial g gg /g/ pig→pigg, ragamuffin→raggamuffin, ugly→ugglie
8 -gh -ch historical /x~ɣ/ high→hich, night→nicht
9 gh- g- /g/ ghost→gost
10 i; or, ur y; yr OE & ON [y] hill→hyll, worry→ƿyrrie, burden→byrden
11 kn cn historical /kn/ knee→cnee,
12 -le, -al, -il -el /əl/ middle→middel, burial→berriel, evil→efel, (exception: bridal)
13 ou oo /u/ couth→cooð, through→þrooch, wound→ƿoond
14 o, o_e u /ʌ~ʊ/ from OE [u] son→sun, come→cum, honey→hunnie, worm→ƿurm
15 ou, ow u, u_e /aʊ/, /ʌ/, /ʊ/ loud→lude, ground→grund, cow→cue, how→hu, rough→ruch, could→culd
16 u i, e OE [i] or [e] busy→bisie, bury→berrie, church→circe
17 Vu Vƿ OE [Vƿ] soul→soƿl, four→foƿer, sleuth→sleƿð
18 qu cƿ /cw/ quick→cƿick, squeak→scƿeak (exception: queer, quark)
19 -re -er /ər/ acre→aker
20 sc sk /sk/ scum→skum, scrape→skrape
21 sh sc, sce /ʃ/ ship→scip, shred→scred, shot→sceot, fish→fisce
22 tch cc, -cce /tʃ/ itch→icce, kitchen→kyccen
23 th þ, ð, ðð /θ/ or /ð/ the→þe, something→sumþing, feather→feaðer, other→oððer, path→pað
24 u, u_e, ou eƿ /ju/ true→treƿ, youth→geƿð, truth→treƿð, mule→meƿl (exception: yule→geool, rune→roon)
25 -u- insertion always guess→gess, buy→bye
26 v f, ff native /v/ believe→belief, have→haff, drive→drife, ever→effer, even→efen, heaven→heafen
27 w ƿ /w/ we→ƿe
28 wh hƿ /w~hw/, /h/ what→hƿat, whole→hƿole
29 y, i g OE [g] yes→ges, yard→geard, day→dag, rain→ragn
30 -y -ie /i/ body→bodie, likely→likelie
31 z s, ss native /z/ daze→dase, fizz→fiss, dizzy→dyssie
Irregular Spellings[edit]

hair→hear, island→iland, mould→mold, scythe→syðe, sieve→siff, tongue→tung,

Spelling Showcase[edit]

Þe Norð Ƿind and þe Sun ƿere fliting abute hƿice ƿas þe stronger, hƿen a ƿagfarer came along ƿrapped in a ƿarm scrude. Þeg setteled þat þe one hƿo fyrst ofercame in making þe ƿagfarer take his scrude off sceuld be þoucht as stronger þan þe oððer. Þen þe Norð Ƿind bleƿ as hard as he culd, but þe more he bleƿ, þe more tichtlie did þe ƿagfarer fold his scrude abute him; and at last þe Norð Ƿind gafe up þe bid. Þen þe sun sceone ute ƿarmlie, and at onse þe ƿagfarer took off his scrude. And so þe Norð Ƿind ƿas bund to accnoƿledge þat þe Sun ƿas þe stronger of þe tƿo.