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Forstelled words[edit]

English Anglisc (if different) Meaning Kind Notes
bondsrich, bandsrich bondsric, bandsric federation Noun calque of German bundesreich
chaphouse, cheaphouse ceaphuse, ceephuse department store Noun calque of German kaufhaus
forput suggest, propose Verb to put (something) forth
forslay suggest, propose Verb calque of German vorschlagen
forstell suggest, propose Verb calque of Dutch voorstellen
fortell relate, narrate Verb calque of Dutch vertellen
geld money Noun from Middle English
cognates exist in other extant Germanic languages
ironway railway, railroad Noun iron + way
mateship matescip friendship, partnership, venture Noun calque of Dutch maatschap
mateshipy meanscipy society Noun from Dutch maatschappij
meanship meanscip community Noun calque of German gemeinschaft
samlive to live together Verb sam (to assemble, to bring together) + live
calque of Dutch samenleven
samliving society Noun sam (to assemble, to bring together) + living
calque of Dutch samenleving
richsbond, richsband ricsbond, ricsband confederation Noun calque of German reichenbund
workpath ƿorkpaþ career Noun calque of Frisian wurkpaad