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Hello folks, this is my selfleaf for the great Anglisc Wiki! Howefer, eferyone can tweak this leaf at her own will, sooo, it is not truly mine. If anyone oferwrites or breaks this leaf, ic think this wending shall be the one ic rollback to handily. (ic will deem it 'rollback1', so seek for that name)

Abute Shocker[edit]

Ya, ic know mine anglisc is odd, spelling is uncouth and words brookt be irksum to most. but, ic be learning, and yearning for more anglisc knowlecg to sharpen mine skills, and better myself as a writer and mootmate of the wider anglisc fellowscip! Ic hafe a better beholding of anglisc than ic culd efer dreamt of, hwic ic can thank the helpful writs fund on this wiki ic brookt. Ic hope to geef back to this wiki and be a helpful hand, althuge ic know not how that will be done.