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  • Broad Anglish matches element names to other extant Germanic languages, includes Latinate and Greek-derived cognates.
  • Pure Anglish uses mostly Germanic names and suffixes.
List of chemical elements in Standard English and Anglish translations
Atomic number Symbol Standard English name Broad Anglish name Pure Anglish name
Standard spelling Anglish spelling Standard spelling Anglish spelling
1 H hydrogen waterstuff ƿaterstuff watershaft ƿaterscaft
2 He helium helium helium sunlift, sunshaft sunlift, sunscaft
3 Li lithium lithium liþium stonemetal, stoneshaft stonemetal, stonescaft
4 Be beryllium beryllium berilium beryllmetal, beryllshaft berilmetal, berilscaft
5 B boron bore bore, boor boraxshaft boraxscaft
6 C carbon coalstuff coalstuff coalshaft coalscaft
7 N nitrogen stickstuff stickstuff sticklift sticklift
8 O oxygen sourstuff sourstuff sourlift, sourshaft sourlift, sourscaft
9 F fluorine fluor flore, fluor flusparlift, flusparshaft flusparlift, flusparscaft
10 Ne neon neon neon newlift neƿlift
11 Na sodium natrium natrium sodametal, sodashaft sodametal, sodascaft
12 Mg magnesium magnesium magnesium magnesmetal magnesmetal
13 Al alumin(i)um aluminium aluminium evenmetal, evenshaft efenmetal, efenscaft
14 Si silicon silicium silisium flintmetal, flintshaft flintmetal, flintscaft
15 P phosphorous phosphor fosfor blikeshaft blikescaft
16 S sulfur swevel sƿefel swevel, brimstone sƿefel, brimstone
17 Cl chlorine chlore clore, cloor greenlift greenlift
18 Ar argon argon argon idlelift idlelift
19 K potassium kalium kalium potashmetal, postashshaft potascmetal, potascscaft
20 Ca calcium calcium calsium limemetal, limeshaft limemetal, limescaft
21 Sc scandium scandium skandium shedmetal, shedshaft scedmetal scedscaft
22 Ti titanium titane titane, titaan ettinmetal ettinmetal
23 V vanadium vanadium fanadium freymetal frymetal
24 Cr chromium chrome crome, croom huemetal heƿmetal
25 Mn manganese mangane mangane, mangaan manganmetal, torghtmetal manganmetal, torgtmetal
26 Fe iron iron iron iron iron
27 Co cobalt cobalt cobalt puckmetal puckmetal
28 Ni nickel nickel nickel nickel nickel
29 Cu copper copper copper copper copper
30 Zn zinc zinc sink tindmetal tindmetal
31 Ga gallium gallium galium walmetal walmetal
32 Ge germanium germanium germanium theechmetal, dutshmetal theecmetal, dutscmetal
33 As arsenic arsene arsene, arseen yellowshaft yellowscaft
34 Se selenium selene selene, seleen moonmetal, moonshaft moonmetal, moonscaft
35 Br bromine brome brome, broom stenchlift, stenchshaft stenclift, stencscaft
36 Kr krypton krypton kripton dernlift dernlift
37 Rb rubidium rubidium rubidium russmetal, rothmetal rusmetal, roþmetal
38 Sr strontium strontium strontium strontmetal strontmetal
39 Y yttrium yttrium yttrium outermetal, yttermetal outermetal, yttermetal
40 Zr zirconium zircon sirkon zirconmetal, zirconshaft sirkonmetal, sirkonscaft
41 Nb niobium niobe niobe, nioob
42 Mo molybdenum molybdene molibdene, molibdeen
43 Tc technetium technet(s)ium teknesium
44 Ru ruthenium ruthenium ruþenium
45 Rh rhodium rhodium rodium
46 Pd palladium palladium paladium
47 Ag silver silver silfer
48 Cd cadmium cadmium cadmium
49 In indium indium indium
50 Sn tin tin tin
51 Sb antimony antimone antimone, antimoon
52 Te tellurium tellure telure, teluur
53 I iodine iode, iodium iode, iood, iodium
54 Xe xenon xenon xenon
55 Cs caesium caesium sesium
56 Ba barium barium barium
57 La lanthanum lanthan lanþane, lanþaan
58 Ce cerium cerium serium
59 Pr praseodymium praseodymium praseodimium
60 Nd neodymium neodymium neodimium
61 Pm promethium promethium promeþium
62 Sm samarium samarium samarium
63 Eu europium europium europium
64 Gd gadolinium gadolinium gadolinium
65 Tb terbium terbium terbium
66 Dy dysprosium dysprosium disprosium
67 Ho holmium holmium holmium
68 Er erbium erbium erbium
69 Tm thulium thulium þulium
70 Yb ytterbium ytterbium ytterbium
71 Lu lutetium lutetium lutetium
72 Hf hafnium hafnium hafnium
73 Ta tantalum tantal tantale, tantaal
74 W tungsten wolfram ƿulfram
75 Re rhenium rhenium renium
76 Os osmium osmium osmium
77 Ir iridium iridium iridium
78 Pt platinum platina platina
79 Au gold gold gold
80 Hg mercury quicksilver, quick cƿicksilfer, cƿick
81 Tl thallium thallium þalium
82 Pb lead lead lead
83 Bi bismuth bismuth bismuþ
84 Po polonium polonium polonium
85 At astatine astate astate, astaat
86 Rn radon radon radon
87 Fr francium francium frankium
88 Ra radium radium radium
89 Ac actinium actinium aktinium
90 Th thorium thorium þorium
91 Pa protactinium protactinium protaktinium
92 U uranium urane urane, uraan
93 Np neptunium neptunium neptunium
94 Pu plutonium plutonium plutonium
95 Am americium americium amerisium, americkium
96 Cm curium curium curium
97 Bk berkelium berkelium berkelium
98 Cf californium californium californium
99 Es einsteinium einsteinium einsteinium
100 Fm fermium fermium fermium
101 Md mendelevium mendelevium mendelefium
102 No nobelium nobelium nobelium
103 Lr lawrencium lawrencium laƿrensium
104 Rf rutherfordium rutherfordium ruþerfordium
105 Db dubnium dubnium dubnium
106 Sg seaborgium seaborgium seaborgium
107 Bh bohrium bohrium borium
108 Hs hassium hassium hassium
109 Mt meitnerium meitnerium meitnerium
110 Ds darmstadtium darmstadtium darmstadtium
111 Rg roentgenium roentgenium runtgenium
112 Cn copernicium copernicium copernickium
113 Nh nihonium nihonium nihonium
114 Fl flerovium flerovium flerofium
115 Mc moscovium moscovium moscofium
116 Lv livermorium livermorium lifermorium
117 Ts tennessine tennessine tennessine
118 Og oganesson oganesson oganesson