Words and Names from Latin's Mouth

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This page holds many words and names from Latin being brought into English. Instead of changing the pronunciation to match the spelling, you change the spelling to match the pronunciation. To clarify, these are borrowings from Latin straight into the modern language of English, through an Anglish lens.

While some folks' ideal form of Anglish is one without Latin as well as French, many are fine with Latin words so long as they came straight from the source and not through a Frenchman middleman. This page showcases many a borrowing of Latin words (both proper nouns and improper ones!) right into Anglish. Some words may look or even sound a bit different than what you're used to, others may match them one-to-one, and there are a few that don't look anything like what you know and you might wonder how the word came to us in the first place. There'll be words here that have no good Anglish alternative, and words where it would be plain silly to use instead of a word already commonplace in English. This page is just a thought experiment all in good fun. Use the words you want, for what you want, whenever the hell you want. Work in progress.

General notes:

  • The stem of the word is generally used, and the case endings are removed (Mārcum → Mārc → Mark; Antōnium → Antōni → Antony).
  • The form closer to the classical pronunciation is given in the Background section.
  • For Ancient Greek words and names, the traditional form uses /θ/ for ⟨th⟩, but the classical form uses /t/ from the Latin pronunciation.
  • Final ⟨i⟩ is pronounced with either /i/ or /aɪ/. It seems that if final ⟨i⟩ is a result of taking away the case ending, then it is pronounced as /i/; otherwise, if final ⟨i⟩ was already present in the Latin word, it is pronounced as /aɪ/.
  • Stress is on the first syllable unless otherwise stated (Elizabeth: EH-lizabeth, not eh-LIH-zababeth).
  • Initial ⟨h⟩ is kept for both modern and classical forms, but feel free to drop it as a variant spelling (examples: able instead of hable, Adrian instead of Hadrian, Estony instead of Hestony).
  • Words ending in ⟨ct⟩ (such as act and fact) might be a bit clunky to say, and not many native English words end like this. One solution is to insert ⟨ke⟩ in between them (acket, facket), though this would not effect derivatives (actor, factor). Another solution is to drop the ⟨c⟩, as is common in many vulgar forms (sānctus to sāntus); whether or not this effects derivatives is up to you.

French influence has influenced the sound values of certain letters (see here for more), so as part of removing the influence:

  • The letters ⟨c⟩ and ⟨g⟩ before front vowels are read as soft and have the respective values of /tʃ/ and /j/, never /s/ or /dʒ/ (unless soft ⟨g⟩ is used after ⟨n⟩). It is assumed here that the sequence geo is pronounced with two vowels.
  • Consonantal ⟨i⟩ (equivalent to modern ⟨j⟩) has the sound value of /j/, never /dʒ/. Any words you see below spelt with ⟨y⟩ as a consonant (such as Yay or obyect) can have it replaced with ⟨j⟩ (Jay, object) as an alternative spelling.
  • The sequence ⟨ti⟩ when immediately followed by a vowel should be pronounced as /t͡ʃ/ like in question and celestial, never as /ʃ/ (which comes from the French form borrowed in Middle English).

Be sure to check out the sister page, Words and Names from Other Mouths, which holds borrowings from other languages, like Spanish and German.

Prefixes and Suffixes[edit]

Before we start, here are some different prefixes and suffixes commonly found in Latin, and substitutes to use if you prefer.

English Anglish Nominative Accusative For Background
-able -abill -ābilis -ābilem -able Anglish alternative: -endly (-endlig).
bi- bi- bi- bi- bi- Anglish alternative: twi- (tƿi-).
chis- cis- cis- cis- cis- Classical form: kis-. Anglish alternative: hither- (hiðer-).
-ense -ens -ēnsis -ēnsem -ese Can also be spelled: -ess, from a vulgar spelling.
Anglish alternative: -ish (-isc).
-ian -ian -iānus, -iāna -iānum, -iānam -an Anglish alternatives: -land (for places), -ish (-isc, for people).
-ic -ick -icus, -ica -icum, icam -ic Anglish alternative: -ish (-isc).
-iss -iss -issum, -issa -issam -ess Borrowed from Greek.
Anglish alternative: -en.
-it -it -īta -ītam -ite Classical form: -eet.
Anglish alternative: -ish (-isc).
-itat -itat -itās -itātem -ity Anglish alternatives: -ness, -th (), -hood, -ship (scip).
-ive -if -īvus -īvum -ive Classical form: -iw (-iƿ).
Anglish alternative: -ing.
-nome -nome -nōmen -nōmen -nomen Anglish alternative: -name.
-or -or -ōr -ōrem -er Anglish alternative: -er.
-ose -ose -ōsus -ōsum -ous Anglish alternative: -ful (-full).
pan- pan- pan- pan- pan- Anglish alternative: all-.
-phily -filig -philīa -philīam -philia Classical form: -pily (-pilig). Anglish alternative: -love (-luf).
-phoby -fobig -phobīa -phobīam -phobia Classical form: -poby (-pobig). Anglish alternative: -hate.
post- post- post- post- post- Anglish alternative: after-.
pre- pre- prae- prae- pre- Classical form: pra-. Anglish alternative: fore-.
sub- sub- sub- sub- sub- Anglish alternative: under-.
super- super- super- super- super- Anglish alternative: over- (ofer-).
trans- trans- trāns- trāns- trans- The <n> is dropped in vulgar spellings, and the is sometimes replaced with the following consonant.
Anglish alternative: yonder- (geonder-).
-y -ig -ius, -ia -ium, -iam -y Anglish alternative: -land (for places).


This lists takes many common words (such as animals) from Latin and adaptively borrows them into today's English. Some words you may be familiar with are the result of earlier borrowings.

English Anglish Nominative Accusative For Background
abant abant ab ante ab ante advance
abantatic abantatick abantāticus abantāticum advantage
abbat abbat abbās abbātem abbot
abbatiss abbatiss abbātissa abbātissam abbess
abbatty abbattig abbātia abbātiam abbacy
abest abest asbestus asbestum abestos
aboriyinal aboriginall ab orīginālis ab orīginālem aboriginal Classical form: aboriginal (aborigginall, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
abracadaber abracadaber abracadabra abracadabram abracadabra
abyss abiss abyssus abyssum abyss Classical form: abuss.
abyssal abissall abyssālis abyssālem abyssal Classical form: abussal (abussall).
abyssim abissim abyssimus abyssimum abysm Can contract to: abysm (abism).
Classical form: abussim.
abyssimal abissimall abyssimālis abyssimālem abysmal Can contract to: abysmal (abismall).
Classical form: abussimal (abussimall).
academic academick acadēmicus acadēmicum academic
academy academig acadēmīa acadēmīam academy
achid acid acidus acidum acid Classical form: akid.
acrobat acrobat acrōbatēs acrōbatem acrobat
acrobatic acrobatick acrōbaticus acrōbaticum acrobatic
acronym acronim acrōnymus acrōnymus acronym Classical form: acronum.
acoustic acustick acūsticus acūsticum acoustic Classical form: acoostic (acustick).
act act ācta āctam act
action action āctiō āctiōnem action Anglish IPA: /ˈækt͡ʃən/.
Classical IPA: /ˈɑːk.ti.oʊn/.
active actif actīvus actīvum active Classical form: actiw (actiƿ).
actor actor āctor āctōrem actor Classical IPA: /ˈɑːktɔːr/.
actrich actrice āctrīx āctrīcem actress Classical form: actreek (/ˈɑːktriːk/).
adamant adamant adamās adamantem adamant
addend addend addendum addendum addendum
addiction addiction addictiō addictiōnem addiction
admin admin adminus adminum admin New Latin. Shortening of ‘administrator’.
administration administration administrātiō administrātiōnem administration
administrator administrator administrātor administrātōrem administrator
admiral admirall admīrālis admīrālem admiral Can also be spelled: ammiral (ammirall), from a vulgar spelling.
adoleshent adolescent adolēscēns adolēscentem adolescent Classical form: adoleskent.
adult adult adultus adultum adult
advent adfent adventus adventum advent Classical form: adwent (adƿent).
adventour adfenture adventūra adventūram adventure Classical form: adwentoor (adƿenture).
adventourary adfenturarig adventūrārius adventūrārium adventurer Classical form: adwentoorary (adƿenturarig).
adventourose adfenturose adventūrōsus adventūrōsum adventurous Classical form: adwentoorose (adƿenturose).
adversary adfersarig adversārius adversārium adversary Classical form: adwersary (adƿersarig).
affect affect affectus affectum affect
affection affectiom affectiō affectiōnem affection
agon aggon agōn agōnem agon
agony aggonig agōnia agōniam agony
agricultour agriculture agricultūra agricultūram agriculture Classical form: agricultoor (agriculture).
air ager āēr āerem air
alch alc alcēs alcem moose An animal.
alchemist alchemist alchēmista alchēmistam alchemist The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: alkemist.
See also: chemist.
alchemy alchemig alchēmia alchēmiam alchemy The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: alkemy (alkemig).
alcol alcoll alcohol alcohol alcohol Classical form: alcohol (alcoholl).
alcolic alcolick alcoholic alcoholicus alcoholicum Classical form: alcoholic (alcoholick).
algue alge alga algam alga For ‘algae’, we can use algues (alges).
algorism alggorism algorismus algorismum algorithm
alibie alibie alibī alibī alibi Anglish IPA: /ˈælɪbaɪ/.
Classical form: aliby (alibig, /ˈɑːlɪbi/).
alleryic allergick allergicus allergicum allergic Classical form: allergic (allerggick, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
alleryie allergie allergia allergiam allergy Classical form: allergy (allerggig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
alligator alliggator alligātor alligātōrem alligator An animal.
aloumin alumin alūminum alūminum aluminum A chemical element.
Classical form: aloomin (alumin).
You can tack on -ny (-nig) to the end if you prefer using ‘aluminium’.
alphabet alfabet alphabētum alphabētum alphabet Classical form: alpabet.
alyebber algebber algebra algebram algebra Classical form: algebber (alggebber, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
amar amar amārus amārum bitter
amator amator amātor amātōrem amateur
ambidextrose ambidextrose ambidextrōsus ambidextrōsum ambidextrous
ambigew ambiggeƿ ambiguus ambiguum ambiguous
ambulant ambulant ambulāns ambulantem walking
ambulanty ambulantig ambulantia ambulantiam ambulance New Latin.
amethyst ameðist amethystus amethystum amethyst A precious stone.
Classical form: ametust.
amic amick amīcus amīcum friend See also: inimic.
Classical form: ameek.
amitt amit amita amitam aunt
ammeb ammeb amoeba amoebam amoeba Classical form: amobe.
amphibian amfibian amphibiānus amphibiānum amphibian Classical form: ampibian.
amphiby amfibig amphibius amphibium amphibious Classical form: ampiby (ampibig).
amphitheater amfiþeater amphitheatrum amphitheatrum amphitheatre A building.
Classical form: ampiteater.
anal anall ānālis ānālem anal
analogue analoge analogus analogum analogue
analys analis analysis analysem analysis Classical form: analus.
anat anat anas anatem duck An animal.
Can also be spelled: anatry (anatrig), from a vulgar spelling.
androyin androgin androgynus androgynum androgynous Classical form: androgun (androggun, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
anesthesy anesðesig anaesthēsia anaesthēsia anesthesia Classical form: anastasy (anastasig).
Can also be spelled: nestesy (nestesig), from a vulgar spelling.
anim anim anima animam soul
animal animall animālis animālem animal
animat animat animātus animātum animate
animation animation animātiō animātiōnem animation
animose animose animōsus animōsum animose
animositat animositat animōsitās animōsitātem animosity
an an ānus ānum anus A bodypart.
angel angell angelus angelum angel Anglish IPA: /ˈænd͡ʒəl/.
Classical form: /ˈæŋɡɛl/.
angelic angelick angelicus angelicum angelic Anglish IPA: /ˈænd͡ʒəlɪk/.
Classical IPA: /ˈæŋɡɛlɪk/.
angust anggust angustus angustum angst
angusty anggustig angustia angustia angsty
ann ann annus annum year
anniversary annifersarig anniversārius anniversārium anniversary Classical form: anniwersary (anniƿersarig).
anonym anonim anōnymus anōnymum anonymous Classical form: anonum.
Can also be spelled: anoname, replacing the ending suffix with a native counterpart; this form could be reanalyzed as ‘a no name’.
antechessary antecessarig antecessāria antecessāriam ancestry New Latin.
Classical form: antekessary (antekessarig).
antechessor antecessor antecessor antecessōrem ancestor Classical form: antekessor.
antimony antimonig antimonium antimonium antimony A chemical element.
See also: stibby.
anthilope anðilope anthilops anthilopem antelope An animal.
Classical form: antilope.
anthrope anðrope anthrōpus anthrōpum anthro Classical form: antrope.
anthropomorphic anðropomorfick anthrōpomorphicus anthrōpomorphicum anthropomorphic Classical form: antropomorpic (antropomorpick).
antonym antonim antōnymus antōnymus antonym Classical form: antonum.
anxy anxig ānxius ānxium anxious
apertour aperture apertūra apertūram aperture Classical form: apertoor (aperture).
apocalypse apocalips apocalypsis apocalypsem apocalypse Classical form: apocalupse (apocalups).
apoloyie apologie apologia apologiam apology Classical form: apology (apologgig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
aquary acƿarig aquārium aquārium aquarium A building.
aqueduct acƿeduct aquaeductus aquaeductum aqueduct A building. Classical form: aquaduct (acƿaduct).
arbor arbor arbor arborem tree A plant.
archangel archangell archangelus archangelum archangel The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: arkangel (arkanggell, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
archipelague arcipelage arcipelagus arcipelagum archipelago Classical form: arkipelague (arkipelage).
arct arct arctus arctum polar bear An animal.
ark ark arcus arcum ark
arid arid āridus āridum arid
ariet ariet ariēs arietem ram An animal.
armat armat armāta armātam army
art art ars artem art
arthrid arðrid arthrītis arthrītidem arthritis Classical form: artrid.
artist artist artista artistam artist
artistry artistrig artistria artistriam artistry
artit artit artītus artītum skilled
artitian artitian artītiānus artītiānum artisan
aryent argent argentum argentum silver A chemical element. Anglish IPA: /ˈɑr.jənt/.
Classical form: argent (/ˈɑr.ɡənt/).
asell asell asellus asellum donkey An animal.
asin asin asinus asinum ass An animal.
aspharague asfarage aspharagus aspharagus asparagus A food item.
Classical form: asparague (asparage).
Can also be spelled: sparague (sparage), from a vulgar spelling.
aster aster astēr astrum star See also: stell.
asteroad asteroad astēroīdēs astēroīdem asteroid Since /ɔɪ/ entered English because of French influence, a different vowel is substituted here as part of loanword phonology. In this case, /oʊ/ is used as an approximation.
Can contract to: astroad.
astronaut astronaut astronauta astronautam astronaut Classical form: astronout (astronute).
astronomy astronomig astronomia astronomiam astronomy
asyl asill asȳlum asȳlum asylum A place.
Classical form: asul (asull).
atchent acent accentus accentum accent Classical form: ackent.
atchident acident accidēns accidentem accident Classical form: ackident.
atom atom atomus atomum atom
atomic atomick atomicus atomicum atomic
atroch atroc atrōx atrōcem very dark Classical form: atrock.
atrochiose atrociose atrōciōsus atrōciōsus atrocious Classical form: atrockiose.
atrochitat atrocitat atrōcitās atrōcitātem atrocity Classical form: atrockitat.
atry atrig ātrium ātrium atrium
atter atter āter ātrum dark
automoble automobill mōbilis mōbilem automobile Classical form: outomoble (utomobill).
autumn autumn autumnus autumnum autumn A season.
Classical form: outumn (utumn).
avar afar avārus avārum greedy Classical form: awar (aƿar).
avarity afaritig avāritia avāritiam avarice Classical form: awarity (aƿaritig).
avuncle afunkull avunculus avunculum uncle Can also be spelled: uncle (unkull), from a vulgar spelling.
awk aƿk aqua aquam water
ayend agend agenda agendam agenda Classical form: agend (aggend, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
ayent agent agēns agentem agent Classical form: agent (aggent, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
bacteriophague bacteriofage bacteriophagus bacteriophagum bacteriophage New Latin.
Classical form: bacteriopague (bacteriopage).
bactery bacterig bactērium bactērium bacterium For ‘bacteria’, we can use bacteries.
balcon balcon balcō balcōnem balcony
balk balk balca balcam balk
bandit bandit bandītus bandītum bandit Classical form: bandeet.
bank bank banca banca bank A building.
barb barb barba barbam beard
barbar barbar barbarus barbarum blah blah
barbarian barbarian barbariānus barbariānum barbarian
barbaric barbarick barbaricus barbaricum barbaric
barbary barbarig barbārius barbārium barbary
barrack barrack barraca barracam barrack A building.
barracks barracks barracae barracās barracks A building. Plural form of the above.
basament basament basāmentum basāmentum basement Can also be spelled: basement, in analogy with base.
base base basis basim base
basic basick basicus basicum basic
basilic basilick basilica basilicam basilica
basilisc basilisk basiliscus basiliscum basilisk
bay bag baia baiam bay
bayuc bageuck baiucus baiucum bayou New Latin.
bell bell bellum bellum war
bellic bellick bellicus bellicum warlike
belliyerant belligerant belligerāns belligerantem belligerent Classical form: belligerant (belliggerant, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
beryll berill bēryllus bēryllum beryl Classical form: berull.
Can also be spelled: brill, from a vulgar spelling.
beryllant berillant bēryllāns bēryllantem brilliant Classical form: berullant.
Can also be spelled: brillant, from a vulgar spelling.
bestial bestiall bestiālis bestiālem bestial
bestiary bestiarig bēstiārium bēstiārium bestiary
besty bestig bēstia bēstiam beast
bibly biblig biblia bibliam bible
bibliothec biblioðeck bibliothēca bibliothēcam bibliotheque A building.
Classical form: bibliotake.
bichipit bicipit biceps bicipitem biceps Note that, while in standard English ‘biceps’ is both the singular and plural, here the plural would be bichipits (bicipits).
Classical form: bikipit.
bichyckle bicickell bicyclus bicyclum bicycle Classical form: bikuckle (bikuckell).
See also: ounichyckle, trichyckle.
bisont bisont bisōn bisōntem bison An animal.
bland bland blandus blandum bland
blank blank blancus blancum blank
blasphemiose blasfemiose blasphēmiōsus blasphēmiōsum blasphemious Classical form: blaspemiose.
blasphemy blasfemig blasphēmia blasphēmia blasphemy Classical form: blaspemy (blaspemig).
bodachiose bodaciose bodaciōsus bodaciōsum bodacious Classical form: bodackiose.
bomb bomb bombus bombum bomb
bombatch bombac bombāx bombācem bombast Classical form: bomback.
From a variant of ‘bombyx’. See also: bombytch.
bombastic bombastick bombāsticus bombāsticum bombastic
bombytch bombic bombȳx bombȳcem bombyx Classical form: bombuck.
See also: bombatch.
bon bon bonus bonum bonus See also: mal.
bottle bottel botulus botulum bottle
botell botell botellus botellum little bottle
botellary botellarig botellārius botellārium butler
bouble buball būbalus būbalum buffalo An animal.
Classical form: booble (buball).
Can also be spelled: boufal (bufall), from a vulgar spelling.
boufon bufon būfō būfōnem toad An animal.
Classical form: boofon (bufon).
See also: phryn.
bove bofe bōs bovem cow An animal.
Classical form: bowe (boƿe).
Related to the Anglo-Norman word ‘beef’.
brothac broðack brothācus brothācum frog An animal.
See also: ran.
brout brute brūtus brūtum brute Classical form: broot (brute).
broutal brutall brūtalis brūtalem brutal Classical form: brootal (brutall).
buck buck buccus buccum buck
buckary buckarig buccārius buccārium bucker
butt butt buttis buttem butt (barrel)
butticle butticull butticula butticulam buttle
caball caball caballus caballum horse An animal.
See also: yeck.
caballary caballarig caballārius caballārium horseman
cact cact cactus cactum cactus A plant.
calam calam calamus calamum reed
calamar calamar calamārus calamārum squid An animal.
See also: lolliyin.
calamary calamarig calamārius calamārium inkwell
calamaries calamaries calamāriī calamāriōs calamari A food item. Plural.
calcatew calcateƿ calcātuus calcātuum cockatoo An animal. New Latin.
calcatrich calcatric calcātrīx calcātrīcem cockatrice An animal.
Classical form: calcatrick.
calch calc calx calcem chalk Classical form: calk.
calchy calcig calcium calcium calcium A chemical element.
Classical form: calky (calkig).
calculator calculator calculātor calculātōrem calculator
caldaron caldaron caldārō caldārōnem chauldron Can contract to: caldron.
calendary calendarig calendārium calendārium calendar
calender calender calendra calendram calender
call call callum callum hardness
callose callose callōsus callōsus callous
camerlingue camerlinge camerlingus camerlingum chamberlain
cammar cammar cammarus cammarum lobster An animal.
cammaron cammaron cammarō cammarōnem shrimp An animal.
cammer cammer camera cameram camera Can also be spelled: camber, from a vulgar spelling.
camel camell camēlus camēlum camel An animal.
camp camp campus campum camp
campany campanig campānia campāniam campaign Anglish IPA: /ˈkæmpəni/.
Classical IPA: /ˈkɑːmpɑːni/.
canal canall cānālis cānālem canal
canchell cancell cancellus cancellum cancel Classical form: cankell.
canchelary cancelarig cancellārius cancellārium chancellor Classical form: canklery (canklerig).
candid candid candidus candidum candid
candel candell candēla candēlam candle ‘candle’ is from an Old English borrowing, while this stands as a modern one.
canker canker cancer cancrum cancer
cannab cannab cannabis cannabim hemp
cannon cannon cannō cannōnem cannon
canon canon canōn canōnem canon
cant cant cantus cantum chant
canth canð canthus canthum cant Classical form: cant.
canthin canðin canthīna canthīnam canteen Classical form: canteen.
capital capitall capitālis capitālem capital
capitany capitanig capitāneus capitāneum captain Classical form: capitanegh (capitaneg).
capitoly capitolig capitōlium capitōlium capitol
capper capper caper caprum goat An animal.
capricorn capricorn capricornus capricornum goat horn
capse caps capsa capsam case (box)
capsitt capsitt capsitta capsittam cassette
capsle capsull capsula capsulam capsule
captour capture captūra captūram capture Classical form: captoor (capture).
caput caput caput caput head
car car carrus carrum car
caravan carafan cāravānus cāravānum caravan Classical form: carawan (caraƿan).
caravanseraly carafanseralig caravānseralius caravānseralium caravansary Classical form: carawanseraly (caraƿanseralig).
carbon carbon carbō carbōnem carbon A chemical element.
cardin cardin cardō cardinem door hinge
cardinal cardinall cardinālis cardinālem cardinal
carn carn caro carnem flesh
carnatic carnatick carnaticum carnaticum carnage
carnivore carnifore carnivorus carnivorum carnivore Classical form: carniwore (carniƿore).
carpentary carpentarig carpentārius carpentārium carpenter Can contract to: carpentry (carpentrig).
carol caroll carolus carolum churl Can also be spelled: carl, from a vulgar spelling.
carp carp carpa carpam carp An animal.
carpent carpent carpentum carpentum wagon
cart cart cartus cartum cart
case case cāsus cāsum case (grammar) Classical IPA: /kɑːs/.
cassy cassig cāseus cāseum cheese A food item.
Classical form: cassegh (casseg).
caster caster castrum castrum castrum
castell castell castellum castellum castle ‘castle’ is from an Old English borrowing, while this stands as a modern one.
catalogue cataloge catalogus catalogum catalogue
catapult catapult catapulta catapultam catapult
catheder caðeder cathedra cathedram chair Classical form: cateder.
cathedral caðedrall cathedrālis cathedrālem cathedral Classical form: catedral (catedrall).
catholic caðolick catholicus catholicum catholic Classical form: catolic (catolick).
catt catt cattus cattum cat An animal. Might just blend with the native term.
cattapilose cattapilose catta pilōsa cattam pilōsam caterpillar An animal.
Can also be spelled: catpilose (no endings), pilose cat (English word order).
caut caut cautus cautum little cautious Classical form: cout (cute).
caution caution cautiōn cautiōnem caution Classical form: coution (cution).
cautiose cautiose cautiōsus cautiōsus cautious Classical form: coutiose (cutiose).
cave caf cava cavam cave Classical form: caw (caƿ).
cavegh cafeg cavea caveam cage Classical form: cawegh (caƿeg).
caveol caveoll caveola caveola little cage Classical form: cawiol (caƿioll).
cavern cafern caverna cavam cave Classical form: cawern (caƿern).
character character character charactērem character The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: karacter.
chec ceck caecus caecum blind Classical form: cac (cack).
chechitat cecitat caecitās caecitātem blindness Classical form: cackitat.
chedder cedder cedrus cedrum cedar An animal.
Classical form: kedder.
chelacanth celacanð coelacanthus coelacanthum coelacanth An animal.
Classical form: colacant.
chell cell caelum caelum heaven Classical form: kall.
chellar cellar cellāris cellārem cellar Classical form: kellar.
chellary cellarig cellārium cellārium cellarium Classical form: kellary (kellarig).
chellest cellest caelestis caelestem celeste An instrument. Classical form: kallest.
chellestial cellestiall caelestiālis caelestiālem celestial Classical form: kallestial (kallestiall).
chellphone cellfone cella phōna cellam phōnam cellphone New Latin.
Classical form: kellpone.
chellular cellular cellulāris cellulārem cellular Classical form: kellular.
chelse cels celsus celsum mound Classical form: kelse (kels).
chelsy celsig celsius celsium Celsius Classical form: kelsy (kelsig).
chelty celtig celtium celtium carapace Classical form: kelty (keltig).
chemetery cemeterig coemētērium coemētērium cemetery A place.
Classical form: cometery (cometerig).
chemist chemist chēmista chēmistam chemist From a variant of ‘alchēmista’.
Classical form: kemist.
See also: alchemist.
chemistry chemistrig chēmistria chēmistriam chemistry Classical form: kemistry (kemistrig).
chensor censor cēnsor cēnsōrem censor Classical form: kainsor (/ˈkeɪnsɔr/).
chent cent centum centum cent Classical form: kent.
chentiped centiped centipēs centipedem centipede An animal.
Classical form: kentiped.
chenter center centrum centrum center Classical form: kenter.
chentral centrall centrālis centrālem central Classical form: kentral (kentrall).
chentrifugue centrifuge centrifugus centrifugum centrifuge Classical form: kentrifugue (kentrifuge).
chentury centurig centuria centuriam century Classical form: kentury (kenturig).
chephalopode cefalopode cephalopus cephalopodem cephalopod An animal.
Classical form: kepalopode.
cheram cerami ceramus ceramum potter's clay Classical form: keram.
cheramic ceramick ceramicus ceramicum ceramic Classical form: keramic (keramick).
chereal cereall cereālis cereālem cereal A food item.
Classical form: kereal (kereall).
chereber cereber cerebrum cerebrum brain A bodypart.
Classical form: kereber (kereber).
cherebral cerebrall cerebrālis cerebrālem cerebral Classical form: kerebral (kerebrall).
cherimony cerimonig caerimōnia caerimōniam ceremony Classical form: karimony (karimonig).
chert cert certus certum fixed Classical form: kert.
chertan certan certānus certānum certain Classical form: kertan.
chicad cicad cicāda cicādam cicada An insect.
Classical form: kicad.
chinnamon cinnamon cinnamon cinnamōnem cinnamon A food item.
Classical form: kinnamon.
chirk cirk circus circum circus A building.
Classical form: keerk.
chirkle cirkull circulus circulum circle A shape.
Classical form: keerkle (keerkull).
chist cist cista cistam chest Classical form: kist.
chistern cistern cisterna cisternam cistern Classical form: kistern.
chitah citah cītā cītān cheetah An animal. New Latin.
Classical form: keetah.
chitron citron citrō citrōnem citron A food item.
Classical form: kitron.
chitter citter citrus citrum citrus A food item.
Classical form: kitter.
chive cif cīvis cīvem citizen Classical form: kiw (kiƿ).
chivic cifick cīvicus cīvicum civic Classical form: kiwic (kiƿick).
chivil cifill cīvīlis cīvīlem civil Classical form: kiwil (kiƿill).
chivilian cifillian cīvīliānus cīvīliānum civilian Classical form: kiwilian (kiƿilian).
chivitat cifitat cīvitās cīvitātem city Classical form: kiwitat (kiƿitat).
chivitatell cifitatell cīvitātella cīvitātellam citadel Classical form: kiwitatell (kiƿitatell).
chivitatle cifitatull cīvitātula cīvitātulam small city Classical form: kiwitatle (kiƿitatull).
chlore chlore chlōrus chlōrum pale The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: klore.
chlorin chlorin chlōrīna chlōrīnam chlorine The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: kloreen.
chyan cian cyanus cyanum cyan A color.
Classical form: cuan.
chyckle cickel cyclus cyclum cycle Classical form: cuckle (cuckel).
chycklop cicklop cyclōps cyclōpem cyclops Classical form: cucklop.
chycklon cicklon cyclō cyclōnem cyclone Classical form: cucklon.
chylinder cilinder cylindrus cylindrum cylinder Classical form: culinder.
chynic cinick cynicus cynicum cynic Classical form: cunic (cunick).
chynical cinicall cynicālis cynicālem cynical Classical form: cunical (cunicall).
chyriac ciriack cyriacum cyriacum church A building.
Classical form: curiac (curiack).
See also: ecklesy.
class class classis classem class
classic classick classicus classicum classic
classical classicall classicālis classicālem classical
clauster clauster claustrum claustrum cloister Classical form: clouster (cluster).
clinic clinick clīnicus clīnicum clinic
clirotid clirotid clītoris clītoridem clitoris A bodypart.
clock clock clocca cloccam clock
coesive coesif cohaesīvus cohaesīvum cohesive Classical form: cohasiw (cohasiƿ).
coerent coerent cohaērēns cohaērentem coherent Classical form: coharent.
coeresion coeresion cohaesiō cohaesiōnem cohesion Classical form: coharesion.
coese coes cohaesus cohaesum cohese Classical form: cohase (cohas).
coll coll collis collem hill
coll coll collum collum neck A bodypart.
collar collar collāris collārem hill
collegue college collēga collēgam colleague
colleyie collegie collēgium collēgium college Classical form: collegy (colleggig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
collin collin collīnus collīnum hilly Classical form: colleen.
colon colon colōnus colōnum husbandman
colony colonig colōnia colōniam colony
color color color colōrem colour
coloss coloss colossus colossum colossus
colossal colossall colossālis colossālem colossal
colossey colosseg colossēum colossēum coliseum
coluber coluber colubra colubram cobra An animal.
Can also be spelled: colober, from a vulgar spelling.
Can contract to: colber.
columb columb columbus columbum dove An animal.
columble columbul columbula columbulam culver An animal.
comedian comedian cōmoediānus cōmoediānum comedian Classical form: comodian.
comedic comedick cōmoedicus cōmoedicum comedic Classical form: comodic (comodick).
See also: trayic.
comedy comedig cōmoedia cōmoediam comedy Classical form: comody (comodig).
See also: trayedy.
comic comick cōmicus cōmicum comic
commoun commun commūnis commūnem common Classical form: commoon (commun).
commounism communism commūnismus commūnismum communism Classical form: commoonism (communism).
commounitat communitat commūnitās commūnitātem community Classical form: commoonitat (communitat).
commouny communig commūnia commūniam commune Classical form: commoony (communig).
compact compact compactum compactum compact
company companig compānia compāniam company Anglish IPA: /ˈkɒmpəni/.
Classical IPA: /ˈkɔːmpɑːni/.
compass compass compassus compassum compass
compassion compassion compassiō compassiōnem compassion
complex complex complexus complexum complex
computator computator computātor computātōrem computer An appliance.
computatory computatorig computātōrium computātōrium counter
conchept concept conceptus conceptum concept Classical form: conkept.
concheption conception conceptiō conceptiōnem conception Classical form: conkeption.
conchern concern concernus concernum concern Classical form: conkern.
conchily concilig concilium concilium council Classical form: conkily (conkilig).
concord concord concors concordem concord See also: discord.
concordy concordig concordia concordiam concordia See also: discordy.
condition condition conditiō conditiōnem condition
conditionator conditionator condītiōnator condītiōnatōrem conditioner An appliance.
cone cone cōnus cōnum cone Classical form: cone.
coniome coniome cognōmen cognōmen cognomen Classical form: cognome.
consenquent consencƿent cōnsequēns cōnsequentem consequent Can also be spelled: cosenquent (cosencƿent), from a vulgar spelling.
consenquenty consencƿentig cōnsequentia cōnsequentiam consequence Can also be spelled: cosenquenty (cosencƿentig), from a vulgar spelling.
consistent consistent cōnsistēns cōnsistentem consistent Can also be spelled: cosistent, from a vulgar spelling.
consistenty consistentig cōnsistentia cōnsistentiam consistency Can also be spelled: cosistenty (cosistentig), from a vulgar spelling.
consobrin consobrin cōnsōbrīnus cōnsōbrīnum cousin Classical form: consobreen.
Can also be spelled: cosobin, cosuin, from vulgar spellings.
consonant consonant cōnsonāns cōnsonantem consonant Can also be spelled: cosonant, from a vulgar spelling.
const const constum constum cost Can also be spelled: cost, from a vulgar spelling.
constant constant cōnstāns cōnstantem constant Can also be spelled: costant, from a vulgar spelling.
constrict constrict cōnstrictus cōnstrictum constrict Can also be spelled: costrict, from a vulgar spelling.
constrouct construct cōnstrūctus cōnstrūctum construct Classical form: constrooct (construct).
Can also be spelled: costrouct (costruct), from a vulgar spelling.
constrouction construction cōnstrūctiō cōnstrūctiōnem construction Classical form: constrooction (construction).
Can also be spelled: costruction (costruct), from a vulgar spelling.
constrouctionary constructionarig cōnstrūctiōnārius cōnstrūctiōnārium construction worker Classical form: constrooctionary (constructionarig).
Can also be spelled: costructionary (costructarig), from a vulgar spelling.
consuetoudin consuƿtudin cōnsuētūdō cōnsuētūdinem consuetude Classical form: consuetoodin (consuƿtudin).
Can also be spelled: consuetoum (consuƿtum), costoum (costum), from vulgar spellings.
consul consull cōnsul cōnsulem consul Can also be spelled: consle (consull).
conter conter contra contra against
continent continent continēns continentem continent
contrat contrat contrāta contrātam country See also: payense.
conunder conunder conundrum conundrum conundrum
copiose copiose cōpiōsus cōpiōsum copious Anglish IPA: /ˈkoʊpiːoʊz/
copy copig cōpia cōpiam copy Anglish IPA: /ˈkoʊpi/.
coquin cocƿin coquīna coquīnam cook Classical form: coqueen (cocƿeen).
See also: culin.
coquinary cocƿinarig coquīnārius coquīnārium cookery Classical form: coqueennary (cocƿeennarig).
See also: culinary.
coral corall corallum corallum coral Can also be spelled: corally (corallig), from alternate ‘corallium’ form.
cordychiptit cordiciptit cordȳceps cordȳcipitem cordyceps Classical form: corduckiptit.
cordyl cordill cordȳla cordȳlam cudgel Classical form: cordul (cordull).
core core cor cor core
cornew corneƿ cornū cornū horn
cornoucopy cornucopig cornūcōpia cornūcōpiam cornucopia Classical form: cornoocopy (cornucopig).
cornich cornic cornīx cornīcem crow An animal.
Classical form: cornick.
coroll coroll corōlla corōllam crown
coron coron corōna corōnam crown
corp corp corpus corpum corpse
corporat corporat corporātus corporātum corporate
corporation corporation corporātiō corporātiōnem corporation
corporial corporiall corporālis corporālem corporial
correct correct corrēctus corrēctum correct
correction correction corrēctiō corrēctiōnem correction
cort cort cohors cohortem cohort Classical form: cohort.
cort cort cōrs cōrtem court From a variant of ‘cohors’.
corve corf corvus corvum raven An animal.
Classical form: corw (corƿ).
coast coast costa costam coast
cotchin cocin cocīna cocīnam kitchen Classical form: cotcheen.
See also: coquin, culin.
couriose curiose cūriōsus cūriōsum curious Classical form: cooriose (curiose).
couriositat curiositat cūriōsitās cūriōsitātem curiosity Classical form: cooriositat (curiositat).
crematory crematorig cremātōrium cremātōrium crematory A location.
creshend crescend crēscendus crēscendum crecendo Classical form: creckend.
creshent crescent crēscēns crēscentem crecent Classical form: creckent.
crise crise crisis crisem crisis
critic critick criticus criticum critic
critical criticall criticālis criticālem critical
crocodil crocodill crocodīlus crocodīlum crocodile An animal.
Can also be spelled: cocodrill, from a vulgar spelling.
croud crud crūdus crūdum crude Classical form: crood (crud).
croudel crudell crūdēlis crūdēlem cruel Classical form: croodel (crudel).
croudelitat crudelitat crūdēlitās crūdēlitātem cruelty Classical form: croodelitat (crudelitat).
cruch cruc crux crucem cross Classical form: cruke.
crust crust crusta crustam crust
crypt cript crypta cryptam crypt Classical form: crupt.
crystal cristall crystallum crystallum crystal Classical form: crustal (crustall).
cube cube cubus cubum cube
cubicle cubicull cubiculum cubiculum cubicle
cun cun cunnus cunnum cunt A bodypart.
cunnilingue cunnilinge cunnilingus cunnilingum cunnilingus Can also be spelled: cunningling, in confusion with the word ‘cunning’.
culin culin culīna culīna fancy kitchen Classical form: culeen.
See also: coquin, cotchin.
culinary culinarig culīnārius culīnārium culinary Classical form: culeenary (culeenarig).
See also: coquinary.
cult cult cultus cultum cult
cultour culture cultūra cultūram culture Classical form: cultoor (culture).
cupper cupper cuprum cuprum copper A chemical element
Can also be spelled: couper (cuper), from a vulgar spelling.
current current currēns currentem current
currenty currentig currentia currentiam currency
curricle curricull curriculum curriculum curriculum
custode custode custōs custōdem keeper
custodian custodian custōdiānus custōdiānum custodian
custody custodig custōdia custōdiam custodian
damn damn damnum damnum damn
damnatic damnatick damnāticum damnāticum damage
damnation damnatiom damnātiō damnātiōnem damnation
decalogue decaloge decalogus decalogum decalogue
dechent decent decēns decentem decent Classical form: deckent.
delphin delfin delphīnus delphīnum dolphin An animal.
Classical form: delpeen (/ˈdɛlfiːn/).
dement dement dēmēns dēmentem dement
dementy dementig dēmentia dēmentiam dementia
democratic democratick dēmocraticus dēmocraticus democratic
democratty democrattig dēmocratia dēmocratiam democracy
demon demon daemōn daemonem demon Classical form: damon.
demonic demonick daemonicus daemonicum demonic Classical form: damonic (damonick).
dent dent dēns dentem tooth
dental dentall dentālis dentālem dental
dentary dentarig dentāria dentāriam dentist's office A building.
dentist dentist dentista dentistam dentist
derogatory deroggatorig dērogātōrius dērogātōrium derogatory
desert desert dēsertum dēsertum desert A biome.
destin destin dēstinō dēstinō destine
destination destination dēstinātiō dēstinātiōnem destination
destiny destinig dēstinia dēstiniam destiny New Latin.
detention detention dētentiō dētentiōnem detention
diabol diaboll diabolus diabolum devil Anglish IPA: (/ˈdaɪəbɔːl/).
Classical form: deeabol (deeabol, /ˈdiːɑːbɔːl/).
diabolic diabolick diabolicus diabolicum devilish Classical form: deeabolick.
different different differēns differentem different
differenty differentig differentia differentiam difference
diagnose diagnose diagnōsis diagnōsem diagnosis Classical form: deeagnose.
dialogue dialoge dialogus dialogum dialogue
diary diarig diārium diārium diary
dictator dictator dictātor dictātōrem dictator
diction diction dictiō dictiōnem diction
dictionary dictionarig dictiōnārius dictiōnārium dictionary
dieress dieress diaeresis diaeresem dieresis Classical form: diaress.
diaram diaram diahorāma diahorāmam diorama Classical form: diahoram.
dimense dimens dīmēnsus dīmēnsum measured Classical form: deemense (deemens).
Can also be spelled: dimess, from a vulgar spelling.
dimension dimension dīmēnsiō dīmēnsiōnem dimension Classical form: deemension.
Can also be spelled: dimesion, from a vulgar spelling.
dinosaur dinosaur dīnosaurus dīnosaurum dinosaur Classical form: deenasour (deenasure).
diphthongue difðonge diphthongus diphthongum diphthong Classical form: diptongue (diptonge).
direct direct dīrēctus dīrēctum direct
direction direction dīrēctio dīrēctiōnem direction
disc disk discus discum disk
discord diskord discors discordem discord See also: concord.
discordy diskordig discordia discordiam discordia See also: concordy.
discurse diskurs discursus discursum discourse
dispensary dispensarig dispēnsārium dispēnsārium dispensary A building.
dispensator dispensator dispēnsātor dispēnsātōrem dispenser
district district districtus districtum district
diurnal diurnall diurnālis diurnālem journal
diurnat diurnat diurnāta diurnātam journey
doctor doctor doctor doctōrem doctor
doctrin doctrin doctrīna doctrīnam doctrine Classical form: doctreen.
document document documentārium documentum document
documentary documentarig documentārium documentārium documentary Can contract to: documentry (documentrig ).
domin domin dominus dominus lord
dominat dominat dominātus dominātum dominate
dominator dominator dominātor dominātōrem dominator
dominatrich dominatric dominātrīx dominātrīcem dominatrix Classical form: dominatrick.
domination domination dominātiō dominātiōnem domination
dominion dominion dominiō dominiōnem dominion
dominny dominnig dominium dominium domain
donat donat dōnātus dōnātum donate Anglish IPA: /doʊnɑt/.
donation donation dōnātiō dōnātiōnem donation
done done dōnum dōnum gift Anglish IPA: /doʊn/.
donariose donariose dōnāriōsus dōnāriōsum dangerous Anglish IPA: /doʊnɑːriːoʊz/.
Can also be spelled: damnariose, from a vulgar spelling influenced by ‘damn’.
donary donarig dōnārium dōnārium danger Anglish IPA: /doʊnɑːri/.
Can also be spelled: damnary (damnarig), from a vulgar spelling influenced by ‘damn’.
dormitory dormitorig dormītōrium dormītōrium dormītōrium A building.
drac drack draca dracam drake An animal.
dracon dracon dracō dracōnem dragon A fantasy creature.
dram dram drāma drāmam drama
dramatic dramatick dramaticus dramaticum dramatic
duby dubig dubius dubium dubious
ducat ducat ducātus ducātum ducat
duch duc dux ducem duke Classical form: duck (not the bird).
duchiss duciss ducissa ducissam duchess Classical form: duckiss.
duchy ducig ducia duciam duchy Classical form: ducky (duckig, not the bird either).
duct duct ductus ductum duct
dynamic dinamick dynamicus dynamicum dynamic Classical form: dunamic (dunamick).
dynamical dinamicall dynamicālis dynamicālem dynamical Classical form: dunamical (dunamicall).
dynamit dinamit dynamīta dynamītam dynamite Classical form: dunameet.
dynast dinast dynastēs dynastem dynast Classical form: dunast (dunast).
dynastic dinastick dynasticus dynasticum dynastic Classical form: dunastic (dunastick).
dynasty dinastig dynastīa dynastīam dynasty Classical form: dunasty (dunastig).
dyslexy dislexig dyslexia dyslexiam dyslexia Classical form: duslexy (duslexig).
See also: outopy.
dysphory disforig dysphoria dysphoriam dysphoria Classical form: duspory (dusporig).
See also: yewphory.
dystopy distopig dystopia dystopiam dystopia Classical form: dustopy (dustopig).
See also: outopy.
ebber ebber ebur ebur ivor
ebbery ebberig eboreus eboreum ivory Classical form: ebberegh (ebbereg).
ecklesiastic ecklesiastick ecclēsiasticus ecclēsiasticum ecclesiastic Can contract to: ecklestic (ecklestick).
ecklesy ecklesig ecclēsia ecclēsiam church A building.
See also: chyriack.
eclipse eclips eclīpsis eclīpsem eclipse
economic economick oeconomicus oeconomicum economic Classical form: oconomic (oconomick).
economy economig oeconomia oeconomiam economy Classical form: oconomy (oconomig).
edil edill aedīlis aedīlem aedile Classical form: adil (adill).
effect effect effectus effectum effect
effection effectiom effectiō effectiōnem effection
elephant elefant elephāns elephantem elephant An animal.
Classical form: elepant.
Can also be spelled: olifant, from a vulgar spelling.
electric electrick ēlectricus ēlectricum electric Can also be spelled: eletric (eletrick), from a vulgar spelling.
electrichian electrician ēlectricānus ēlectricānum electrician Classical form: electrickian.
Can also be spelled: eletrickian, from a vulgar spelling.
electrichitat electricitat ēlectricitās ēlectricitātem electricity Classical form: electrickitat.
Can also be spelled: eletrickitat, from a vulgar spelling.
electron electron ēlectro ēlectrōnem electron Can also be spelled: eletron, from a vulgar spelling.
electropher electrofer ēlectrophorus ēlectrophorum electric eel An animal.
Classical form: electroper.
Can also be spelled: eletrofer, from a vulgar spelling.
ellipse ellips ellīpsis ellīpsim ellipse
embryon embrion embryō embryōnem embryo Classical form: embruon
emeryent emergent ēmergēns ēmergentem emergent Classical form: emergent (emerggent, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
emeryenty emergentig ēmergentia ēmergentiam emergency Classical form: emergenty (emerggentig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
emissary emissarig ēmissārius ēmissārium emissary
empathy empaðig empathia empathiam empathy Classical form: empatty (empattig).
empory emporig emporium emporium emporium A building.
enchyclopedy enciclopedig encyclopaedīa encyclopaedīam encyclopedia Classical form: enkuclopady (enkuclopadig).
endoyen endogen endogenus endogenum endogenous Classical form: endogen (endoggen, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
eneryic energick energicus energicum energic Classical form: energic (energgick, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
eneryie energie energia energiam energy Classical form: energy (energgig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
enigum eniggum aenigma aenigmam enigma The ⟨u⟩ was inserted for ease of pronunciation.
Classical form: anigum (aniggum).
enorm enorm ēnōrmis ēnōrmem enormous
epose epos epos epos an epic
epic epick epicus epicum epic Can also be spelled: pic (pick), from a vulgar spelling.
epilogue epiloge epilogus epilogum epilogue Can also be spelled: pilogue (piloge), from a vulgar spelling.
epidemic epidemick epidēmicus epiēmicum epidemic
epidemy epidemig epidēmius epiēmium epidemic diseases
epiphany epifanig epiphania epiphaniam epiphany Classical form: epipany (epipanig).
See also: theophany, yerophany.
episcope episkope episcopus episcopum bishop Can also be spelled: biscope (biskope), from a vulgar spelling.
eponym eponim epōnymus epōnymus eponymous Classical form: eponum.
equal ecƿall aequālis aequālem equal Classical form: aqual (acƿall).
equator ecƿator aequātor aequātōrem equator Classical form: aquator (acƿator).
er er aera aeram era Classical form: ar.
erect erect ērectus ērectum erect
erection erection ērectiō ērectiōnem erection
erichion ericion ērīciō ērīciōnem urchin An animal.
Classical form: erickion.
erichy ericig ēricius ēricium hedgehog An animal.
Classical form: ericky (erickig).
eronautic eronautick āeronauticus āeronauticum aeronautic Classical form: aronoutic (aronutick).
error error error errōrem error
errorny errornig errōneus errōneum erroneous Classical form: errornegh (errorneg).
esope esope aesōpus aesōpum aesop Classical form: asope.
esthetic esðetick aesthēticus aesthēticum aesthetic Classical form: astetic (astetick).
estroyen estrogen oestrogenum oestrogenum estrogen Classical form: ostrogen (ostroggen).
See also: testosteron.
etat etat aetās aetātem age Classical form: atat.
etatic etatick aetāticum aetāticum aging Classical form: atatic (atatick).
etern etern aeternus aeternum eterne Classical form: atern.
eternit eternit aeternitās aeternitātem eternity Classical form: aternit.
ether eðer aethēr aethērem aether Classical form: atter.
etymoloyie etimologie etymologia etymologiam etymology Classical form: etumology (etumologgig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
evangely efangely ēvangelium ēvangelium evangelium Classical form: ewangely (eƿanggelig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
eve ef aevum aevum lifetime Classical form: aw (aƿ).
exit exit exitus exitum exit
fabber fabber faber fabrum craftsman
fable fabul fābula fābulam fable
fabric fabrick fabrica fabricam fabric Can also be used for: forge.
fachiegh facieg faciēs faciem face Classical form: fackiegh (fackieg).
fachilitat facilitat facilitās facilitātem facility A building.
See also: facultat.
fact fact factus factum fact
factor factor fāctor fāctōrem factor Classical IPA: /ˈfɑːktɔːr/.
factory factorig factōrium factōrium factory A building.
facultat facultat facultās facultātem faculty A building.
See also: fachilitat.
falcon falcon falcō falcōnem falcon An animal. Anglish IPA: /ˈfælkən/.
Classical form: falcone (/ˈfɑːlkoʊn/).
fam fam fāma fāmam fame
famose famose fāmōsus fāmōsum famous
family familig familia familiam family
famy famig fāmia fāmiam famy See also: infamy.
fash fasc fascis fascem wood bundle Classical form: fask.
fashin fascin fascīna fascīnam stick bundle Classical form: faskeen.
fashism fascism fascismus fascismum facism Classical form: faskism.
fashist fascist fascista fascistam facist Classical form: faskist.
fat fat fātus fātum done for
fatal fatall fātālis fātālem fatal
favor fafor favor favōrem favour Classical form: fawor (faƿor).
favorable faforabill favōrābilis favōrābilem favourable Classical form: faworable (faƿorabill).
favorite faforit favōrītus favōrītum favourite Classical form: faworeet (faƿoreet).
febber febber febris febrem fever
fed fed foedus foedum treaty Classical form: fod.
federal federall foederālis foederālem federal Classical form: foderal (foderall).
federat federat foederātus foederātum federate Classical form: foderat.
federation federation foederātiō foederātiōnem federation Classical form: foderation.
fest fest fēstus fēstum feast
festive festif fēstīvus fēstīvus festive Classical form: festiw (festiƿ).
fet fet fētus fētum fetus
fetal fetall fētālis fētālem fetal
fetch fec faex faecem shit Classical form: fack. See also: merd.
fetches feces faecēs faecēs feces Plural.
Classical form: facks.
fellation fellation fēllātiō fēllātiōnem fellatio See also: irrumation.
fellator fellator fēllātor fēllātōrem sucker
femell femell fēmella fēmellam female
femin femin fēmina fēminam wife
feminin feminin fēminīna fēminīnam feminine Classical form: femineen.
fere fere ferrum ferrum iron A chemical element.
fiction fiction fictiō fictiōnem fiction
fictional fictionall fictiōnālis fictiōnālem fictional
figour figgure figūra figūram figure Classical form: figoor (figgure).
fin fin fīnis fīnem end
final finall fīnālis fīnālem final
finanty finantig fīnantia fīnantiam finance
firm firm firmus firmum firm Classical form: ferm.
fisc fisk fiscus fiscum fisc
fiscal fiskall fiscālis fiscālem fiscal
fissour fissure fissūra fissūram fissure Classical form: fissoor (fissure).
fix fix fixus fixum fix
flamenk flamenk flamencus flamencum flamingo An animal.
floral florall flōrālis flōrālem floral
flore flore flōs flōrem flower
floum flum flūmen flūmen river Classical form: floom (flum).
fluvy flufig fluvius fluvius stream Classical form: flooie (fluie).
font font fōns fontem well Classical form: fount (funt).
fontan fontan fontāna fontānam fountain Classical form: fountan (funtan).
foran foran forānus forānum foreign
forest forest foresta forestam forest A biome.
form form fōrma fōrmam form
formal formall fōrmālis fōrmālem formal
formatic formatick formāticum formāticum fromage A food item. New Latin.
formose formose fōrmōsus fōrmōsum formous
fornatch fornac fornāx fornācem furnace Classical form: fornack.
fornitch fornic fornix fornicem fornix Classical form: fornick.
fort fort fortis fortem fort
fortal fortall fortālis fortālem fortal
fortality fortalitig fortālitia fortālitiam fortress Can also be spelled: fortarity (fortaritig), from alternate ‘fortāritia’ form.
foun fun fūnus fūnum the body at a funeral Classical form: foon (fun).
fourneral funeral fūnerālis fūnerālem funeral Classical form: fooneral (funeral).
fragment fraggment fragmentum fragmentum fragment
franchy francig francium francium francium A chemical element.
Classical form: franky (frankig).
fratter fratter frāter frātrem brother
frattern frattern frāternus frāternum brotherly
fratternal fratternall frāternālis frāternālem fraternal
frayil fragill fragilis fragilem fragile Classical form: fragil (fraggill, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
frictour fricture frīctūra frīctūram fritter Classical form: frictoor (fricture).
front front frōns frontem front Classical form: frount (frunt).
frouct fruct frūctus frūctum fruit Classical form: frooct (fruct).
fund fund fundus fundum fund
fundour fundur fundūra fundūram depth Classical form: fundoor (fundur).
fundament fundament fundāmentum fundāmentum fundament
fundamental fundamentall fundāmentālis fundāmentālem fundamental
fungue funge fungus fungum fungus For ‘fungi’, we can use fungues (funges).
furk furk furca furcam fork
furiose furiose furiōsus furiōsum furious
furnitour furniture furnitūra furnitūram furniture Classical form: furnitoor (furniture).
fury furig furia furiam fury
futour future futūrus futūrum future
gabiole gabiole gabiola gabiolam jail A building. From a Medieval variant of ‘caveola’. See also: caveol.
gall gall gallus gallum cock An animal.
gallery gallerig galeria galeriam gallery
gallon gallon gallō gallōnem gallon
gallopavon gallopafon gallopāvō gallopāvōnem turkey An animal.
gaudiose gaudiose gaudiōsus gaudiōsum joyous Classical form: goudiose (gudiose).
gaudy gaudig gaudium gaudium joy Classical form: goudy (gudig).
glachiey glacieg glaciēs glaciem ice Classical form: glakiey (glakieg).
glachary glacarig glaciārium glaciārium glacier Classical form: glakary (glakarig).
glachal glacall glaciālis glaciālem glacial Classical form: glakal (glakall).
glady gladig gladius gladium sword
gladiator gladiator gladiātor gladiātōrem gladiator
globe globe globus globum globe
gloriose gloriose glōriōsus glōriōsum glorious
glory glorig glōria glōriam glory
gloss gloss glōssa glōssam gloss Classical form: gloase (gloas).
glossary glossarig glōssārium glōssārium glossary Classical form: gloasary (gloasarig).
glucose glucose glucōsus glucōsum glucose
glutton glutton gluttō gluttōnem glutton
gluttony gluttonig gluttōnia gluttōiam gluttony
gorill gorill gorilla gorillam gorilla An animal.
gram gram gramma grammam gram
grammar grammar grammāris grammārem grammar
grammary grammarig grammāria grammāriam grammary
grammatic grammatick grammatica grammaticam grammatic
gran gran grānum grānum grain
granary granarig grānārium grānārium granary A building.
grand grand grandis grandem grand
grandiose grandiose grandiōsus grandiōsum grandiose
graph graf graphus graphum graph Classical form: grap.
graphic grafick graphicus graphicum graphic Classical form: grappic (grappick).
grour grure grūs grūrem crane An animal.
Classical form: groor (grure).
gubernator gubernator gubernātor gubernātōrem governor
gubernment gubernment gubernmēns gubernmentem government
gullitt gullitt gulitta gulittam gullet
gulon gulon gulō gulōnem wolverine An animal.
habitat habitat habitās habitātem habitat See also: facultat.
hable habill habilis habilem able
halo haloh halōs halōn halo
harene harene harēna harēnam arena A building.
harmonic harmonick harmonica harmonicam harmonica An instrument. Anglish IPA: /ˈhɑːrmənɪk/.
Classical IPA: /ˈhɑːrmɔːnɪk/.
harmoniose harmoniose harmoniōsus harmoniōsum harmonious
harmony harmonig harmonia harmoniam harmony
harundin harundin harundō harundinem bamboo
heben heben hebenus hebenum ebon tree
hebeny hebenig hebenius hebenium ebony Can also be spelled: hebenin, from alternate ‘hebeninus’ form.
hebdomad hebdomad hebdomas hebdomadem hebdomad
heliostat heliostat hēliostata hēliostatam heliostat
helly hellig hēlium hēlium helium A chemical element.
herb herb herba herbam herb
herbivore herbifore herbivorus herbivorum herbivore Classical form: herbiwore (herbiƿore).
hero heroƿ hērōs hērōem hero See also: villan.
heroic heroick hērōicus hērōicum heroic See also: villanose.
herpet herpet herpēs herpētem herpes
heyemon hegemon hēgemō hēgemōnem hegemon Classical form: hegemon (heggemon, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
heyemony hegemonig hēgemōnia hēgemōniam hegemony Classical form: hegemony (heggemonig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
hiat hiat hiātus hiātum hiatus
hibrid hibrid hibrida hibrida hybrid Latin ‘hybrida’ is a later form influenced by the word ‘hybris’ (hubris); from that, we can make English hybrid (classical form: hubrid).
hiddy hiddig hideus hideum hideous Classical form: hiddegh (hiddeg).
hilar hilar hilāris hilārem cheerful
hilariose hilariose hilāriōsus hilāriōsum hilarious
hippocamp hippocamp hippocampus hippocampum seahorse An animal.
Can also be spelled: pocamp, from a vulgar spelling.
hippogloss hippogloss hippoglōssa hippoglōssam halibut Classical form: hippogloase (hippogloas).
Can also be spelled: pogloss, from a vulgar spelling.
hippopotam hippopotam hippopotamus hippopotamum hippo An animal. Anglish IPA: /ˈhɪ.popo.tam/.
Can also be spelled: poppotam (/ˈpo.po.tam/.), from a vulgar spelling.
hispid hispid hispidus hispidum rough Can also be spelled: spippy (spippig), from a vulgar spelling.
hispidiose hispidiose hispidōsus hispidōsum rugged Can also be spelled: spipidiose, from a vulgar spelling.
historian historian historiānus historiānum historian Can also be spelled: storian, from a vulgar spelling.
historic historick historicus historicum historic Can also be spelled: storic (storick), from a vulgar spelling.
historical historicall historicālis historicālem historical Can also be spelled: storical (storicall), from a vulgar spelling.
history historig historia historiam history Can also be spelled: story (storig), from a vulgar spelling.
hokepoke hokepoke hocus pocus hocum pucum hocus-pocus Faux Latin.
homin homin homō hominem man
hominary hominarig hominārius hominārium manly
hominid hominid hominidēs hominidem hominid For ‘Hominidae’, we can use hominids.
homuncle homuncull homunculus homunculum homunculus
honest honest honestus honestum honest
honestat honestat honestās honestātem honesty
honor honor honor honōrem honour
honorable honorabill honōrābilis honōrābilem honorable
horizont horisont horizōn horizontem horizon
horrend horrend horrendus horrendum horrendous
horrible horribill horribilis horribilem horrible
horror horror horror horrōrem horror
hospit hospit hospes hospitem host
hospital hospitall hospitālis hospitālem hospital
houman human hūmānus hūmānum human Classical form: hooman (human).
houmanitat humanitat hūmānitās hūmānitātem humanity Classical form: hoomanitat (humanitat).
houmor humor hūmor hūmōrem humour Classical form: hoomor (humor).
houmorose humorose hūmorōsus hūmorōsum humourous Classical form: hoomorose (humorose).
houmongose humongose hūmongōsus hūmongōsum humongous New Latin.
Classical form: hoomongose (humongose).
hyber hiber hybris hybrem hubris Classical form: huber.
hyder hider hydra hydram hydra A fantasy creature.
Classical form: huder.
hydroyen hidrogen hydrogenum hydrogenum hydrogen A chemical element.
Classical form: hudrogen (hudroggen).
hyeen hieen hyaena hyaenam hyena An animal.
Classical form: huan.
hypnose hipnose hypnōsis hypnōsin hypnosis Classical form: hupnose.
hypnotic hipnotick hypnōticus hypnōticum hypnotic Classical form: hupnotic (hupnotick).
hyster hister hystera hysteram state of hysteria Classical form: huster (huster).
hysteric histerick hystericus hystericum hysteric Classical form: husteric (husterick).
hysterical histericall hystericālis hystericālem hysterical Classical form: husterical (hustericall).
hystery histerig hysteria hysteriam hysteria Classical form: hustery (husterig).
ideologue ideologe ideologus ideologum ideologue
ideoloyie ideologie ideologia ideologiam ideology Classical form: ideology (ideologgig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
idegh ideg idea ideam idea
idiot idiot idiōta idiōtam idiot An insult.
imayin imagin imāgō imāginem imagine Can also be used as the word for ‘image’.
Classical form: imagin (imaggin, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
imayinarian imaginarian imāgināriānus imāgināriānum imaginary friend Classical form: imaginarian (imagginarian, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
imayinary imaginarig imāginārius imāginārium imaginary Classical form: imaginary (imagginarig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
imayination imagination imāginātiō imāginātiōnem imagination Classical form: imagination (imaggination, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
imbechill imbecill imbēcillus imbēcillum imbecile Classical form: imbeckill.
imperial imperiall imperiālis imperiālem imperial
impery imperig imperium imperium empire
imperator imperator imperātor imperātōrem emperor
imperatrich imperatric imperātrīx imperātrīcem emperess Classical form: imperatrick.
import import importum importum import
important important importāns importantem important
impositor impositor impositor impositōrem imposter Can also be spelled: impostor, from a vulgar spelling.
impulse impuls impulsus impulsum impulse
impy impig impīus impīum impious See also: py.
inchest incest incestus incestum incest Classical form: inkest.
inchestose incestose incestōsus incestōsum incestous Classical form: inkestose.
incredible incredibill incrēdibilis incrēdibilem incredible
incredle incredull incrēdulus incrēdulum incredulous
incub incub incubus incubus incubus See also: succub.
indic indick indicus indicum indigo A color.
inditch indic index indicem index Classical form: indick.
indiyen indigen indigenus indigenum indigenous Classical form: indigen (indiggen, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
industrial industriall industriālis industriālem industrial
industriose industriose industriōsus industriōsum industrious
industry industrig industria industriam industry
infamose infamose infāmōsus infāmōsusm infamous
infamy infamig īnfāmia īnfāmiam infamy
infant infant īnfāns īnfantem infant
infantary infantarig īnfantāria īnfantāriam infantry Can contract to: infantry (infantrig).
infern infern īnfernus īnfernum hell
infernal infernall īnfernālis īnfernālem hellish
infirmary infirmarig īnfirmāria īnfirmāriam infirmary
inimic inimick inimīcus inimīcum enemy See also: amic.
Classical form: inimeek.
innochent innocent innocēns innocentem innocent Classical form: innokent.
innochenty innocentig innocentia innocentiam innocence Classical form: innokenty (innokentig).
innokew innokeƿ innocuus innocuum innocuous
insle insull īnsula īnsulam isle Can also be spelled: isle (isull), from a vulgar spelling.
insomny insomnig īnsomnia īnsomniam insomnia
instrouct instruct īnstrūctus īnstrūctum instruct Classical form: instrooct (instruct).
instrouctor instructor īnstrūctor īnstrūctōrem instructor Classical form: instrooctor (instructor).
instroument instrument īnstrūmentum īnstrūmentum instrument Classical form: instrooment (instrument).
instroumental instrumentall īnstrūmentālis īnstrūmentālem instrumental Classical form: instroomental (instrumentall).
insulin insulin īnsulīna īnsulīnam insulin Classical form: insuleen.
insult insult īnsultus īnsultum insult
intense intens intēnsus intēnsum intense Can also be spelled: intess, from a vulgar spelling.
intent intent intentus intentum intent
intendent intendent intendēns intendentem intendant
inter inter intra intram enter
interanty interantig interantia interantiam entrance
interior interior interior interiōrem interior
intertament intertament intertāmentum intertāmentum entertainment
intertan intertan intertānus intertānum entertain From a variant of ‘intertenō’.
intertenary intertenarig intertenārius intertenārium entertainer
intertenon intertenon intertenō intertenōnem entertaining event
invent infent inventus inventum invent Classical form: inwent (inƿent).
invention infention inventiō inventiōnem invention Classical form: inwention (inƿention).
inventary infentarig inventārium inventārium inventary Classical form: inwentary (inƿentarig).
inventor infentor inventor inventōrem inventor Classical form: inwentor (inƿentor).
inventory infentorig inventōrium inventōrium inventory From a variant of ‘inventārium’.
Classical form: inwentory (inƿentorig).
invidiose infidiose invidiōsus invidiōsum envious Classical form: inwidiose (inƿidiose).
invidy infidig invidia invidiam envy Classical form: inwidy (inƿidig).
inviroment infiroment invīrōmentum invīrōmentum environment Classical form: inwiroment (inƿiroment).
inviron infiron invīrō invīrōnem environ Classical form: inwiron (inƿiron).
irrumation irrumation irrumātiō irrumātiōnem irrumatio See also: fellation.
irony ironig īrōnīa īrōnīam irony
kirourgue kirurge chīrūrgus chīrūrgum surge Anglish IPA: /ˈkaɪrərg/.
Classical form: keeroorgue (keeroorge).
kirouryian kirurgian chīrūrgiānus chīrurgiānum surgeon Classical form: keeroorgian.
kirouryie kirurgie chīrūrgia chīrūrgiam surgery Classical form: keeroorgy (keeroogig).
labor labor labor labōrem labour
laborator laborator labōrātor labōrātōrem laborer
laboratory laboratorig labōrātōrium labōrātōrium laboratory A building.
Can still be shortened to lab.
labyrinth labirinð labyrinthus labyrinthum labyrinth Classical form: laburint.
Can also be spelled: labrint, from a vulgar spelling.
lac lack lacus lacum lake
lack lack lac lac milk
lachert lacert lacertus lacertum lizard An animal.
lactose lactose lactōsus lactōsum lactose
lantern lantern lanterna lanternm lantern
largue large larga largam large Might just blend with the native term.
larve larf lārva lārvam larva Classical form: lar.
lavandary lafandarig lavāndāria lavāndāriam laundry Classical form: lawandary (laƿandarig).
lavator lafator lavātor lavātōrem washer Classical form: lawator (laƿator).
lavatory lafatorig lavātōrium lavātōrium lavatory Classical form: lawatory (laƿatorig).
legal legall lēgālis lēgālem legal
legaty legatig lēgātia lēgātiam legacy
legue lege lēga lēgam league
leon leon leō leōnem lion An animal.
lesbian lesbian lesbiāna lesbiānam lesbian
lethal leðall lēthālis lēthālem lethal Classical form: letal (letall).
leucoem leƿcoem leucohaema leucohaemam leukemia Classical form: leucoham (leƿcoham).
ley leg lēx lēgem law Classical form: leg (legg, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
leyary legarig lēgārius lēgārium lawyer Classical form: legary (leggarig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
leyend legend legenda legendam legend Classical form: legend (leggend, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
leyendary legendarig legendārius legendārium legendary Classical form: legendary (leggendarig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
libell libell libellus libellum booklet Classical form: libbell.
liber liber liber liberum book Classical form: libber.
liber liber līber līberum free Classical form: leeber.
liberal liberall līberālis līberālem liberal Classical form: leeberal (Leeberall).
libert libert lībertus lībertum freedman Classical form: leebert.
liberty libertig lībertās lībertātem liberty Classical form: leeberty (Leebertig).
librarian librarian librāriānus librāriānum librarian Classical form: libbrary (libbrarig).
library librarig librārium librārium library A building.
Classical form: libbrary (libbrarig).
limon limon līmō līmōnem lemon A food item.
Classical form: leemon.
limonat limonat līmonata līmonatam lemonade New Latin.
Classical form: leemonat.
lim lim līma līmam lime A food item.
Classical form: leem.
lingue ling lingua linguam tongue
linguatic lingƿatick linguāticum linguāticum language
liquid licƿid liquidus liquidum liquid
local locall locālis locālem local
location location locātiō locātiōnem location
locust locust locusta locustam locust An insect.
lobe lobe lobus lobum lobe
lobotomy lobotomig lobotomia lobotomiam lobotomy
loke loke locus locum lieu
lolliyin lolligin lōllīgō lōllīginem squid An animal.
Classical form: lolligin (lolliggin, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
See also: calamar.
longue longe longus longum long Might just blend with the native term.
loripse lorips lōrem ipsum lōrem ipsum lorem ipsum Faux Latin.
loudicker ludicker lūdicrus lūdicrum ludicrous Classical form: loodicker (ludicker).
lup lup lupus lupum wolf An animal.
lux lux luxus luxum luxe
luxuriose luxuriose luxuriōsus luxuriōsum luxuriosus
luxury luxurig luxuria luxuriam luxury
lycanthrope licanðrope lycanthrōpus lycanthrōpum werewolf An animal.
Classical form: lucantrope.
lynch linc lynx lyncem lynx An animal.
Classical form: lunk.
lyric lirick lyricus lyricum lyric Classical form: luric (lurick).
mague mage magus magum mage
mal mall malus malum malus See also: bon.
malitiose malitiose malitiōsus malitiōsum malicious
mality malitig malitia malitiam malice
man man manus manum hand
mandat mandat mandātus mandātum mandate
mandator mandator mandātor mandātōrem mandator
mandatory mandatorig mandātōrius mandātōrium mandatory
maniac maniack maniacus maniacum maniac
manic manick manicus manicum manic
maniet maniet magnēs magnētem magnet Classical form: magnet.
manietic manietick magnēticus magnēticum magnetic Classical form: magnetic (magnetick).
maniessy maniessig magnēsium magnēsium magnesium A chemical element.
Classical form: magnessy (magnessig).
manifest manifest manifestus manifestum manifest
manouscript manuskript manūscrīptus manūscrīptum manuscript Classical form: manooscript (manuskript).
Fun fact: Latin ‘manūscrīptus’ comes from a calque of the ancestor of English ‘handwrit’.
mant mant mantis mantem mantis
many manig mania maniam mania
mare mare mās marem husband
martial martial mārtiālis mārtiālem martial
martyr martir martyr martyrem martyr Classical form: martur.
mascle maskull masculus masculum male
masculin maskulin masculīnus masculīnum masculine Classical form: masculeen (maskuleen).
Can also be spelled: masclin (masklin), from a vulgar spelling.
massatic massatick massāticum massāticum massage
matron matron matrōnus matrōnum matron
mathematic maðematick mathēmaticus mathēmaticum mathematic Classical form: mattematic (mattematick).
matter matter māter mātrem mother
matterial matteriall māteriālis māteriālem material Can contract to: matrial (matriall).
mattern mattern māternus māternum motherly
matternal matternall māternālis māternālem maternal
mattery matterig māteria māteria matter Can contract to: matry (matrig).
mayestat magestat māiestās māiestātem majesty
mayestic magestick māiesticus māiesticum majestic New Latin.
mayic magick magicus magicum magic Classical form: magic (maggick, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
mayichian magician magiciānus magiciānum magician Classical form: magickian (maggickian, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
mayor mageor maior maiōrem major See also: minnor.
mayister magister magister magistrum master Classical form: magister.
See also: minnister.
mech mech mēcha mēcham mecha The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: meck.
mechanic mechanick mēchanicus mēchanicum mechanic The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: meckanic (meckanick).
mechanical mechanicall mēchanicālis mēchanicālem mechanical The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: meckanical (meckanicall).
mechanics mechanicks mēchanicī mēchanicōs mechanics Plural. The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: meckanics (meckanicks).
meddeval meddefall mediēvālis mediēvālem medieval AKA the middle ages.
medic medick medicus medicum medic
medical medicall medicālis medicālem medical
medichin medicin medicīna medicīna medicine Classical form: medickeen.
medichinary medicinarig medicīnārius medicīnārium medicinary Classical form: medickeenary (medickeenarig).
megalodont megalodont megalōdon megalōdontem megalodon An animal.
megalomany megalomanig megalomania megalomaniam megalomania
megaple megapoll megapolis megapolem megapolis
mement mement mementus mementum memento
memorial memoriall memoriālis memoriālem memorial
memory memorig memoria memoriam memory
mense mens mēnsa mēnsam mesa Can also be spelled: mess, from a vulgar spelling.
mense mens mēnsis mēnsem month Can also be spelled: mess, from a vulgar spelling.
ment ment mēns mentem mind
mental mentall mentālis mentālem mental
mentle mentul mentula mentulam penis A bodypart.
See also: penis.
menton menton mentō mentōnem chin A bodypart. Taken from a later shape, because the earlier ‘mentum’ would result in ‘ment’, identical for the word used for ‘mind’, here.
mentor mentor mentor mentōrem mentor
mercat mercat mercātus mercātum market
mercatant mercatant mercatāns mercatantem merchant
mercatanty mercatantig mercatantia mercatantiam merchandice
merch merc merx mercem merch Classical form: merk.
merched merced mercēs mercēdem mercy Classical form: merked.
merchenary mercenarig mercēnārius mercēnārium mercenary Classical form: merkenary (merkenarig).
merd merd merda merdam shit See also: fetch.
melody melodig melōdia melōdiam melody
melon melon mēlō mēlōnem melon A food item.
mercury mercurig mercurium mercurium mercury A chemical element. Anglish IPA: /ˈmɝkəri/ (no ⟨j⟩).
messiah messiah messīās messīān messiah
metal metall metallum metallum metal
metallic metallick metallicus metallicum metallic
method meðod methodus methodum method Classical form: mettod.
metric metrick metricus metricum metric
metter metter metrum metrum meter
milit milit mīles mīlitem militiaman
militar militar mīlitāris mīlitārem warlike
military militarig mīlitāria mīlitāriam military
mility militig mīlitia mīlitiam militia
millenny millennig mīllennium mīllennium millennium For ‘millennia’, we can use millennies.
milliped milliped millipēs millipedem millipede An animal.
minnor minnor minor minōrem minor See also: mayor.
misandry misandrig misandria misandriam misandry See also: misoyiny.
missaticary missaticarig missāticārius missāticārium messager
missatic missatick missāticum missāticum message
misoyiny misoginig misogynia misogyniam misogyny Classical form: misoguny (misoggunig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
See also: misandry.
mim mim mīmus mīmum mime
mimic mimick mīmicus mīmicum mimic
minnister minnister minister ministrum minister See also: mayister.
mirror mirror mīror mīrōrem mirror
mishell miscell mīscellus mīscellum misc. Classical form: miskell (miskell).
mishellany miscellanig mīscellāneus mīscellāneum miscellaneous Classical form: miskellannegh (miskellanneg).
moble mobill mōbilis mōbilem mobile
mouc muke mūcus mūcum mucus Classical form: mooc (muke).
mod mod modus modum mode
modell modell modellus modellum model
modern modern modernus modernum modern
modest modest modestus modestum modest
modle modull modulus modulum module
moll moll mollis mollem soft
mollusc mollusk molluscus molluscum mollusk An animal.
moment moment momentum momentum moment
monach monarch monachus monachum monk The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: monack.
monarch monarch monarcha monarcham monarch The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: monark.
monarchy monarchig monarchia monarchiam monarchy The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: monarky (monarkig).
monastery monasterig monastērium monastērium monastery A building.
monet monet monēta monētam money
monetary monetarig monētārius monētārium monetary
monitor monitor monitor monitōrem monitor
monologue monologe monologus monologum monologue
monopoly monopolig monopōlium monopōlium monopoly
mont mont mōns montem mount Classical form: mount (munt).
montaniose montaniose montāniōsus montāniōsum mountainous Classical form: mountaniose (muntaniose).
montany montanig montānia montāniam mountain Classical form: mountany (muntanig).
monster monster mōnstrum mōnstrum monster Can also be spelled: moster, from a vulgar spelling.
monstrose monstrose mōnstrōsus mōnstrōsum monstrous Can also be spelled: mostrose, from a vulgar spelling.
monstrositat monstrositat mōnstrōsitās mōnstrōsitātem monstrosity Can also be spelled: mostrositat, from a vulgar spelling.
monument monument monumentum monumentum monument A building. Anglish IPA: /ˈmɑnʊmənt/ (no ⟨j⟩).
moral morall morālis morālem moral
moralitat moralitat mōrālitās mōrālitātem moralitat
morbid morbid morbidus morbidum morbid
mores mores mōrēs mōrēs mores Plural, though you can use it as a singular more if you want to.
moribund moribund moribundus moribundum deathbound
moron moron morō morōnem moron An insult.
moronic moronick morōnicus morōnicum moronic An insult.
mortal mortall mortālis mortālem mortal
mortalitat mortalitat mortālitās mortālitātem mortality
mosgiddy mosgiddig masgidium masgidium mosque A building. With a soft ⟨g⟩, except for the classical form which has it hard.
moumy mumig mūmia mūmiam mummy Classical form: moomy (mumig).
mour mure mūs mūrem mouse An animal.
Classical form: moor (mure).
Might just blend with the native term.
mour mure mūrus mūrum wall (for murals) Classical form: moor (mure).
moural murall mūrālis mūrālem mural
mous muse mūsa mūsam muse Classical form: moos (muse).
moutew mutew mūtuus mūtuus moot Classical form: mootew (muteƿ).
moutual mutuall mūtuālis mūtuālem mutual Classical form: mootual (mutuall).
Can also be spelled: moutal (mutall), from a vulgar spelling.
mousey museg mūsēum mūsēum museum A building.
Classical form: moosey (museg).
mousic musick mūsica mūsicam music Anglish IPA: /ˈmaʊzɪk/.
Classical form: moosic (musick, /ˈmuːsɪk/).
mussarion mussarion mussariō mussariōnem mushroom New Latin.
See also: fungue.
mund mund mundus mundum world
mych mic myca mycam mycelium specimen New Latin.
Classical form: muck.
mychely micelig mycelium mycelium mycelium Classical form: muckely (muckelig).
myriad miriad mȳrias mȳriadem myriad Classical form: muriad.
mystery misterig mystērium mystērium mystery Classical form: mustery (musterig).
myth mið mȳthus mȳthum myth Classical form: mut.
mytholoyie miðologie mȳthus mȳthum myth Classical form: mutology (mutologgig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
mython miðon mȳthos mȳthon mythos Classical form: muton.
narchiss narciss narcissus narcissum narciss
narchissist narcissist narcissista narcissistam narcissist
nation nation nātiō nātiōnem nation
national nationall nātiōnālis nātiōnālem national
native natif nātīvus nātīvum native Classical form: natiw (natiƿ).
natour nature nātūra nātūram nature Classical form: natoor (nature).
natoural naturall nātūrālis nātūrālem natural Classical form: natooral (naturall).
nav naf nāvis nāvem ship Classical form: naw (naƿ).
naval nafall nāvālis nāvālem naval Classical form: nawal (naƿall).
naviyie nafigie nāvigia nāvigiam navy Classical form: nawiggy (naƿiggig).
nechessary necessarig necessārius necessārius necessary Classical form: neckessary (neckessarig).
necker necker necrus necrum dead body
necronomic necronomick necronomicum necronomicum necronomicon
nefah nefah nefās nefās forbidden Could be mistaken for ‘never’.
nefarin nefarin nefārīnus nefārīnum evildoer Classical form: nefareen.
Considering the above entry, this might become neverin (neferin).
nefary nefarig nefārius nefārium nefarious Considering the above entry, this might become nevery (neferig).
neon neon neō neōnem neon
nepote nepote nepōs nepōtem nephew
nepty neptig neptis neptim niece
neutral neƿtrall neutrālis neutrālem neutral
neuter neƿter neuter neutrum neuter
nimb nimb nimbus nimbum raincloud
niom niom gnomus gnomum gnome A fantasy creature.
Classical form: gnom.
nitroyen nitrogen nitrogenus nitrogenum nitrogen A chemical element.
Classical form: nitrogen (nitroggen, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
nitter nitter nitrum nitrum niter
nochent nocent nocēns nocentem uninnocent Classical form: nokent.
nochenty nocentig nocentia nocentiam uninnocence Classical form: nokenty (innokentig).
nokew nokeƿ nocuus nocuum uninnocuous
nome nome nōmen nōmen name Might just blend with the native term.
nonfiction nonfiction nōnfictiō nōnfictiōnem nonfiction
nonfictional nonfictionall nōnfictiōnālis nōnfictiōnālem nonfictional
nonsense nonsens nōnsensus nōnsensum nonsense Can also be spelled: nosess, from a vulgar spelling.
norm norm norma normam norm
normal normall normālis normālem normal
note note nōtus nōtum note
notory notorig nōtōrius nōtōrium notorious
nostalyic nostalgick nostalgicus nostalgicum nostalgic Classical form: nostalgic (nostalggick, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
nostalyie nostalgie nostalgia nostalgiam nostalgia Classical form: nostalgy (nostalggig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
noub nube nūbēs nūbem cloud Classical form: noob (nube).
noull null nūllus nūllum null Classical form: nooll (null).
nov nof novus novum new Classical form: now (noƿ).
Might just blend with the native term.
novel nofell novellus novellum novel Classical form: nowel (noƿell).
Considering the above entry, this might become newel (neƿell).
nemess nemess nemesis nemesin nemesis
nerve nerf nervus nervum nerve Classical form: nerw (nerƿ).
nervose nerfose nervōsus nervōsum nervous Classical form: nerwose (nerƿose).
neyon negeon neō neōnem neon A chemical element.
nummer nummer numerus numerum number
nummerose nummerose numerōsus numerōsum numerous
nymph nimf nympha nympham nymph A fantasy creature.
Classical form: nump.
obsidian obsidian obsidiānus obsidiānum obsidian
obvy obfig obvius obvium obvious Classical form: obwy (obƿig).
obyect obgect obiectus obiectum object Classical form: obiect.
obyection obgection obiectiō obiectiōnem objection Classical form: obiection.
ochean ocean ōceanus ōceanum ocean Anglish IPA: /ˈoʊt͡ʃiən/.
Classical form: okaien (/ˈoʊkeɪɑːn/).
occult ockult occultus occultum occult
octopode octopode octōpus octōpodem octopus An animal.
offichial officiall officiālis officiālem official Classical form: offickial (offickiall).
offichy officig officium officium office Classical form: officky (offickig).
See also: opifichy.
oley oleg oleum oleum oil
omen omen ōmen ōmen omen
ominose onniose ōminōsus ōminōsum ominous
omnib omnib omnibus omnibum bus ‘bus’ is a clipping of ‘omnibus’.
Classical form: 'omneeb'.
omnitrich omnitric omnītrīx omnītrīcem omnitrix Classical form: omnitrick.
omnivore omnifore omnivorus omnivorum ominvore Classical form: omniwore (omniƿore).
onomastic onomastick onomasticus onomasticum onomasticon
opary oparig oprarium oprarium opra house
oper oper opra opram opra Can also be spelled: opar.
opifich opific opifex opificem worker Classical form: opifick.
opifichy opificig opificium opificium workplace ‘office’ comes from a contraction of ‘opificium’.
Classical form: opificky (opifickig). See also: offichy.
optim optim optimus optimum best See also: pessim.
optimal optimall optimālis optimālem optimal See also: pessimal.
ose ose ōs ōs mouth
ostregh ostreg ostrea ostream oyster An animal.
Classical form: clouster (cluster).
ordin ordin ōrdō ōrdinem order
ordinal ordinall ōrdinālis ōrdinālem ordinal
ordinary ordinarig ōrdinārius ōrdinārium ordinary
oral orall ōrālis ōrālem oral
orb orb orbis orbem orb
orbit orbit orbita orbitam orbit
orc ork orca orcam orca An animal.
Can also be used for the fantasy creature.
orchester orchester orchēstra orchēstram orchestra The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: orkester.
organ organ organum organum organ
organism organism organismus organismum organism
organization organisation organizātiō organizātiōnem organization
oriyin origin orīgō orīginem origin Classical form: origin (origgin, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
oriyinal originall orīginālis orīginālem original Classical form: original (origginall, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
oriyinary originarig orīginārius orīginārium originary Classical form: originary (origginarig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
orphan orfan orphanus orphanum orphan Classical form: orpan.
orphanatic orfanatick orphanāticum orphanāticum orphanage Classical form: orpanatic (orpanatick).
orthodox orðodox orthodoxus orthodoxum orthodox Classical form: ortodox.
orthodoxy orðodoxig orthodoxia orthodoxia orthodoxy Classical form: ortodoxy (ortodoxig).
ounichyckle unicickell ūnicyclus ūnicyclum unicycle Classical form: oonikuckle (unikuckell).
See also: bichyckle, trichyckle.
ounion union ūniō ūniōnem union Classical form: oonion (union).
ounit unit ūnītus ūnītum unite Classical form: oonit (unit).
ounitat unitat ūnitās ūnitātem unity Classical form: oonitat (unitat).
ourin urin ūrīna ūrīnam urine Classical form: ooreen (ureen).
Can also be spelled: aurin, from a vulgar spelling.
ourinal urinall ūrīnālis ūrīnālem urinal Classical form: ooreenal (ureenal).
Can also be spelled: aurinal, from a vulgar spelling.
ourinary urinarig ūrīnārius ūrīnārium urinary Classical form: ooreenary (ureenarig).
Can also be spelled: aurinary (urinarig), from a vulgar spelling.
ousual usuall ūsuālis ūsuālem usual Classical form: oosual (usuall).
outopy utopig ūtopia ūtopiam utopia Classical form: ootopy (utopig).
See also: dystopy.
ove ofe ōvum ōvum egg A food item.
Classical form: owe (oƿe).
oxiyen oxigen oxygenus oxygenum oxygen A chemical element.
Classical form: oxugen (oxuggen, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
pachific pacifick pācificus pācificum calm Classical form: packific (packifick).
pachifism pacifism pācifismus pācifismum pacifism Classical form: packifism.
pachifist pacifist pācifista pācifistam pacifist Classical form: packifist.
pacote pacote pacōs pacōtem pagoda A building.
pact pact pactum pactum pact
pagan pagan pāgānus pāgānum pagan
pal pall pālus pālum pole (stick)
palatty palattig palātium palātium palace
pallid pallid pallidus pallidum pallid
pan pan pānis pānem bread A food item.
pandemic pandemick pandēmicus pandēmicum pandemic
pandemy pandemy pandēmius pandēmium pandemic disease
pandemony pandemonig pandaemonium pandaemonium pandemonium Classical form: pandamony (pandamonig).
panic panick panicus panicum panic
panitt panitt pānitta pānittam bread slice A food item.
panittery panitterig pānittārius pānittārium pantry Can contract to: pantry (pantrig).
panoram panoram panorama panoramam panorama
pantheon panðeon panthēon pantheōnem pantheon Can also be spelled: panthey (panðeg), from alternate ‘panthēum’ form.
pap pap pāpa pāpam pope
papal papall pāpālis pāpālem papal
papyr papir papȳrus papȳrum paper Classical form: papur.
parachit paracit paracīta paracītam parakeet An animal.
Classical form: parakeet.
paradiss paradiss paradīsus paradīsum paradise Classical form: paradees.
paragraph paragraf paragraphus paragraphum paragraph Classical form: paragrap.
parat parat parāta parātam parade
parent parent parēns parentem parent
parental parentall parentālis parentālem parental
paroch paroch parochus parochus parish priest The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: parock.
parochy parochig parochia parochiam parish The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: parocky (parockig).
parody parodig parōdia parōdiam parody
parric parrick parricus parricum park A place.
Can also be spelled: park, from a later spelling.
part part pars partem part
partit partit partītus partītum party
pass pass passus passum pass
past past pasta pastam paste
pastor pastor pastor pastōrem pastor
pastory pastorig pastōrius pastōrium pastory
patch pac pāx pācem peace
patron patron patrōnus patrōnum patron
patter patter pāter pātrem father
pattern pattern pāternus pāternum fatherly
patternal patternall pāternālis pāternālem paternal
pauper pauper pauper pauperem poor Classical form: pouper (puper).
paupertat paupertat paupertās paupertātem poverty Classical form: poupertat (pupertat).
pavon pafon pāvō pāvōnem peacock An animal.
payense pagens pāgēnsis pāgēnsem country Classical form: pagense (paggens, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Can also be spelled: payess (pagess), from a vulgar spelling.
See also: contrat.
peaper peaper piper piper pepper A food item. Might just blend with the native term.
peaperon peaperon piperō piperōnem bell pepper New Latin. A food item.
Considering the above entry, this might become pepperon.
peaperons peaperons piperōnēs piperōnēs pepperoni New Latin. A food item. Plural.
Considering the above entry, this might become pepperons.
peapric peaprick pipirīca pipirīcam paprika New Latin. A food item.
Classical form: peepreek.
Considering the above entry, this might become pepric (peprick).
ped ped pēs pedem foot A bodypart.
pedal pedall pedālis pedālem pedal
pedester pedester pedester pedestrum footman
pedestrian pedestrian pedestriānus pedestriānum pedestrian
pedit pedit pedes peditem walker
pelecan pelecan pelecānus pelecānum pelican An animal.
pen pen pēnis pēnem penis A bodypart.
See also: mentle.
peninsle peninsull paenīnsula paenīnsulam peninsula Classical form: paninsle (paninsull).
Can also be spelled: penisle (penisull), from a vulgar spelling.
pegas pegas pēgasus pēgasum pegasus A fantasy creature.
perchent percent per centum per centum percent Classical form: perkent.
perfect perfect perfectus perfectum perfect
perfection perfection perfectiō perfectiōnem perfection
person person persōna persōnam person
personal personall persōnālis persōnālem personal
personalitat personalitat persōnālitās persōnālitātem personality
personatic personatick persōnāticum persōnāticum personage
pessim pessim pessimus pessimum worst See also: optim.
pessimal pessimall pessimālis pessimālem pessimal See also: optimal.
petroley petroleg petroleum petroleum petroleum
petter petter petrus petrum stone
phall fall phallus phallum phallus Classical form: pall.
phallic fallick phallicus phallicum phallic Classical form: pallic (pallick).
phancy fansig phansia phansiam fancy New Latin.
Classical form: pancy (pansig).
See also: phantasy.
phantasm fantasm phantasma phantasmam phantasm Classical form: pantasm.
phantastic fantastick phantasticus phantasticum fantastic Classical form: pantastic (pantastick).
phantasy fantasig phantasia phantasiam fantasy Classical form: pantasy (pantasig).
phanton fanton phantō phantōnem phantom Classical form: panton.
pharaoh faraoh pharaō pharaō pharaoh Classical form: paraoh.

Can also be spelled: faravon (farafon), from a vulgar spelling.
pharmachy farmacig pharmacia pharmaciam pharmacy A building.
Classical form: parmaky (parmakig).
phase fase phasis phasim phase Classical form: pase.
phenitch fenic phoenīx phoenīcem pheonix Classical form: ponick.
philosoph filosof philosophus philosophum philosoph Classical form: pilosop.
philosophary filosofarig philosophārius philosophārium philosopher Classical form: pilosopary (pilosoparig).
philosophy filosofig philosophia philosophiam philosophy Classical form: pilosopy (pilosopig).
phone fone phōna phōnam phone New Latin.
Classical form: pone.
phosphor fosfor phōsphorus phōsphorum phosphorus A chemical element.
Classical form: posor.
photograph fotograf phōtographus phōtographum photograph Classical form: potograp.
photography fotografig phōtographia phōtographiam photography Classical form: potograppy (potograppig).
phryn frin phrȳnos phrȳnon toad An animal.
Classical form: prun.
See also: boufon.
physic fisick physicus physicum physic Classical form: pusic (pusick).
physical fisicall physicālis physicālem physical Classical form: pusical (pusicall).
physichian fisickian physiciānus physiciānum physician Classical form: pusickian.
physics fisicks physicae physicās physicks Plural.
Classical form: pusicks.
pictour picture pictūra pictūram picture Classical form: pictoor (picture).
pinctour pincture pinctūra pinctūram paint Classical form: pinctoor (pincture).
Can also be spelled: pintour (pinture), from a vulgar spelling.
pipion pipion pīpiō pīpiōnem pigeon An animal.
pisch pisc piscis piscem fish An animal.
Classical form: pisk.
Might just blend with the native term.
pischion piscion pisciō pisciōnem fishy An animal.
Classical form: piskion.
Considering the above entry, this might become fishion (fiscion).
pirany piranig pīrania pīraniam piranha New Latin, reconstructed from Portuguese ‘piranha’ and Spanish ‘piraña’.
pirat pirat pīrāta pīrātam pirate
piratty pirattig pīrātia pīrātiam piracy
plachent placent placenta placentam placenta A bodypart.
Classical form: plackent.
plague plage plāga plāgam plague
plan plan plānus plānum plain
planfort planfort plānus fortis plānum fortem piano Can also be spelled: fortplan (English word order).
planet planet planēta planētam planet
plank plank planca plancam plank
plankton plankton planctō planctōnem plankton An animal.
plant plant planta plantam plant
plantation plantation plantātiō plantātiōnem plantation
plantayin plantagin plantāgō plantāginem plantain Classical form: plantagin (plantaggin, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
planet planet planēta planētam planet
planetary planetarig planētārius planētārium planetary Can also be used for: planetarium.
planetle planetull planētula planētulam dwarf planet
plast plast plasta plastam shape Can also be spelled: plasteh, from alternate ‘plastēs’ form.
plastic plastick plasticus plasticum plastic
plat plat platus platum plate Can also be spelled: platt, from a variant spelling.
platiform platiform platiforma platiformam platform Can contract to: platform.
platin platinn platīnum platīnum platinum A chemical element.
Classical form: plateen.
platonic platonick platōnicus platōnicum platonic
plattey platteg platēa platēam place
platypode platipode platypus platypodem platypus An animal.
Classical form: platupode.
Fun fact: ‘flatfoot’ is a full cognate to this.
plethor pleðor plēthōra plēthōram plethora Classical form: plettor.
ploural plurall plūrālis plūrālem plural Classical form: plooral (plurall).
ploutony plutonig plūtōnium plūtōnium plutonium A chemical element. Anglish IPA: /ˈplaʊtoʊni/.
Classical form: plootony (plutonig).
plumb plumb plumbum plumbum lead A chemical element.
plumbary plumbarig plumbārius plumbārium plumber
plus plus plus plus plus
polar polar polāris polārem polar
pole pole polus polum pole (axis)
politic politick polīticus polīticum politic
political politicall polīticālis polīticālem political
politics politicks polīticī polīticōs politics Plural.
pont pont pōns pontem bridge Classical form: pount (punt).
polygamy poliggamig polygamia polygamiam polygamy Classical form: polugamy (poluggamig).
pople popull populus populum people
popular popular populāris populārem popular
porchell porcell porcellus porcellum piglet An animal.
Classical form: porkell.
porchellan porcellan porcellāna porcellānam porcelain Classical form: porkellan.
porcle porcull porculus porculum piggy An animal.
Can also be spelled: porkle (porkel).
pork pork porcus porcum pig An animal.
pornography pornografig pornographia pornographiam pornography Classical form: pornograppy (pornograppig).
Can still be shortened to porn.
port port portus portum port
portal portall portālis portālem portal
post post postis postem post
post post postis postem post
postum postum postumus postumum posthumous Latin ‘posthumus’ is a later form influenced by the word ‘humus’ (humous); from that, we can make English posthum (though the ⟨h⟩ is silent).
potassy potassig potassium potassium potassium A chemical element.
potion potion pōtio pōtiōnem potion
poublic publick pūblicus pūblicum public Classical form: pooblic (publick).
pour pure pūrus pūrum pure Classical form: poor (pure).
pourgatory purgatorig pūrgātōrium pūrgātōrium purgatory Classical form: poorgatory (purgatorig).
pouritat puritat pūritās pūritātem purity Classical form: pooritat (puritat).
pourity puritig pūritia pūritiam puress Classical form: poority (puritig).
powem poƿem poēma poēmam poem
prat prat prātum prātum meadow A biome.
pratary pratarig pratāria pratāriam prairie A biome.
pred pred praeda praedam prey Classical form: prad.
predator predator praedātor praedātorem predator Classical form: pradator.
premy premig praemium praemium premium Classical form: pramy (pramig).
prenome prenome praenōmen praenōmen forename Classical form: pranom.
prension prension prehēnsiō prehēnsiōnem prehension Classical form: prehension.
See also: prison.
presbyter presbiter presbyter presbyterum priest Classical form: presbuter.
present present praesēns praesentem present Classical form: prasent.
president president praesidēns praesidentem president Classical form: prasident.
presidenty presidentig praesidentia praesidentiam presidency Classical form: prasidenty (prasidentig).
preterit preterit praeteritum praeteritum past Classical form: praterit.
pretiose pretiose pretiōsus pretiōsum precious Classical form: pratiose.
pretor pretor praetor praetōrem praetor Classical form: prator.
prety pretig pretium pretium price Classical form: praty (pratig).
prevy prefig praevius praevium previous Classical form: prawy (praƿig).
prim prim prīmus prīmum prime
princhip princip prīnceps prīncipem prince Classical form: prinkip.
princhipal principal prīncipālis prīncipālem principal Classical form: prinkipal (prinkipall).
princhipalitat principalitat prīncipālitās prīncipālitātem principality Classical form: prinkipalitat.
princhipiss principiss prīncipissa prīncipissam princess Classical form: prinkipiss.
prison prison prisō prisōnem prison A building. From a Medieval variant of ‘prehension’. See also: prension.
prisonary prisonarig prisōnārius prisōnārium prisoner See above.
problem problem problēma problēmam problem
problematic problematick problēmaticus problēmaticum problematic
prodouct product prodūctus prodūctum product Classical form: prodooct (product).
prodouction production prodūctiō prodūctiōnem production Classical form: prodooction (production).
profess profess professus professum profess
professor professor professor professōrem professor
prole prole prōlēs prōlem offspring
proletarian proletarian prōlētāriānus prōlētāriānum proletarian
proletariat proletariat prōlētāriatus prōlētāriatum proletariat
proletary proletarig prōlētārius prōlētārium proletary
prologue prologe prologus prologum prologue
propagand propagand prōpāganda prōpāgandam propaganda
prophet profet prophēta prophētam prophet Classical form: propet.
prophety profetig prophētīa prophētīam prophecy Classical form: propety (propetig).
propry poprig proprius proprium proper
prospect prospect prospectus prospectum prospect
prospector prospector prospector prospectōrem prospector
provinchy profincig prōvincia prōvinciam province Classical form: prowinky (proƿinkig).
proyect progect prōiectus prōiectum project Classical form: progect (proggect, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
proyection progection prōiectiō prōiectiōnem projection Classical form: progection (proggection, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
pull pull pullus pullum chick An animal.
pullitt pullitt pullittus pullittum chicken An animal.
pullittary pullittarig pullittāria pullittāriam poultry
pulse puls pulsus pulsum pulse
py pig pīus pīum pious See also: impy.
pyramid piramid pȳramis pȳramidem pyramid Classical form: puramid.
python piðon pȳthō pȳthōnem python An animal.
Classical form: puton.
pythoniss piðoniss pȳthōnissa pȳthōnissam witch Classical form: putoniss.
quote cƿote quotus quotus quote
quest cƿest quaesta quaestam quest Classical form: quast (cƿast).
question cƿestion quaestiō quaestiōnem question Classical form: quastion (cƿastion).
questor cƿestor quaestor quaestōrem quaestor Classical form: quastor (cƿastor).
quotepart cƿotepart quota pars quotam partem quota
rapid rapid rapidus rapidum rapid Can also be spelled: rappy (rappig), from a vulgar spelling.
raddy raddig radium radium radium A chemical element.
raditch radic rādīx rādīcem radish A food item.
Classical form: radick.
ran ran rāna rānam frog An animal.
See also: brothac.
ranchid rancid rancidus rancidum rancid Classical form: rankid.
randon randon randō randōnem random
ranle ranul rānula rānula froggy An animal.
ranucle ranucul rānunculus rānunculum tadpole An animal.
real real reālis reālem real
realitat realitat reālitās reālitātem reality
rebell rebell rebellis rebellem rebel
rebellion rebellion rebelliō rebelliōnem rebellion
rebelliose rebelliose rebelliōsus rebellōsum rebellious New Latin.
rechess recess recessus recessum recess Classical form: rekess.
rechyckle recickell recyclus recyclum recycle Classical form: rekuckle (rekuckell).
refriyerator refrigerator refrīgerātor refrīgerātorem refrigerator An appliance. Anglish IPA: /ˈriːfrɪjəreɪtər/.
Classical form: refreegairator (/ˈrɛfriːgeɪrɑːtɔr/).
regal regal rēgālis rēgālem regal
regalim regalim rēgālimen rēgālimen realm A Late Latin cross of ‘regimen’ with ‘regal’.
regle regull rēgula rēgulam rule
regular regular rēgulāris rēgulārem regular
regulary regularig rēgulārius rēgulārium ruler (tool)
regh reg rēs rem thing
reliquy relicƿig reliquia reliquiam relic
reliyion religion religiō religiōnem religion Anglish IPA: /'riːlɪjən/.
Classical form: religion (religgion, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
reliyiose religiose religiōsus religiōsum religious Classical form: religiose (religgiose, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
render render rendere rendere render
rendition rendition renditiō renditiōnem rendition
reng reng rēgnum rēgnum kingdom Classical form: rein (regn).
rennashenty rennascentig renāscentia renāscentiam renaissance Classical form: rennaskenty (rennaskentig).
repoublic republick rēs pūblica rem pūblicam republic Classical form: repooblic (republick).
retrospect retrospect retrōspectus retrōspectum retrospect
retrospective retrospectif retrōspectīvus retrōspectīvum retrospect Classical form: retrospectiw (retrospectiƿ).
revindic refindick revindica revindicam revenge Classical form: rewindic (reƿindick).
revindicat refvindicat revindicātus revindicātum revindicate Classical form: rewindicat (reƿindicat).
revoloution refolution revolūtiō revolūtiōnem revolution Classical form: rewolootion (reƿolution).
rey reg rēx rēgem king Classical form: reg (regg, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
reyect regect rēiectus rēiectum reject Classical form: regect (reggect, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
reyection regection rēiectiō rēiectiōnem rejection Classical form: regection (reggection, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
reyim regim regimen regimen regimen Classical form: regim (reggim, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
reyiment regiment regimentum regimentum regiment Classical form: regiment (reggiment, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
reyin regin rēgīna rēgīnam queen Classical form: regeen (reggeen, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
reyion region regiō regiōnem region Classical form: region (reggion, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
rhapsody rhapsodig rhapsōdia rhapsōdiam rhapsody The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: rapsody (rapsodig).
rhinocherote rhinocerote rhīnocerōs rhīnocerote rhino An animal. The first ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: rinokerote.
rhythm rhiðm rhythmus rhythmum rhythm The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: rutm.
ridicle ridicull rīdiculus rīdiculum ridiculous
rip rip rīpa rīpam riverbank
rippary ripparig rīpāria rīpāriam riverbank-related
rock rock rocca roccam rock
rodent rodent rōdēns rōdentem rodent An animal.
romantic romantick rōmānticus rōmānticum romantic
romanty romantig rōmāntia rōmāntiam romance
rosary rosarig rosārium rosārium rosary
rose rose rosa rosam rose A plant.
rotund rotund rotundus rotundum round
rour rure rūrus rūris rural area Classical form: roor (rure).
roural rurall rūrālis rūrālem rural Classical form: rooral (rurall).
sack sack saccus saccum sack
sacrosanct sacrosanct sacrōsānctus sacrōsānctum sacrosaint Can also be spelled: sacrosant, from a vulgar spelling.
salamander salamander salamandra salamandram salamander An animal.
salive salif salīva salīva saliva Classical form: saleew (saleeƿ).
salmon salmon salmō salmōnem salmon An animal.
sapphir sapfir sapphīrus sapphīrum sapphire Classical form: sappeer.
sapphic sapfick sapphica sapphicam sapphic Classical form: sappic (sappick).
sapid sapid sapidus sapidum sage Can also be spelled: sappy (sappig), from a vulgar spelling.
sapient sapient sapiēns sapientem sapient
sanct sanct sānctus sānctum saint Can also be spelled: sant, from a vulgar spelling.
sanctuary sanctuarig sānctuārium sānctuārium sanctuary A building.
Can also be spelled: santary (santarig), from a vulgar spelling.
sarcophague sarcofage sarcophagus sarcophagum sarcophagus Classical form: sarcopague (sarcopage).
satellit satellit satelles satellitem satellite
satyr satir satyrus satyrum satyr A fantasy creature.
Classical form: satur.
sayitt sagitt sagitta sagitta arrow Classical form: sagitt (saggitt, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
sayittary sagittarig sagittārius sagittārium archer Classical form: sagittary (saggittarig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
saxophone saxofone saxophōna saxophōnam saxophone An instrument.
Classical form: saxopone.
scacks skacks scaccī scaccōs chess A board game. Plural.
sclav sklav sclavus sclavum slave Classical form: sclaw (sclaƿ).
Can also be spelled: sclow (sklue), from a vulgar form.
schol skholl schola scholam school The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: skol (skoll).
scope skope scopus scopum scope
scorpion skorpion scorpiō scorpiōnem scorpion An animal.
scrib skrib scrība scrībam scribe
scrinny skrinnig scrīnium scrīnium shrine A building.
Classical form: screeny (skreenig).
script skript scriptum scriptum script
scriptory skriptorig scrīptōrium scrīptōrium scriptorium
sculptour skulpture sculptūra sculptūram sculpture Classical form: sculptoor (skulpture).
secour secure sēcūrus sēcūrum secure Classical form: secoor (secure).
secouritat securitat sēcūritās sēcūritātem security Classical form: secooritat (securitat).
secret secret sēcrētus sēcrētum secret
secretary secretarig secrētārius secrētārium secretary
sect sect secta sectam sect
sector sector sector sectōrem sector
sede sede sēdēs sēdem chair Classical IPA: /seɪd/.
senat senat senātus senātum senate
senator senator senātor senātōrem senator
senny sennig senex senem elder
sense sens sēnsus sēnsum sense Can also be spelled: sess, from a vulgar spelling.
sententy sententig sententia sententiam sentence
sententiole sententiole sententiola sententiolam mini-sentence
sentient sentient sentiēns sentientem sentient
seperal seperall sēparālis sēparālem several
seperat seperat sēparātus sēparātum seperate
sequel secƿell sequēla sequēlam sequel
sequent secƿent sequēns sequentem sequent
sequenty secƿentig sequentia sequentiam sequence
serpent serpent serpēns serpentem serpent An animal.
serpentine serpentine serpentīnus serpentīnum serpentine
seriose seriose sēriōsus sēriōsum very serious
serve serf servus servum serf Classical form: serw (serƿ).
servient serfient serviēns servientem servant Classical form: serwient (serƿient).
servity serfitig servitium servitium service Classical form: serwity (serƿitig).
sery serig sērius sērium serious
sex sex sexus sexum sex
sexic sexick sexicus sexicum sexy
shelet scelet sceletus sceletum bone Classical form: skelet.
sheletal sceletall sceletālis sceletālem skeletal Classical form: skeletal (skeletall).
sheleton sceleton sceletō sceletōnem skeleton Classical form: skeleton.
shen scen scaena scaenam scene Classical form: skan.
shenary scenarig scaenārius scaenārium scenary Can also be used as the word for ‘scenario’.
Classical form: skanary (skanarig).
sheptic sceptick scepticus scepticum skeptic Classical form: skeptic (skeptick).
sheptical scepticall scepticālis scepticālem skeptical Classical form: skeptical (skepticall).
sheve scef sceva scevam schwa Classical form: scew (skeƿ).
shippion scippion scīpiō scīpiōnem staff Classical form: skippion.
shissors scissors scissōrēs scissōrēs scissors Plural.
Classical form: skissors.
silitch silic silex silicem silex Classical form: silick.
silicon silicon silicō silicōnem silicon A chemical element.
sim sim sīmus sīmum snub-nosed Classical form: seem (seem).
simy simig sīmia sīmiam monkey Classical form: seemy (seemig).
simian simian sīmiānus sīmiānum simian Classical form: seemian.
simplex simplex simplexus simplexum simplex
simplitch simplic simplex simplicem simple Classical form: simplick.
shientist scientist sciēntista scientistam scientist Classical form: skientist.
shienty scientig sciēntia sciēntiam science Classical form: skienty (skientig).
sochiable sociabil sociābilis sociābilem sociable Classical form: sokiabil.
sochial sociall sociālis sociālem social Classical form: sokial (sokiall).
sochietat societat societās societātem society Classical form: sokietat.
sochy socig socius socium sharing Classical form: soky (sokig).
sock sock soccus soccum sock
sode sode soda sodam soda
sodey sodeg sodium soddium sodium
solid solid solidus solidum solid Can also be spelled: sold, from a vulgar spelling.
solidarit solidarit solidaritās solidaritātem solidarity Can also be spelled: soldarit, from a vulgar spelling.
solidary solidarig solidārius solidārium solidary Can also be spelled: soldary (soldarig), from a vulgar spelling.
son son sonus sonum sound
sonic sonick sonicus sonicum sonic
sorror sorror soror sorōrem sister
sorrorn sorrorn sorōrnus sorōrnum sisterly
sorrornal sorrorall sorōrnālis sorōrnālem sorornal
sort sort sors sortem sort
sortiariss sortiariss sortiārissa sortiārissam sorceress
sortiary sortiarig sortiārius sortiārium sorcerer
sortilegue sortilege sortilegus sortilegum soothsayer
soudor sudor sūdor sūdōrem sweat Classical form: soodor (sudor).
soudorific sudorifick sūdorificus sūdorificum sudorific Classical form: soodorific (sudorifick).
spaty spatig spatium spatium space
spechiey specieg speciēs speciem species Classical form: spekiey (spekieg).
spechim specim specimen specimen specimen Classical form: speckim.
spechial speciall speciālis speciālem special Classical form: spekial (spekiall).
specter specter spectrum spectrum spectre
speluncation speluncation spēluncātiō spēluncātiōnem spelunking
speluncator speluncator spēluncātor spēluncātōrem spelunker
spelunk spelunk spēlunca spēluncam spelunk
sperant sperant spērāns spērantem hoping
spirit spirit spīritus spīritum spirit
spoliary spoliarig spoliārius spoliārium spoiler
spongiose spongiose spongiōsus spongiōsum spongey
spongue sponge spongus spongum sponge (tool)
spongy spongig spongia spongiam sponge (creature) An animal.
spore spore spora sporam spore
sport sport sportus sportum sport
staddy staddig stadium stadium stadium A building.
stan stan stannum stannum tin A chemical element.
stace stase stasis stasem stasis
stat stat status statum state
static statick staticus staticum static
stell stell stēlla stēllam star See also: aster.
stellar stellar stēllāris stēllārem starry
stibby stibbig stibium stibium antimony A chemical element.
See also: antimony.
stomach stomach stomachus stomachum stomach A bodypart. The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: stomack.
strict strict strictus strictum strict
studdy studdig studium studium study A building.
stupend stupend stupendus stupendum stupendous
stupid stupid stupidus stupidum stupid An insult.
Can also be spelled: stuppy (stuppig), from a vulgar spelling.
stupiditat stupiditat stupiditās stupiditātem stupidity An insult.
stupor stupor stupor stupōrem stupor
styl still stylus stylum style Classical form: stul (stull).
submarin submarin submarīnus submarīnum submarine Classical form: submareen.br>Can also be spelled: summarin, from a vulgar spelling.
suburb suburb suburbs suburbem suburb Can also be spelled: suburby (surburbig), from alternate ‘suburbium’ form.
subyect subgect subiectus subiectum subject Classical form: subiect.
succub suckub succubus succubum succubus See also: incub.
sulfur sulfur sulfur sulfur sulfur sulphur is a Hellenisation.
sum sum summa summam sum
summary summarig summārius summārium summary
super super super suprum super
superan superan superānus superānum sovereign
superb superb superbus superbum superb This is how the word ‘superb’ came to be.
superflew superfleƿ superfluus superfluum superfluous
superfichial superficial superficiālis superficiālem superficial Classical form: superfickial.
superintendent superintendent superintendēns superintendentem superintendent
supernome supernome supernōmen supernōmen surname
superple superpull superplus superplus surplus
superprense superprens superprehēnsa superprehēnsam surprise Classical form: superprehense (superprehens).
superreal superreal superreālis superreālem surreal
superrendition superrendition superrenditiō superrenditiōnem a surrender
superrender superrender superrendere superrendere to surrender
supervisor superfisor supervīsor supervīsōrem supervisor Classical form: superwisor (superƿisor).
supervival superfifall supervīvālis supervīvālem survival Classical form: superwiwal (superƿiƿall).
supervivator superfifator supervīvātor supervīvātōrem survivor Classical form: superwiwator (superƿiƿator).
suprem suprem suprēmus suprēmum supreme
suspect suspect suspectus suspectum suspect
suspend suspend suspendēre suspendēre suspend
suspendator suspendator suspēndātor suspēndātōrem suspender See also: suspensor.
suspendators suspendators suspēndātōres suspēndātōres suspenders Plural.
See also: suspensors.
suspension suspension suspensiō suspensiōnem suspension
suspensor suspensor suspēnsor suspēnsōrem suspender See also: suspendator.
suspensors suspensors suspēnsōres suspēnsōres suspenders Plural.
See also: suspendators.
suspensory suspensorig suspensorium suspensorium suspensorium New Latin.
sutchess sucess successus successum success Classical form: suckess.
sutchession sucession successiō successiōnem succession Classical form: suckession.
sutchessive sucessif successīvus successīvum successive Classical form: suckessiw (suckessiƿ).
sutchessor sucessor successor successōrem successor Classiccal form: suckessor.
sympathy simpaðig sympathīa sympathīam sympathy Classical form: sumpatty (sumpattig).
symphony simfonig symphōnia symphōniam symphony Classical form: sumpony (sumponig).
synagogue sinagoge synagōga synagōgam synagogue A building.
Classical form: sunagogue (sunagoge).
syngraph singraf syngraphus syngraphum passport Classical form: sungrap.
synonym sinonim synōnymus synōnymus synonym Classical form: sunonum.
synonymose sinonimose synōnymōsus synōnymōsum synonymous Classical form: sunonumose.
syroup sirup syrūpus syrūpum syrup Classical form: suroop (surup).
syphilid sifilid syphilis syphilidem syphilis A disease.
Classical form: supilid.
system sistem systēma systēmam system Classical form: sustem.
tabbern tabbern taberna tabernam tavern A building.
tabble tabbull tabula tabula tabulam
tanter tanter tantrum tantrum tantrum
tarantle tarantull tarantula tarantulam tarantula An animal.
tardigrad tardigrad tardigradus tardigradum tardigrade An animal.
tardive tardif tardīvus tardīvum tardy Classical form: tardiw (tardiƿ).
tasc task tasca tascam task
telephone telefone telephōna telephōnam telephone New Latin.
Classical form: telepone.
telescope teleskope tēlescopus tēlescopum telescope Can also be spelled: telescopey (teleskopeg), from alternate ‘tēlescopius’ form.
television telefision tēlevīsiō tēlevīsiōnem television An appliance. Can still be shortened to TV (TF).
Classical form: telewision (teleƿision); shortened form of this is TW ().
temp temp tempus tempum time
temporary temporarig temporārius temporārium temporary
temptator temptator temptātor temptātōrem tempter
temple tempull templum templum temple A building.
test test testum test test
term term termus termum term
termin termin terminus terminum terminus
terminator terminator terminātor terminātōrem terminator
terminal terminall terminālis terminālem terminal
terr terr terra terram land
terrabund terrabund terrabundus terrabundum earthbound
terrapin terrapin terrapīna terrapīnam terrapin An animal. New Latin.
Classical form: terrapeen.
terrible terribill terribilis terribilem terrible
territorial territoriall territōriālis territōriālem territorial
territory territorig territōrium territōrium territory
terror terror terror terrōrem terror
test test testum testum test
testament testament testāmentum testāmentum testament
testicle testicull testiculus testiculum testicle A bodypart.
testimony testimonig testimōnium testimōnium testimony
testosteron testosteron testosterō testosterōnem testosterone See also: estrogen.
textour texture textūra textūram texture Classical form: textoor (texture).
theater þeater theātrum theātrum theatre A building.
Classical form: teater.
theophany þeofanig theophania theophaniam theophany Classical form: teopany (teopanig).
See also: epiphany, yerophany.
therapeutic þerapeƿtick therapeuticus therapeuticum therapeutic Classical form: terapeutic (terapeutick).
therapy þerapig therapīa therapīam therapy Classical form: terapy (terapig).
therm þerm thermus thermum fast food New Latin.
Classical form: term.
thermopoly þermopolig thermopōlium thermopōlium fast food restaurant A building.
Classical form: termopoly (termopolig).
thermostat þermostat thermostata thermostatam thermostat Classical form: termostat.
tiger tiger tigris tigrem tiger An animal.
Can also be spelled: tigrid, from an alternate accusative spelling.
tigriss tiger tigrissa tigrissam tigress
tinnit tinnit tinnītus tinnītum tinnitus
topic topick topica topicam topic
topical topicall topicālis topicālem topical
tox tox toxum toxum poisoned arrow
toxic toxick toxicus toxicum toxic
toxin toxin toxīna toxīnam toxin Classical form: toxeen.
transfric transfrick trānsfrīcus trānsfrīcum traffic Can also be spelled: traffric (traffrick), from a vulgar spelling; this spelling can contract to traffic (traffick).
trayedy tragedig tragoedia tragoediam tragedy Classical form: tragody (traggodig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
See also: comedy.
trayic tragick tragicus tragicum tragic Classical form: tragic (traggick, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
See also: comedic.
trichyckle tricickell tricyclus tricyclum tricycle Classical form: trikuckle (trikuckell).
See also: ounichyckle, bichyckle.
trident trident tridēns tridentem trident
triumph triumf triumphus triumphum triumph Classical form: triump.
See also: trump.
triumphator triumfator triumphātor triumphātōrem triumphator Classical form: triumpator.
trophey trofeg trophaeum trophaeum trophy Classical form: tropay (tropag).
tropic tropick tropicus tropicum tropic
tropical tropicall tropicālis tropicālem tropical
trumb trumb trumba trumba tromp See also: trump.
trumbon trumbon trumbō trumbōnem trombone An instrument.
trump trump trumpa trumpam trump See also: triumph.
trumpet trumpett trumpetta trumpettam trumpet An instrument.
typhon tifon typhōn typhōnem typhoon Classical form: tupon.
tyran tiran tyrannus tyrannum ruler (person) Classical form: turan.
tyrant tirant tyrāns tyrantem tyrant Classical form: turat.
ultratic ultratick ultrāticum ultrāticum outrage
ultraticose ultraticose ultrāticōsus ultrāticōsum outrageous
umber umber umbra umbram shade
umbrell umbrell umbrella umbrellam umbrella
und und unda undam wave
urb urb urbs urbem urban area
urban urban urbānus urbānum urban
urse urs ursus ursum bear An animal.
uryent urgent urgēns urgentem urgent Classical form: urgent (urggent, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
uryenty ugentig urgentia urgentiam urgency Classical form: urgenty (urggentig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
vacation facation vacātiō vacātiōnem vacation Classical form: wacation (ƿacation).
vackew fackeƿ vacuus vacuum vacuum An appliance.
Classical form: wackew (ƿackeƿ).
vagabund fagabund vagābundus vagābundum vagabond Classical form: wagabund (ƿagabund).
vague fage vagus vagum vague Classical form: wague (ƿage).
valent falent valēns valentem valent Classical form: walent (ƿalent).
valenty falentig valentia valentiam valence Classical form: walenty (ƿalentig).
vall fall vallēs vallem valley Classical form: wall (ƿall).
vall fall vallum vallum wall Classical form: wall (ƿall).
Might just blend with the native term.
vampyr fampir vampȳrus vampȳrum vampire A fantasy creature.
Classical form: wampur (ƿampur).
vapid fapid vapidus vapidum vapid Can also be spelled: vappy (fappig), from a vulgar spelling.
vapor fapor vapor vapōrem vapor Can also be spelled: vaper (faper).
van fan vannus vannum fan Classical form: wan (ƿan).
varietat farietat varietās varietātem variety Classical form: warietat (ƿarietat).
vary farig varius varium various Classical form: wary (ƿarig).
vayin fagin vāgīna vāgīnam vagina A bodypart.
Anglish IPA: /ˈfeɪjɪn/.
Classical form: wageen (ƿageen, /ˈwɑːgiːn/).
vayinell faginell vāgīnella vāgīnellam vanilla New Latin, reconstructed from Spanish ‘vainilla’.
Classical form: waginell (ƿagginell, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
vehicle fehickull vehiculum vehiculum vehicle Classical form: wehickle (ƿehickull).
vent fent ventus ventum vent Classical form: went (ƿent).
vexill fexill vēxillum vēxillum flag Classical form: wexill (ƿexill).
vexilloloyie fexillologie vēxillologia vēxillologiam vexillology Classical form: wexillology (ƿexillologgig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
veyetable fegetabill vegetābilis vegetābilem vegetable Classical form: wegetable (ƿeggetabill, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
veyetation fegetation vegetātiō vegetātiōnem vegetation Classical form: wegetation (ƿeggetation, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
viddy fiddig videō videō video Classical form: widdy (ƿiddig).
vigor figor vigor vigōrem vigor Classical form: wigor (ƿigor).
vigorose figorose vigorōsus vigōrōsum vigorous Classical form: wigorose (ƿigorose).
vill fill vīlla vīlla villa Classical form: will (ƿill).
villan fillan vīllānus vīllānum villain Classical form: willan (ƿillan).
See also: herow.
villanose fillanose vīllānōsus vīllānōsum villainous Classical form: willanose (ƿillanose).
See also: heroic.
villar fillar vīllāris vīllārem villa-y Classical form: willar (ƿillar).
villatic fillatick vīllāticus vīllāticum village Classical form: willatic (ƿillatick).
vin fin vīnum vīnum wine Classical form: win (ƿin).
vinacher finacer vīnum ācer vīnum ācrem vinegar Classical form: winacker (ƿinacker).
vinary finarig vīnārium vīnārium winery Classical form: winary (ƿinarig).
vinchent fincent vincēns vincentem winning Classical form: winkent (ƿinkent).
vindic findick vindica vindicam venge Classical form: windic (ƿindick).
vindicat findicat vindicātus vindicātum vindicate Classical form: windicat (ƿindicat).
vindicator findicator vindicātor vindicātōrem vindicator Classical form: windicator (ƿindicator).
vinnegh finneg vīnea vīneam vine Classical form: winnegh (ƿinnegh).
vipper fipper vīpera vīperam viper Classical form: wipper (ƿipper).
viryin virgin virgō virginem virgin Classical form: wergin (ƿerggin, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
vise fis vīsus vīsum sight Classical form: wiss (ƿis).
visible visibill vīsibilis vīsibilem visible Classical form: wisible (ƿisibill).
vision fision vīsiō vīsiōnem vision Classical form: wision (ƿision).
visionary fisionarig vīsiōnārius vīsiōnārium visionary Classical form: wisionary (ƿisionarig).
visor fisor vīsor vīsōrem visor Classical form: wisor (ƿisor).
visual fisuall vīsuālis vīsuālem visual Classical form: wisual (ƿisuall).
viryinitat virginitat virginitās virginitātem virginity Classical form: wergin (ƿerggin, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
vel fell vēlum vēlum cloth Classical form: wel (ƿel).
verague ferage vērāgus vērāgum very Classical form: werague (ƿerage).
veratch ferac vērāx vērācem truthful Classical form: werack (ƿerack).
verb ferb verbus verbum verb Classical form: werb (ƿerb).
verbal ferball verbālis verbālem verbal Classical form: werbal (ƿerbal).
vere fere vērus vērum true Classical form: were (ƿere).
verm ferm vermis vermem worm An animal.
Classical form: werm (ƿerm).
Might just blend with the native term.
vermin fermin verminum verminum vermin An animal.
Classical form: wermin (ƿermin).
Considering the above entry, this might become wormin (ƿormin).
verse fers vērsus vērsum versus Classical form: werse (ƿers).
viastrat fiastrat via strāta via strātam street Classical form: wiastrat (ƿiastrat).
Can be shortened to: strat.
viatic fiatick viāticum viāticum voyage Classical form: wiatic (ƿiatick).
viderator fiderator vidērātor vidērātōrem voyeur Classical form: widerator (ƿiderator).
vic fick vīcus vīcum wich Classical form: wic (ƿick).
vichingue ficinge vīcingus vīcingum viking Medieval Latin.
Classical form: weekingue (ƿeekinge).
victim fictim victima victimam victim Classical form: wictim (ƿictim).
victor fictor victor victōrem victor Classical form: wictor (ƿictor).
victoriose fictoriose victōriōsus victōriōsum victorious Classical form: wictoriose (ƿictoriose).
victory fictorig victōria victōriam victory Classical form: wictory (ƿictorig).
virid firid viridis viridem green A color. Classical form: werid (ƿerid).
voluptose foluptose voluptuōsus voluptuōsum voluptuous Classical form: woluptose (ƿoluptose).
vocable focabul vocābulum vocābulum word Classical form: wocable (ƿocabul).
vocabulary focabularig vocābulārium vocābulārium vocabulary Classical form: wocabulary (ƿocabularig).
vocal focall vōcālis vōcālem vocal Classical form: wocal (ƿocall).
voch foc vōx vōcem voice Classical form: wock (ƿock).
vulcan fulcan vulcānus vulcānum volcano Classical form: wulcan (ƿulcan).
vulgar fulgar vulgāris vulgārem vulgar Classical form: wulgar (ƿulgar).
vulgue fulge vulgus vulgum crowd Classical form: wulgue (ƿulge).
vulp fulp vulpēs vulpem fox An animal.
Classical form: wulp (ƿulp).
vulture fulture vultur vulturem vulture An animal.
Can also be spelled: vultury (fulturig), from alternate ‘vulturius’ form.
Classical form: wulture (ƿulture).
xylophone xilofone xylophōna xylophōnam xylophone New Latin. Anglish IPA: /ˈksi.lo.fon/.
Classical form: xulopone (/ˈksy.lo.fon/).
yanitor geanitor iānitor iānitōrem janitor Can also be spelled: yenator (genator), from a vulgar spelling.
yanitorial geanitoriall iānitōriālis iānitōriālem janitorial Can also be spelled: yenitorial (genitorial), from a vulgar spelling.
yeck geck equus equum horse An animal.
Classical form: geck (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
See also: caball.
yelose gelose iēlōsus iēlōsum jealous New Latin. Variant of ‘zealous’.
See also: zelose.
yemin gemin geminus geminum twin Classical form: gemin (/ˈgɛmɪn/).
yen gen genus genum genus Classical form: gen (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yener gener genus generem gender Classical form: gener (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yenerator generator generātor generātōrem generator An appliance.
Classical form: generator (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yeneral generall generālis generālem general Classical form: general (generall, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yeneric generick generālicus generālicum generic Classical form: generic (generick, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yenerose generose generōsus generōsum generous Classical form: generose (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yeness geness genesis genesem genesis Classical form: geness (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yenit genit genitus genitum engendered Classical form: genit (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yenital genitall genitālis genitālem genital Classical form: genital (genitall, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yenitaly genitalig genitālia genitāliam genitalia Classical form: genitaly (genitalig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yeography geografig geōgraphia geōgraphiam geography Classical form: geograppy (geograppig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yeometry geometrig geōmetria geōmetriam geometry Anglish IPA: /ˈjiːoʊmɪtri/.
Classical form: geometry (geometrig, /ˈgeɪoʊmɛtri/).
yerman german germānus germānum german Classical form: german (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yermany germanig germānium germānium germanium A chemical element.
Classical form: germany (germanig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yerund gerund gerundus gerundum gerund Classical form: gerund (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yerophany gerofanig hierōpania hierōphaniam hierophany Classical form: hearopany (hearopanig).
See also: epiphany, theophany.
yest gest gestus gestus jest Classical form: gest (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yestary gestarig gestārius gestārium jester Classical form: gestary (gestarig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yewphory geƿforig euphoria euphoriam euphoria Classical form: aioopory (aioodporig).
See also: dysphory.
yewthanasy geƿðanasig euthanasia euthanasiam euthanasia Classical form: aiootanasy (aiootanasig).
yib gib gibus gibum gibus Classical form: gib (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yigant gigant gigās gigantem giant Classical form: gigant (giggant, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yigantic gigantick giganticus giganticum gigantic Classical form: gigantic (giggantic, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yimmic gimmick gimmica gimmicum gimmick New Latin.
Classical form: gimmic (gimmick, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yimnassy gimnassig gymnasium gymnasium gymnasium A building. Classical form: gumnassy (gumnassig).
yimnastic gimnastick gymnasticus gymnasticum gymnastic Classical form: gumnastic (gumnastick).
yinge ginge iynx iyngem jynx Classical form: ginge (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
yoke geoke iocus iocum joke
youce geuse iūs iūs juice Classical form: yooce (geuse).
youcund geucund iūcundus iūcundum jocund Classical form: yoocund (geucund).
youditch geudic iūdex iūdicem judge Classical form: yoodick (geudick).
youngle geungull iūngula iūngulam jungle A biome. New Latin.
Classical form: yoongle (geungull).
younct geunct iūnctus iūnctum joint Classical form: yoonct (geunct).
Can also be spelled: yount (geunt), from a vulgar spelling.
younction geunct iūnctiō iūnctiōnem junction Classical form: yoonction (geunction).
Can also be spelled: yountion (geuntion), from a vulgar spelling.
youst geust iūstus iūstum just Classical form: yoost (geust).
youstity geustitig iūstitia iūstitiam justice Classical form: yoostity (geustitig).
yugle geugull iugulum iugulum collarbone A bodypart.
yugular geugular iugulāris iugulārem jugular
yugue geuge iugum iugum yoke
zel sell zēlus zēlum zeal
zelose selose zēlōsus zēlōsum zealous See also: yelose.
zelote selote zēlōta zēlōtam zealot
zodiac sodiack zōdiacus zōdiacum zodiac Classical form: zoudiak (sudiak, /ˈzoʊdiːɑk/).


Instead of words, this list holds many different given names, from different Roman praenomen, nomen, and cogonem.

English Anglish Gender Nominative Accusative Kin Background
Aaron Aron Aharōn Aharōnem Aaron A biblical name.
Classical form: Aharon.
Abel Abel Abēlus Abēlum Abel A biblical name.Can also be spelled: Habel, from alternate ‘Habēlus’ form.
Abram Abram Abrāhāmus Abrāhāmum Abraham A biblical name.
Classical form: Abraham.
Adam Adam Ādāmus Ādāmum Adam A biblical name.
Can also be spelled: Addam, from alternate ‘Āddāmus’ form.
See also: Eve.
Agrip Agrip Agrippa Agrippam Agrippa A Roman praenomen.
Said like the phrase ‘get a grip’.
Agrippin Agrippin Agrippīnus, Agrippīna Agrippīnum, Agrippīnam Agrippa A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Agrippeen.
Alban Alban Albānus Albānum Albano
Alex Alex Alexus, Alexa Alexum, Alexam Alex A shortening of ‘Alexander’. See also: Ander.
Alexander Alexander Alexander, Alexandra Alexandrum, Alexandrum Alexander
Alexandry Alexandrig Alexandrius, Alexandria Alexandrium, Alexandriam Alexandria
Alexid Alexid Alexis Alexidem Alexis Originally a masculine name in Latin, but English ‘Alexis’ is neuter, so this can be, too.
Alexy Alexig Alexius, Alexia Alexium, Alexiam Alexie
Amand Amand Amanda Amandam Amanda Anglish IPA: /ˈeɪmænd/.
Americ Americk Americus Americum Amerigo Anglish IPA: /ˈæmərɪk/.
Classical form: Amaireek (/ˈɑːmeɪrik/).
Amethyst Ameðist Amethysta Amethystam Amethyst Classical form: Ametust.
Anastasy Anastasig Anastasius, Anastasia Anastasium, Anastasiam Anastasia Can also be spelled: Nastasy (Nastasig), from a vulgar spelling.
Ander Ander Ander, Andra Andrum, Andram Ander A shortening of ‘Alexander’. See also: Ander, Sander.
Andrey Andreg Andrēās Andrēām Andrew Classical form: Andriah.
Andry Andrig Andrīa Andrīam Andrea
Angelic Angelick Angelicus, Angelica Angelicum, Angelicam Angelica Anglish IPA: /ˈænd͡ʒəlɪk/.
Classical IPA: /ˈæŋɡɛlɪk/.
Ann Ann Anna Annam Ann See also: Hannah.
Antony Antonig Antōnius Antōnium Anthony The variant Anthony shows an unetymological connection to Greek ‘ᾰ̓́νθος’ (‘ánthos’).
Classical form: Antouny (Antunig, /ˈɑːntoʊni/).
Appy Appig Appius, Appia Appium, Appiam Appius A Roman praenomen.
Apollin Apollin Apollō Apollinem Apollo Can also be spelled: Apollon, from an alternate accusative spelling.
Apollony Apollonig Apollōnia Apollōniam Apollonia
April Aprill Aprīlis Aprīlem April
Athanasy Aðanasig Athanasius, Athanasia Athanasium, Athanasiam Anastasia Can also be spelled: Tanasy (Tanasig), from a vulgar spelling.
Atlant Atlant Ātlās Ātlantem Atlas
August August Augustus, Augusta Augustum, Augustam August Anglish IPA: /ˈɔːɡəst/.
Classical form: Ougust (Ugust, /ˈaʊgʊst/).
Augustian Augustian Augustiānus, Augustiāna Augustiānum, Augustiānam Augustian Classical form: Ougustian (Ugustian).
Augustin Augustin Augustīnus, Augustīna Augustīnum, Augustīnam Augustine Anglish IPA: /ˈɔːɡəstɪn/.
Classical form: Ougusteen (Ugusteen, /ˈaʊgʊstiːn/).
Augusty Augustig Augustius, Augustia Augustium, Augustiam Augustia Classical form: Ougusty (Ugustig).
Aul Aull Aulus, Aula Aulum, Aula Aulus A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Oul (Ule).
Ayatch Ageac Aiāx Aiācem Ajax Classical form: Ayack (Ageack).
Avallon Afallon Avallō Avallōnem Avalon Classical form: Awallon (Aƿallon).
Barbar Barbar Barbara Barbara Barbra
Bartholomey Barðolomeg Bartholomaeus Bartholomaeum Bartholomew A biblical name.
Classical form: Bartolomay (Bartolomag).
Basil Basil Basilus, Basila Basilum Basil Can also be spelled: Basle (Basil).
Basilly Basillig Basilius, Basilia Basilium, Basiliam Basilius
Benedict Benedict Benedictus Benedictum Benedict
Benyamin Bengeamin Beniāmīnus Beniāmīnum Benjamin A biblical name.
Classical form: Beniamin.
Bethany Beðanig Bēthania Bēthaniam Bethany Classical form: Bettany (Bettanig).
Blank Blank Blanca Blanam Bianca
Brout Brute Brūtus Brūtum Brutus Classical form: Broot (Brute).
Cadden Cadden Cadenus Cadenum Caden New Latin, made up for the poem Cadenus and Vanessa (1726). See also: Vaness.
Carol Caroll Carolus, Carola Carolum, Carolam Carl Can also be spelled: Carl, from a vulgar spelling.
Carolin Carolin Carolīnus, Carolīna Carolīnum, Carolīnam Caroline Classical form: Caroleen.
Can also be spelled: Carlin, from a vulgar spelling.
Carols Carolls Carolī, Carolae Carolōs, Carolās Charles Can also be spelled: Carls, from a vulgar spelling.
Cassy Cassig Cassius, Cassia Cassium, Cassiam Cassy
Caster Caster Castrus Castrum Chester
Cassander Cassander Cassāndrus, Cassāndra Cassāndrum, Cassāndram Cassandra
Caton Caton Catō Catōnem Cato
Cheasar Ceasar Caesar Caesarem Caesar Anglish IPA: /ˈt͡ʃiːzər/.
Classical form: Kisar ( /ˈkaɪsɑːr/).
Chechil Cecill Caecilus, Caecila Caecilum, Caecilam Cecil Classical form: Cackil (Cackill).
Chechily Cecilig Caecilius, Caecilia Caecilium, Caeciliam Cecilius Classical form: Cackily (Cackilig).
Chellest Cellest Caelestus, Caelesta Caelestum, Caelesta Celeste Classical form: Kallest.
Chellestin Cellestin Caelestīnus, Caelestīna Caelestīnum, Caelestīnam Celestine Classical form: Kallesteen.
Chellesty Cellestig Caelestius, Caelestia Caelestium, Caelestiam Celestia Classical form: Kallesty (Kallestig).
Chesle Cesull Caesula Caesulam Caesula A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Casle (Casul).
Cheson Ceson Caesō Caesōnem Caeso A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Cason.
Chicheron Ciceron Cicerō Cicerōnem Cicero Anglish IPA: /ˈt͡ʃɪt͡ʃɛroʊn/.
Classical form: Kickeron (/ˈkɪkɛroʊn/).
Chris Chris Chrīsus Chrīsum Chris The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Kris.
Christian Christian Chrīstiānus, Chrīstiāna Chrīstiānum, Chrīstiānam Christian The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Kristian.
Christin Christin Chrīstīnus, Chrīstīna Chrīstīnum, Chrīstīnam Christine The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Kristeen.
Christopher Christofer Chrīstophorus Chrīstophorum Christopher The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Kristoper.
Chylinder Cilinder Cȳlindrus Cȳlindrum Cylindrus Classical form: Culinder.
Chyre Cire Cȳrus Cȳrum Cyrus Classical form: Cure.
Chyrill Cirill Cȳrillus Cȳrillum Cyril Classical form: Curill.
Clare Clare Clara Claram Clara
Clarenty Clarentig Clarentius Clarentium Clarence
Clariss Clariss Clarissa Clarissm Clarissa
Clement Clement Clēmens Clēmentem Clement
Clementin Clementin Clēmentīnus, Clēmentīna Clēmentīnum, Clēmentīnam Clementine Classical form: Clementeen.
Clowey Cloƿeg Chlōē Chlōē Chloë Classical form: Klowey (Kloƿeg).
Collin Collin Collīnus, Collīna Collīnum, Collīnam Collin Classical form: Colleen.
Not to be confused with the manly name of the same shape, which comes from a nickname of ‘Nicholas’.
Constanty Constantig Cōnstantius, Cōnstantia Cōnstantius, Cōnstantia Constance Can also be spelled: Costanty (Costantig), from a vulgar spelling.
Constantin Constantin Cōnstantīnus, Cōnstantīna Cōnstantīnum, Cōnstantīnam Constantine Classical form: Constanteen.
Can also be spelled: Costantin, from a vulgar spelling.
Corallin Corallin Corallīna Corallīnam Coraline Classical form: Coralleen.
Cornely Cornelig Cornēlius Cornēlium Cornelius Can also be spelled: Cornelly (Cornellig), in likeness to the name Nelly.
Crystal Cristall Crystalla Crystallam Crystal Classical form: Crustal (Crustall).
Curt Curt Curtis Curtem Curtis
Damian Damian Damiānus, Damiāna Damiānum, Damiānam Damian
Damon Damon Damō Damōnem Damon
Daniel Daniell Dānihēl Dānihēlem Daniel A biblical name.
Classical form: Danihel (Danihell).
Debber Debber Debra Debram Debra A biblical name. From a variant of ‘Deborās’.
Deborah Deborah Deborās Deborān Deborah A biblical name.
Dechim Decim Decimus, Decima Decimum, Decima Decimus A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Dekim.
Delilah Delilah Delīlās Delīlān Delilah A biblical name.
Demetry Demetrig Dēmētrius Dēmētrium Dmitry
Dexter Dexter Dexter Dextrum Dexter Not to be confused with the womanly name of the same shape, which comes from a variant of ‘Dyster’.
Dian Dian Diāna Diānam Diana
Dionys Dionis Dionȳsus, Dionȳsa Dionȳsum, Dionȳsam Dionysus Classical form: Dionus.
Dionysy Dionisig Dionȳsius, Dionȳsia Dionȳsium, Dionȳsiam Dennis Classical form: Dionusy (Dionusig).
Dominic Dominick Dominicus, Dominica Dominicum, Dominica Dominic
Ebbenazzer Ebbenasser Ebenahaezer Ebenahaezerem Ebenezer A biblical name. Can also be spelled: Ebbenezzer (Ebbenesser).
Classical form: Ebbenahazzer (Ebbenahasser).
Ecaterin Ecaterin Ecaterīna Ecaterīnam Catherine Classical form: Ecatereen.
Can also be spelled: Caterin, from a vulgar spelling.
Eliah Eliah Ēliās Ēliān Elijah A biblical name.
Can be shortened to: Ely (Elig).
Elisabeth Elisabeð Elisabētha Elisabētham Elizabeth A biblical name.
Can also be spelled: Lisabet, from a vulgar spelling.
Ell Ell Ēllis Ēllem Ellis From a variant of ‘Ēliās’. See also: Eliah.
Emily Emilig Aemilius, Aemilia Aemilium, Aemiliam Emile Classical form: Amily (Amilig).
Emilian Emilian Aemiliānus, Aemiliāna Aemiliānum, Aemiliānam Emile Classical form: Amilian (Amilian).
Emanoul Emanull Emmanūēl Emmanūēl Manuel A biblical name.
Classical form: Emanule.
Can also be spelled: Manel (Manell), from a vulgar spelling.
Ethan Eðan Ēthan Ēthānem Ethan A biblical name.
Classical form: Etan.
Eve Ef Ēva Ēvam Eve A biblical name.
Classical form: Ewe (Eƿe).
See also: Eve.
Faust Faust Faustus, Fausta Faustum, Faustam Faustus A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Foust (Fust).
Felich Felic Fēlīx Fēlīcem Felix Classical form: Felick.
Felichy Felicig Fēlīcia Fēlīciam Felicia Classical form: Felicky (Felickig).
Fidouchy Fiducig Fīdūcia Fīdūciam Faith Classical form: Fidukey (Fidukeg).
Flavy Flafig Flāvius, Flāvia Flāvium, Flāviam Flavius Classical form: Flawy (Flaƿig).
Franch Franc Francis Francem Francis Classical form: Frank.
Frank Frank Francus Francum Frank
Franklin Franklin Franclīnus, Franclīna Franclīnum, Franclīnam Franklin Classical form: Frankleen.
Franchisc Francisk Franciscus Franciscum Francisco Classical form: Frankisc (Frankisk).
Gabrel Gabrell Gabriēl Gabriēlem Gabriel
Gaudy Gaudig Gaudia Gaudiam Joy Classical form: Goudy (Gudig).
Glory Glorig Glōria Glōriam Gloria
Gratty Grattig Grātia Grātiam Grace
Gregory Gregorig Grēgorius Grēgorium Gregory
Hadry Hadrig Hadria Hadriam Adria
Hadrian Hadrian Hadriānus, Hadriāna Hadriānum, Hadriānam Adrian
Hannah Hannah Hannās Hannān Hannah From a variant of ‘Anna’. See also: Ann.
Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal Hannibalem Hannibal
Hector Hector Hectōr Hectōrem Hector
Hellady Helladig Helladius Helladium Eladio
Hellen Hellen Hellēn Hellēnem Hellen
Hercle Hercull Herculēs Herculem Heracles
Hermeh Hermeh Hermēs Hermēn Hermes Can be shortened to: Herm.
Hezechiah Hesechiah Hezechīās Hezechīān Hezekiah A biblical name. The second ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Hezekiah (Hesekiah).
Can also be spelled: Zechiah (Sechiah), from a vulgar spelling.
Hilary Hilarig Hilārius, Hilāria Hilārium, Hilāriam Hillary
Horatty Horattig Horātius Horātium Horace
Host Host Hostus, Hosta Hostum, Hostam Hostus A Roman praenomen.
Isabell Isabell Isabella Isabellm Isabella A variant of ‘Elisabeth’.
Iniatty Iniattig Ignātius Ignātium Ignacio Classical form: Ignatty (Ignattig).
Laurenty Laurentig Laurentius Laurentium Laurence Classical form: Lourenty (Lurentig).
Lazar Lasar Lāzārus Lāzārum Lazarus A biblical name.
Leon Leon Leō Leōnem Leon
Libert Libert Lībertus, Līberta Lībertum, Lībertam Freeman The ending -bert is likely to blend in with unrelated native suffix.
Classical form: Leebert.
Lilith Lilið Līlītha Līlītham Lilith A biblical name.
Classical form: Lilit.
Livy Lifig Līvius, Līvia Līvium, Līviam Livy Classical form: Liwy (Liƿig).
Loric Lorick Lōrīcus, Lōrīca Lōrīcum, Lōrīcam Lorica Can contract to: Lork.
Louc Luke Lūcus Lūcum Luke Classical form: Looc (Luke).
Loucah Lucah Lūcās Lūcān Lucas Classical form: Loocah (Lucah).
Louchy Lucig Lūcius, Lūcia Lūcium, Lūciam Lucy A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Looky (Lukig).
Lousitan Lusitan Lūsītānus, Lūsītāna Lūsītānum, Lūsītānam Lusitanus Classical form: Loositan (Lusitan).
Mabberic Mabberick Maberīcus Maberīcum Maverick
Moamet Moamet Mahomētus Mahomētum Muhammad Classical form: Mahomet.
Can also be spelled: Macomet, from alternate ‘Machomētus’ form.
Magdal Magdall Magdala Magdalam Magdala ‘Magdalene’ derives from this name.
Can also be spelled: Madal (Madall), from a vulgar spelling.
Magdalen Magdalen Magdalēna Magdalēnam Magdalene Can also be spelled: Madalen, from a vulgar spelling.
Magdalin Magdalin Magdalīnus, Magdalīna Magdalīnum, Magdalīnam Madeline From a variant of ‘Magdalēna’.
Classical form: Magdaleen.
Can also be spelled: Madalin, from a vulgar spelling.
Mammerk Mammerk Māmercus, Māmerca Māmercum, Māmercam Mamercus A Roman praenomen.
Many Manig Mānius, Mānia Mānium, Māniam Manius A Roman praenomen.
Marchell Marcell Mārcellus Mārcellum Marcel Classical form: Markell.
Marchellin Marcellin Mārcellīnus, Mārcellīna Mārcellīnum, Mārcellīnam Marceline Classical form: Markelleen.
Marchy Marcig Mārcius, Mārcia Mārcium, Mārciam Marcia A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Marky (Markig).
Mardochay Mardochag Mardochaeus Mardochaeum Mordecai A biblical name. The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Mardokay (Mardokag).
Margarit Margarit Margarita Margaritam Margaret
Mark Mark Marcus Marcum Mark
Marth Marð Martha Martham Martha A biblical name.
Classical form: Mart.
Martin Martin Martīnus, Martīna Martīnum, Martīnum Martin Classical form: Marteen.
Mary Marig Marīa Marīam Mary A biblical name.
Classical form: Marey (Mareg).
Mathaniah Maðaniah Matthanīās Matthanīān Mattaniah A biblical name. From a variant of ‘Matthiās’.
Classical form: Mattaniah.
Mathey Maðeg Matthaeus Matthaeum Matthew A biblical name.
Classical form: Mattay (Mattag).
Mathiah Maðiah Matthiās Matthiān Matthias A biblical name. From a variant of ‘Matthiās’.
Classical form: Mattiah.
See also: Matthew.
Matric Matrick Matricus, Matrica Matricum, Matricam Matrick New Latin. This name means ‘motherly’, a counterpart to the name its derived from, ‘Patricus’, which means ‘fatherly’.
See also: Patric.
Mattathiah Mattaðiah Mattathiās Mattathiān Mattathias A biblical name. From a variant of ‘Matthiās’.
Classical form: Mattaniah.
See also: Matthew.
Max Max Maxus Maxum Max New Latin, from a shortening of names like Maximilian.
Maxim Maxim Maximus Maximum Maximus
Maximil Maximill Maximilus Maximilus Maxilmil
Maximilian Maximilian Maximiliānus, Maximiliāna Maximiliānum, Maximiliānam Maximilian
May Mag Maia Maiam May
Mayon Mageon Maiō Maiōnem Maio A Roman praenomen.
Melody Melodig Melōdia Melōdiam Melody
Metty Mettig Mettius, Mettia Mettium, Mettiam Mettius A Roman praenomen.
Mical Micall Michāhēl Michāhēlem Michael A biblical name.
Classical form: Micahel (Micahell).
Minon Minon Minō Minōnem Mino A Roman praenomen.
Mirand Mirand Miranda Mirandam Mīranda New Latin.
Moseh Moseh Mōsēs Mōsēn Moses A biblical name. Can be shortened to: Mose.
Monic Monick Monicus, Monica Monicum, Monicam Monika
Morcanth Morcanð Morcanthus, Morcantha Morcanthum, Morcantham Morgan New Latin. Calque.
Classical form: Morcant.
Narchiss Narciss Narcissus Narcissum Narciss
Nataly Natalig Nātālia Nātāliam Natalie
Nathan Naðan Nāthan Nāthānem Nathan A biblical name.
Classical form: Natan.
Nathanel Naðanell Nathanahēl Nathanahēlem Nathaniel A biblical name. The spelling Nathaniel is a variant influenced by ‘Daniel’.
Classical form: Natanahel (Natanahell).
Neron Neron Nerō Nerōnem Nero
None None Nōnus, Nōna Nōnum, Nōnam Nonus A Roman praenomen. Anglish IPA: /noʊn/.
Niey Nieg Gnaeus, Gnaea Gnaeum, Gnaeam Gnaeus Classical form: Gnay (Gnag).
Nicollow Nicollue Nīcolāus Nīcolāum Nicholas Anglish IPA: /ˈnɪk.ə.laʊ/.
Classical form: Nicolah.
Nowey Noƿeg Nōē Nōē Noah
Nummery Nummerig Numerius, Numeria Numerium, Numeriam Numerius A Roman praenomen.
Octavy Octaffig Octāvius, Octāvia Octāvium, Octāviam Octavius A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Octawy (Octaƿig).
Olive Olif Olīva Olīvam Olive Classical form: Oleew (Oleeƿ)
Olivy Olifig Olīvia Olīviam Olivia Classical form: Oleewy (Oleeƿig)
Ophely Ofelig Ophelia Opheliam Ophelia New Latin.
Classical form: Opely (Opelig).
Can also be spelled: Ophelley ('Ofelleg) / Opelley (Opelleg), from alternate ‘Opheleia’ form.
Opitter Opitter Opīter Opītrum Opiter A Roman praenomen.
Othon Oðon Othō Othōnem Otho Classical form: Otton.
Ozymandiah Osimandiah Ozymandias Ozymandiān Ozymandias Can be shortened to: Ozymandy (Osimandig).
Classical form: Ozumandiah (Osumandiah).
Patric Patrick Patricus, Patrica Patricum, Patricam Patrick See also: Matric.
Patrichy Patricig Patricius, Patricia Patricium, Patriciam Paddy Classical form: Patricky (Patrickig).
See also: Plebbey.
Paul Paull Paulus, Paula Paulum, Paula Paul Classical form: Poul (Pule).
Paull Paull Paullus, Paulla Paullum, Paullam Paullus A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Poull (Pule).
Penelope Penelope Pēnelopa Pēnelopam Penelope Anglish IPA: /ˈpɛ.nɛlop/.
Can also be spelled: Penelopey (Penelopeg), from alternate ‘Pēnelopē’ form.
Pericle Pericull Perīclēs Perīclem Pericles
Persic Persick Persicus, Persica Persicum, Persicam Peach Can also be spelled: Pessic (Pessick, from a vulgar spelling), Pesk (from a medieval spelling).
Persy Persig Persius Persium Percy
Pertinatch Pertinac Pertināx Pertinācem Pertinax Classical form: Pertinack.
Petter Petter Petrus, Petra Petrum, Petram Peter ‘Peter’ is from an Old English borrowing, while this stands as a modern one.
Philip Filip Philippus Philippum Philip Classical form: Pilip.
Phinneah Finneah Phīnehas Phīnehan Phineas A biblical name. From a variant of ‘Phīneus’.
Can be shortened to: Phinny (Finnig).
Classical form: Pinnehah.
Phinny Finnig Phīneus Phīneum Phineus A biblical name.
Classical form: Pinnegh (Pinneg).
Phyllid Fillid Phyllis Phyllidem Phyllis Classical form: Pullid.
Platon Platon Platō Platōnem Plato
Plebbey Plebbeg Plēbēius, Plēbēia Plēbēium, Plēbēiam Plebby See also: Patrichy.
Ploutarch Plutarch Plūtarchus Plūtarchum Plutarch The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Plootark (Plutark).
Postum Postum Postumus, Postuma Postumum, Postumam Postumus A Roman praenomen.
Poubly Publig Pūblius, Pūblia Pūblium, Pūbliam Publius A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Poobly (Publig).
Prim Prim Prīma Prīmam Prima A Roman praenomen.
Procle Procull Proculus, Procula Proculum, Procula Proculus A Roman praenomen.
Quart Cƿart Quārta Quārtam Quarta A Roman praenomen.
Quint Cƿint Quīntus, Quīnta Quīntum, Quīntam Quint A Roman praenomen.
Quintin Cƿintin Quīntīnus, Quīntīna Quīntīnum, Quīntīnam Quinton A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Quinteen (Cƿinteen).
Rebeck Rebeck Rebecca Rebeccam Rebecca
Roman Roman Rōmānus, Rōmāna Rōmānum, Rōmāna Roman
Romey Romeg Rōmaeus Rōmaeum Romeo Classical form: Romay (Romag).
See also: Youliet.
Rotchell Rocell Roccella Roccellam Rochelle Classical form: Rockell.
Rouf Rufe Rūfus Rūfum Rufus Classical form: Roof (Rufe, though might blend with native ‘roof’ which is unrelated).
Samanth Samanð Samāntha Samāntham Samantha Classical form: Samant.
Samoul Samull Samūēl Samūēllem Samuel A biblical name.
Classical form: Samule.
Sander Sander Sander, Sandra Sandrum, Sandram Xander A shortening of ‘Alexander’. See also: Ander.
Sapid Sapid Sapidus, Sapida Sapidum, Sapidam Sage Can also be spelled: Sappy (Sappig), from a vulgar spelling.
Sapphir Sapfir Sapphīra Sapphīram Sapphire Classical form: Sappeer.
Sapphon Sapfon Sapphō Sapphōnem Sappho Classical form: Sappon.
Sarah Sarah Sārās Sārān Sarah A biblical name.
Saul Saull Saūlus Saūlem Saul A biblical name.
Classical form: Soul (Sule).
Scott Skott Scōttus Scōttum Scott Can also be spelled: Scot, from alternate ‘Scōtus’ form.
Sebast Sebast Sebastus, Sebasta Sebastum, Sebastam Sebaste
Sebastian Sebastian Sebastiānus, Sebastiāna Sebastiānum, Sebastiānam Sebastian
Sebastin Sebastin Sebastīnus, Sebastīna Sebastīnum, Sebastīnam Sebastine Classical form: Sebasteen.
Sebasty Sebastig Sebastius, Sebastia Sebastium, Sebastiam Sebastia
Secund Secund Secunda Secundam Secunda A Roman praenomen.
Septim Septim Septimus, Septima Septimum, Septimam Septimus A Roman praenomen.
Sertor Sertor Sertōr Sertōrem Sertor A Roman praenomen.
Servy Serfig Servius, Servia Servium, Serviam Servius A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Serwy (Serƿig).
Seth Seð Sethus Sethum Seth A biblical name.
Classical form: Set.
Sext Sext Sextus, Sexta Sextum, Sexta Sexta A Roman praenomen.
Sextily Sextilig Sextīlius, Sextīlia Sextīlium, Sextīliam Sextilius
Shippion Scippion Scīpiō Scīpiōnem Scipio Classical form: Skippion.
Simmon Simmon Simon Simōnem Simon A biblical name.
See also: Symmion.
Sonic Sonick Sonicus, Sonica Sonicum, Sonicam Sonic
Spartac Spartack Spartacus Spartacum Spartacus Can also be spelled: Sparadoc (Sparadock), from alternate ‘Sparadocus’ form.
Speranty Sperantig Spērantia Spērantiam Hope
Spury Spurig Spurius, Spuria Spurium, Spuriam Spurius A Roman praenomen.
Statty Stattig Stātius, Stātia Stātium, Stātiam Statius A Roman praenomen.
Stell Stell Stēlla Stēllam Stella
Stephan Stefan Stephanus Stephanum Steven Classical form: Stepan.
Strephon Strefon Strephō Strephōnem Strephon Classical form: Strepon.
Susan Susan Susanna Susannam Susan A biblical name.
Sylvester Silfester Sylvester Sylvestrem Sylvester Classical form: Sulwester (Sulƿester).
Can also be spelled: Silvester (Silfester), from a vulgar spelling.
Sylvy Silfig Sylvia Sylviam Silvia Classical form: Sulwy (Sulƿig).
Can also be spelled: Silvy (Silfig), from a vulgar spelling.
Syphil Sifil Syphilus Syphilum Syphilus Classical form: Supil.
Symmion Simmion Symeōn Symeōnem Simeon A biblical name.
Classical form: Summion.
See also: Simmon.
Tabith Tabið Tabitha Tabitham Tabitha A biblical name.
Tabitah Tabitah Tabitās Tabitān Tabitah From a variant of ‘Tabitha’.
Terty Tertig Tertia Tertiam Tertia A Roman praenomen.
Thaddey Þaddeg Thaddaeus Thaddaeum Thaddeus Classical form: Tadday (Taddag).
Theodore Þeodore Theodōrus, Theodōra Theodōrum, Theodōram Theodore Classical form: Teodore.
Theophany Þeofanig Theophania Theophaniam Tiffany Classical form: Teopany (Teopanig).
Therese Þerese Therēsa Therēsam Teresa Classical form: Terese.
Thomah Þomah Thōmās Thōmān Thomas A biblical name. Anglish IPA: /ˈθo.ma/.
Can be shortened to: Thom.
Classical form: Tomah (/ˈto.ma/), and this form can be shortened to Tom.
Tibbery Tibberig Tiberius, Tiberia Tiberium, Tiberiam Tiberius A Roman praenomen.
Timothy Timoðig Tīmotheus Tīmotheum Timothy A biblical name.
Classical form: Timottegh (Timotteg).
Titty Tittig Titia Titiam Titia A Roman praenomen.
Tobiah Tobiah Tobīās Tobīān Tobias A biblical name.
Can be shortened to: Toby (Tobig).
Tray Trag Trāius Trāium Traj
Trayan Tragan Trāiānus, Trāiāna Trāiānum, Trāiānam Trajan
Tychon Ticon Tychō Tychōnem Tycho The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Tukon.
Ulixey Ulixeg Ulixēs Ulixem Ulysses ‘Ulysses’ is a variant of this name.
Ulyssey Ulisseg Ulyssēs Ulyssem Ulysses Classical form: Ulussey (Ulusseg).
Urse Urse Ursa Ursam Ursa
Ursle Ursull Ursula Ursulam Ursala
Valentin Falentin Valentinus, Valentina Valentinum, Valentina Valentine Classical form: Walenteen (Ƿalenteen).
Vanness Fanness Vanessa Vanessam Vanessa New Latin, made up for the poem ‘Cadenus and Vanessa’ (1726).
Classical form: Wanness (Ƿanness).
See also: Cadden.
Veronic Feronick Veronīcus, Veronīca Veronīcum, Veronīcam Veronica Classical form: Weronic (Ƿeronick).
Veryily Fergilig Vergilius Vergilium Virgil Classical form: Wergily (Ƿergilig, /ˈwɛrgɪl/).
Vibby Fibbig Vibius, Vibia Vibium, Vibiam Vibius A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Wibby (Ƿibbig).
Victor Fictor Victor Victōrem Victor Classical form: Wictor (Ƿictor).
Victory Fictorig Victōria Victōriam Victoria Classical form: Wictory (Ƿictorig).
Vinchenty Fincentig Vincentius Vincentium Vincent Classical form: Winkenty (Ƿinkentig).
Vivian Fifian Vīviānus, Vīviāna Vīviānum, Vīviānm Vivian Classical form: Wiwian (Ƿiƿian).
Voless Foless Volesus, Volesa Volesum, Volesam Volesus A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Woless (Ƿoless).
Vopisc Fopisk Vopiscus, Vopisca Vopiscum, Vopiscam Volpiscus A Roman praenomen.
Classical form: Wopisc (Ƿopisk).
Yacobe Geacobe Iācōbus Iācōbum Jacob A biblical name.
Yacome Geacome Iācōmus Iācōmum James A biblical name. From a variant of ‘Iācōbus’.
Yared Geared Iaredus Iaredum Jared A biblical name.
Yason Geason Iāsōn Iāsōnem Jason A biblical name.
Yay Gag Gāius, Gāia Gāium, Gāiam Gaius
Yeremiah Geremiah Hierēmīās Hierēmīān Jeremiah Can be shortened to: Yeremy (Geremig), like the name ‘Jeremy’.
Classical form: Hearemiah.
Yeronym Geronim Hierōnymus Hierōnymum Jerome Classical form: Hearonum.
Yeoryie Georgie Geōrgius Geōrgium George Anglish IPA: /ˈjiːərji/.
Can also be spelled: Yoryie (Georgie), Yorry (Georrig), from vulgar spellings.
Classical form: Gaiorgy (Gaiorgig, /ˈgeɪɔrgi/).
Yess Gess Iēsūs Iēsum Jesus A biblical name.
Spelling changed to avoid being a homograph with yes.
Yessic Gessick Iessicus, Iessica Iessicum, Iessicam Jessica
Yessy Gessig Iesse Iessae Jesse
Yethron Geðron Iethrō Iethrōnem Jethro Classical form: Yetron (Getron).
Yewstatty Geƿstattig Eustatius Eustatium Eustace Classical form: Aioostatty (Aioostattig).
Yewyenny Geƿgennig Eugenius Eugenium Eugene Classical form: Aioogenny (Aioogennig, /ˈeɪuːgɛni/).
Yoan Geoan Iōhannis Iōhannem John A biblical name. A variant of ‘Iōhannēs’.
Originally a masculine name in Latin, but English ‘Joan’ is neuter, so this can be, too.
Classical form: Yohan (Geohan).
Yoanchim Geoanchim Iōhāchīmus Iōhāchīmum Joachim A bibilical name. The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Yohankim (Geohankim).
Yoancle Geoacull Iōhanculus Iōhanculum Juancho Classical form: Yohancle (Geohacull).
Yoanneh Geoanneh Iōhannēs Iōhannēn Johnny A biblical name.
Classical form: Yohanneh (Geohanneh).
Yonah Geonah Iōnās Iōnān Jonah A biblical name. Can be shortened to: Yon (Geon).
Yonathah Geonaðah Iōnāthās Iōnāthān Jonathan A biblical name. ‘Jonathan’ is a variant of this name.
Classical form: Yonatah (Geonatah).
Yonathan Geonaðan Iōnāthān Iōnāthānem Jonathan A biblical name. From a variant of ‘Iōnāthās’.
Classical form: Yonatan (Geonatan).
Yordan Geordan Iordanus Iordanum Jordan
Yosew Geoseƿ Iosūe Iosūam Joshua A biblical name.
Yoseph Geosef Iōsēphus Iōsēphum Joseph A biblical name.
Classical form: Yosep (Geosep).
Youdah Geudah Iūdās Iūdān Judas A biblical name.
Can be shortened to: Youd (Geud).
Classical form: Yoodah (Geudah).
Youlian Geulian Iūliānus, Iūliāna Iūliānum, Iūliāna Julian Classical form: Yoolian (Geulian).
Youliet Geuliet Iūliītta Iūliīttam Juliet Classical form: Yooleet (Geuleet).
See also: Romey.
Youly Geulig Iūlius, Iūlia Iūlium, Iūlia Julius, Julia Classical form: Yooly (Geulig).
Youny Geunig Iūnius, Iūnia Iūnium, Iūniam June Classical form: Yoony (Geunig).
Youstin Geustin Iūstīnus Iūstīnum Justin Classical form: Yoosteen (Geusteen).
Zachariah Sachariah Zacharīās Zacharīān Zachary A biblical name. The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Can be shortened to: Zachary (Sacharig), like the name ‘Zackary’.
Classical form: Zackariah (Sackariah).
Zedechiah Sedechiah Zedechīās Zedechīān Zedekiah A biblical name. The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Can be shortened to: Zedechy (Sedechig).
Classical form: Zedekiah (Sedekiah).
Zowey Soƿeg Zōē Zōē Zoey A biblical name.
Classical IPA: /ˈzoʊi/.

Other Proper Nouns[edit]

This list borrows other proper nouns, such as country names. Be careful with these ones.

English Anglish Nominative Accusative For Background
Affric Affrick Āfrica Āfricam Africa A continent.
Alb Alb Alba Albam Alba A country of old.
Albany Albanig Albānia Albāniam Albania A country.
Alexandry Alexandrig Alexandria Alexandriam Alexandria
Alyer Alger Algerum Algerum Algiers A city in Algeria.
Classical form: Alger (Algger, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Alyery Algerig Algeria Algeriam Algeria A country.
Classical form: Algery (Alggerig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Amazon Amason Amazōn Amazōnem Amazon Can also be spelled: Amaz (Amas), from alternate ‘Amazum’ form.
Americ Americk America Americam America A country. Anglish IPA: /ˈæmərɪk/.
Classical form: Amaireek (/ˈɑːmeɪrik/).
Anatoly Anatolig Anatolia Anatolia Anatolia A region of Turkey.
Can also be spelled: Natoly (Natolig), from a vulgar spelling.
Angle Angull Anglus Anglum Angle A people group.
Anglic Anglick anglicus anglicum Englishman
Anglense Anglens anglēnsis anglēnsem English A language.
Can also be spelled: Angless, from a vulgar spelling.
Angly Anglig Anglia Angliam England A country.
Antarctic Antarctick Antarctica Antarcticam Antarctica A continent.
Can also be spelled: Antartic (Antartick), from a vulgar spelling.
For ‘Antarctic’, we can use Antarctish.
April Aprill Aprīlis Aprīlem April A month.
Can also be spelled: Aprily (Aprilig), from alternate ‘Aprīlius’ form.
Aquary Acƿarig Aquārius Aquārius Aquarius An astrological sign.
Araby Arabig Arabia Arabiam Saudi Arabia A country. Anglish IPA: /ˈæɹ.ə.bɪ/ (like ‘Arabic’ but without the ⟨c⟩.
Aragon Aragon Aragō Aragōnem Aragon A region of Spain.
Can also be spelled: Aracon, from alternate ‘Aracō’ form.
Arctic Arctick arcticus arcticum Arctic Can also be spelled: Artic (Artick), from a vulgar spelling.
Ariet Ariet Ariēs Arietem Aries An astrological sign.
Armayedon Armagedon Armagedōn Armagedōnem Armageddon Classical form: Armagedon (Armaggedon, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Armeny Armenig Armenia Armeniam Armenia A country.
Armoric Armorick Armorica Armoricam Brittany A region of France. See also: Brittany.
Aryentin Argentin Argentīna Argentīnam Argentina A country. Anglish IPA: /ˈɑr.jən.tɪn/.
Classical form: Argenteen (Arggenteen, /ˈɑr.ɡən.tiːn/).
Assy Assig Asia Asiam Asia A continent.
Assyry Assirig Assȳria Assȳriam Assyria A country of old.
Classical form: Assury (Assurig).
See also: Syry.
Atlant Atlant Ātlantis Ātlantem Atlantic A land in mythology.
Atlantic Atlantick Ātlanticus Ātlanticum Atlantic An ocean.
Athens Aðens Athēnae Athēnās Athens A city in Greece.
Classical form: Attens.
August August Augustus Augustum August A month. Anglish IPA: /ˈɔːɡəst/.
Classical form: Ougust (Ugust, /ˈaʊgʊst/).
Augustin Augustin Augustīnum Augustīnum Austin A city in the US. Anglish IPA: /ˈɔːɡəstɪn/.
Classical form: Ougusteen (Ugusteen, /ˈaʊgʊstiːn/).
Auriculon Auriculon Auriculō Auriculōnem Oregon A US state. New Latin, reconstructed from Spanish ‘Orejón’.
Classical form: Ouriculon (Uriculon).
Australy Australig Austrālia Austrāliam Australia A country.
Classical form: Oustraly (Ustralig, /ˈaustrɑːli/).
Austry Austrig Austria Austriam Austria A country.
Classical form: Oustry (Ustrig).
Avallony Afallonig Avallōnia Avallōniam Avalonia A fantasy location.
Babylon Babilon Babylōn Babylōnem Babylon A city of old.
Classical form: Babulon.
Can also be spelled: Bablon, from a vulgar spelling.
Babylony Babilonig Babylōnia Babylōniam Babylon A country of old.
Classical form: Babulony (Babulonig).
Can also be spelled: Bablony (Bablonig), from a vulgar spelling.
Barbary Barbarig Barbaria Barbariam Barbary A country of old.
Barbats Barbats Barbātī Barbātōs Barbados A country. New Latin, reconstructed from Portuguese ‘Barbados’. Plural.
Can also be spelled: Barbat, from alternate ‘Barbāta’ form.
Barchilon Barcilon Barcilona Barcilonam Barcelona A city in Spain.
Classical form: Barkilon.
Batavy Batafig Batavia Bataviam Batavia A region of the Netherlands.
Classical form: Batawy (Bataƿy).
Belorussy Belorussig Belorussia Belorussiam Belarus A country.
Belyie Belgie Belgium Belgium Belgium A country.
Classical form: Belgy (Belggig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Bengal Bengall Bengala Bengalam Bengal
Bengaly Bengalig Bengalia Bengaliam Bengaladesh A country.
Bernichy Bernicig Bernicia Berniciam Bernicia A region of England.
Classical form: Bernicky (Bernickig).
Boemy Boemig Bohēmia Bohēmiam Bohemia A region of Czechia.
Classical form: Bohemy (Bohemig).
Botanty Botantig Bōttantia Bōttantiam Bhutan A country. New Latin.
Brasil Brasill Brasīlis Brasīlem Brazil A country. New Latin, reconstructed from Portuguese ‘Brasil’.
Classical form: Braseel (Braseell).
Brasily Brasilig Brasīlia Brasīliam Brasília A city in Brazil.
Classical form: Braseely (Braseelig).
Britanny Britannig Britannia Britannia Britain An country.
Brittany Brittanig Brittania Brittania Brittany A region of France. See also: Amoric.
Bulgary Bulgarig Bulgaria Bulgariam Bulgaria A country.
Burgundy Burgundig Burgundia Burgundiam Burgundy A country of old.
Byzanty Bisantig Bȳzantium Bȳzantium Byzantium A country of old.
Classical form: Buzanty (Busantig).
Caledony Caledonig Calēdonia Calēdoniam Caledonia
Californy Californig California Californiam California A US state.
Cammarons Cammarons Cammārōnēs Cammārōnēs Cameroon A country. New Latin, reconstructed from Portuguese ‘Camarões’. Plural.
Cambry Cambrig Cambria Cambriam Wales A country.
Campany Campanig campānia campāniam Champagne A city in France.
Canker Canker Cancer Cancrum Cancer An astrological sign.
Capricorn Capricorn Capricornus Capricornum Capricorn An astrological sign.
Carthayin Carðagin Carthāgō Carthāginem Carthage A country of old.
Classical form: Cartagin (Cartaggin, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Cathalony Caðalonig Cathalonia Cathaloniam Catalonia A region of Spain.
Classical form: Catalony (Catalonig).
Cheasarey Ceasareg Caesarēa Caesarēam Jersey Classical form: Kisarey (Kisareg).
Checky Ceckig Cechia Cechiam Czechia A country.
Classical form: Kecky (Keckig).
Cheltic Celtick Celticus Celticum Celtic A language.
Classical form: Keltic (Keltick).
Chivitat Vatican Cifitat Fatican Cīvitās Vāticāna Cīvitātem Vāticānam Vatican City A country.
Alternate forms: Vatican Chivitat (Fatican Cifitat, English word order).
Classical form: Kiwitat Watican (Kiƿitat Ƿatican; wording can be reversed like the above).
Christ Christ Chrīstus Chrīstum Christ The ⟨h⟩ is silent. Said with a short ⟨i⟩.
Classical form: Krist.
Chypper Cipper Cyprus Cyprum Cyprus A country.
Classical form: Cupper.
Chyrillic Cirillick Cȳrillus Cȳrillum Cyrillic An alphabet.
Classical form: Curillic (Curillick).
Constantinople Constantinopoll Cōnstantīnopolis Cōnstantīnopolem Constantinople A city of old.
Can also be spelled: Costantinopol, from a vulgar spelling.
Constrictor Bow Constrictor Boƿ Boa cōnstrictor Boam cōnstrictōrem Boa constrictor Scientific Latin.
Can also be spelled: Costrictor Bow, from a vulgar spelling.
Colorat Colorat Colorātus Colorātum Colorado A US state.
Colossey Colosseg Colossēum Colossēum the Colosseum AKA the Flavian Amphitheatre.
Columb Columb Columbus Columbum Colombo A city in Sri Lanka.
Columby Columbig Columbia Columbiam Colombia A country.
Corey Coreg Corēa Corēam Korea A country.
Cornuby Cornubig Cornubia Cornubiam Cornwall A region of England.
Corsic Corsick Corsica Corsicam Corsica A region of Italy.
Coast Rick Coast Rick Costa Rīcca Costam Rīccam Costa Rica A country.
Can also be spelled: Rickcoast (English word order), Richcoast (Riccoast, using native ‘rich’).
Crowatty Croƿattig Croātia Croātiam Croatia
Dack Dack Daca Dacam Dhaka A city in Bengladesh.
Dalmatty Dalmattig Dalmatia Dalmatiam Dalmatia A region of Croatia.
Danny Dannig Dānia Dāniam Denmark A country.
Dechember December December Decembrum December A month.
Classical form: Deckember.
Dominic Dominick Dominica Dominicam Dominica A country.
East Angly East Anglig Anglia Orientālis Angliam Orientālem East Anglia A region of England.
Eborac Eborack Eborācum Eborācum York A city in England.
Elysy Elisig Ēlysium Ēlysium Elysium Classical form: Elusy (Elusig).
Equator Ecƿator Aequātor Aequātōrem Ecuador Classical form: Aquator (Acƿator).
Can also be spelled: Equatory (Ecƿatorig), from alternate ‘Aequātoria’ form.
Erect Homin Erect Homin Homō ērēctus Hominem ērēctum Homo erectus Scientific Latin.
Estemple Estempoll Ēstenpolis Ēstenpolem Istanbul A city in Turkey. The ⟨np⟩ was changed ⟨mp⟩ to for ease of pronunciation.
Ethiopy Eðiopig Aethiopia Aethiopiam Ethiopia A country.
Classical form: Attiopy (Attiopig).
Eyipt Egipt Aegyptus Aegyptum Egypt A country.
Classical form: Agupt.
February Februarig Februārius Februārium February A month.
Can also be spelled: Febuary (Febuarig), from a vulgar spelling.
Finny Finnig Finnia Finniam Finland A country.
Florit Florit Flōrīta Flōrītam Florida A US state.
Classical form: Floreet.
Formose Formose Fōrmōsa Fōrmōsa Taiwan A country.
Franchy Francig Francia Franciam France Classical form: Franky (Frankig).
Fundours Fundurs Fundūrae Fundūrās Honduras A country. New Latin, reconstructed from Spanish ‘Honduras’. Plural.
Classical form: Fundoors (Fundurs).
Gally Gallig Gallia Galliam Gaul A country of old.
Glachaly Glacalig Glacialia Glacialiam Iceland A country. New Latin, calque.
Classical form: Glakaly (Glakalig).
Greachy Greacig Graecia Graeciam Greece A country.
Classical form: Griky (Grikig, /ˈgraɪki/).
See also: Hellad.
Hantony Hantonig Hantōnia Hantōniam Hampshire A region in England.
Hellad Hellad Hellas Helladem Greece A country.
See also: Greachy.
Helvetty Helfettig Helvētia Helvētiam Switzerland A country.
Classical form: Helwetty (Helƿettig).
Hestony Hestonig Hestonia Hestoniam Estonia A country.
Hibery Hiberig Hiberia Hiberiam Iberia A region of Europe.
Hispanic Hispanick Hispānicus Hispānicum Spanish For both the language and the people.
Can also be spelled: Spanic (Spanick), from a vulgar spelling.
Hispaniole Hispaniole Hispaniōla Hispaniōlam Hispaniola An island.
Can also be spelled: Spaniole, from a vulgar spelling.
Hispany Hispanig Hispānia Hispāniam Spain A country.
Can also be spelled: Spany, from a vulgar spelling.
Hungary Hungarig Hungaria Hungariam Hungary A country.
Ind Ind Indus Indum Indus A river.
Indian Indian Indiāna Indiānam Indiana A US state.
You might want to use ‘Indish’ for the actual word ‘Indian’, by the way.
Indianaple Indianapoll Indiānapolis Indiānapolem Indianapolis A city in the US.
Indonessy Indonessig Indonēsia Indonēsiam Indonesia A country.
Indy Indig India Indiam India A country.
Istrel Istrell Istrāhēl Istrāhēlem Israel Classical form: Istrahel (Istrahell).
Can also be spelled: Isrel (Isrell), from a vulgar spelling.
Italy Italig Italia Italiam Italy A country. Anglish IPA: /ˈɪtəli/.
Classical IPA: /ˈɪtɑːli/.
Iverny Ifernig Īvernia Īverniam Ireland A country.
Classical form: Iwerny (Iƿernig).
Latin ‘Hībernia’ is a later form influenced by the word ‘hībernus’ (wintry); from that, we can make English Hiberny (Hibernig).
Lachedemon Lacedemon Lacedaemō Lacedaemōnem Sparta A country of old.
Classical form: Lackedamon.
See also: Spart.
Lappy Lappig Lappia Lappiam Lapland A region of Scandinavia.
Latin Latin Latīnus Latīnum Latin A language.
Classical form: Lateen'.
Latty Lattig Latium Latium Lazio A region of Italy.
Latuvy Latufig Latuvia Latuviam Latvia A country.
Classical form: Latuwy (Latuƿig).
Leon Leon Leō Leōnem Leo An astrological sign.
Lesb Lesb Lesbus Lesbum Lesbos An island in Greece.
Liber Liber lībra Līberam Libra An astrological sign.
Classical form: Leeber.
Libery Liberig Līberia Līberiam Liberia A country.
Classical form: Leebery (Leeberig).
Libby Libbig Libya Libyam Libya A country.
Classical form: Libbew (Libbeƿ).
Lithuwany Lithuƿanig Līthuānia Lītuāniam Lithuania A country. The ⟨h⟩ is silent.
Classical form: Lituwany (Lituƿanig).
Londiny Londinig Londinium Londinium London A city in England.
Louchifer Lucifer Lūcifer Lūciferum Lucifer Classical form: Lookifer (Lukifer).
See also: Satan.
Lousitany Lusitanig Lūsītānia Lūsītāniam Lusitania Classical form: Loositany (Lusitanig).
Loun Lune Lūna Lūnam the Moon A moon. Anglish IPA: /laʊn/.
Classical form: Loon (Lune).
Machedon Macedon Macedōn Macedōnem Macedon A country of old.
Classical form: Makidon.
Machedony Macedonig Macedonia Macedoniam Macedonia A country of old.
Classical form: Makidony (Makidonig).
Macronessy Macronessig Macronēsia Macronēsiam Macronesia A region of Oceania.
See also: Micronessy.
Mayetorit Magetorit Magetorītum Magetorītum Madrid A city in Spain.
Classical form: Magetoreet (Maggetoreet, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Mallessy Mallessig Malaesia Malaesiam Malaysia A country.
Classical form: Malassy (Malassig).
Maniessy Maniessig Magnēsia Magnēsiam Magnesia Classical form: Magnessy (Magnessig).
Mart Mart Mārs Mārtem Mars A planet.
Marty Martig Mārtius Mārtium March A month.
Maroc Marock Marocum Marocum Morroco A country.
Mauritiany Mauritianig Maurītānia Maurītāniam Mauritania A country.
Classical form: Mouritiany (Muritianig).
Maurity Mauritig Maurītius Maurītium Mauritius A country.
Classical form: Mourity (Muritig).
May Mag Māius Māium May A month.
Meck Meck Mecca Meccam Mecca A city in Saudi Arabia.
Mediolan Mediolan Mediōlānum Mediōlānum Milan A city in Italy.
Melanessy Melanessig Melanēsia Melanēsiam Melanesia A region of Oceania.
Mellit Mellit Melita Melitam Malta A country.
Merchy Mercig Mercia Merciam Mercia A region of England.
Classical form: Merky (Merkig).
Mercury Mercurig Mercurius Mercurium Mercury A planet. Anglish IPA: /ˈmɝkəri/ (no ⟨j⟩).
Mesopotamy Mesopotamig Mesopotamia Mesopotamiam Mesopotamia Can also be spelled: Nesopotamy (Nesopotamig), from a vulgar spelling.
Micronessy Micronessig Micronēsia Micronēsiam Micronesia A country.
See also: Macronessy.
Mongoly Mongolig Mongolia Mongoliam Mongolia A country.
Montan Montan Montāna Montānam Montana A US state.
Classical form: Mountan (Muntan).
Mont Niyer Mont Niger Mōns Niger Montem Nigrum Montenegro A country.
Can also be spelled: Niyermont (Nigermont, English word order).
Classical form: Mount Niger (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Nepal Nepall Nepālis Nepālem Nepal New Latin.
A country.
Nepton Neptun Neptūnus Neptūnum Neptune A planet. Anglish IPA: /ˈnɛptən/ (no ⟨j⟩).
New Angly Neƿ Anglig Nova Anglia Novam Angliam New England A region of the US.
New Cheasarey Neƿ Ceasareg Nova Caesarēa Nova Caesarēam New Jersey A US state.
Classical form: New Kisarey (Neƿ Kisareg).
New Eborac Neƿ Eborack Novum Eborācum Novum Eborācum New York A US state. Also a US city. You use it for both.
New Hantony Neƿ Hantonig Nova Hantōnia Novam Hantōniam Hampshire A US state.
New Scoaty Neƿ Skoatig Nova Scōtia Novam Scōtiam Scotland A Canadian province.
Nippon Nippon Nippō Nippōnem Japan A country.
See also: Yappon.
Niyer Niger Niger Nigrum Niger A country.
Classical form: Niger (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Niyery Nigerig Nigeria Nigriam Nigeria A country.
Classical form: Nigery (with a hard ⟨g⟩).
North Carolin Norð Carolin Carolīna Boreālis Carolīnam Boreālis North Carolina A US state.
Classical form: North Caroleen.
Can also be spelled: North Carlin, from a vulgar spelling.
See also: South Carolin.
November Nofember November Novembrum November A month.
Nouby Nubig Nūbia Nūbiam Nubia A country of old.
Classical form: Nooby (Noobig).
Ocheany Oceanig Ōceania Ōceaniam Oceania A continent. Anglish IPA: /ˈoʊt͡ʃiəni/.
Classical form: okaieny (okaienig, /ˈoʊkeɪɑːni/).
October October Octōber Octōbrum October A month.
Olisipon Olisipon Olisīpō Olisīpōnem Lisbon A city in Portugal.
Can also be spelled: Lisipon, from a vulgar spelling.
Ottomany Ottomanig Ottomania Ottomaniam Ottoman Empire A country of old.
See also: Turchy.
Pachific Pacifick Pācificus Pācificum Pacific An ocean.
Classical form: packific (packifick).
Pallestin Pallestin Palaestīna Palaestīnam Palestine A country.
Classical form: Palasteen.
Pantheon Panðeon Panthēon Pantheōnem Pantheon Can also be spelled: Panthey (Panðeg), from alternate ‘Panthēum’ form.
Parady Paradig Paradis Paradem Paradise
Payensibasses Pagensibasses Pāgēnsēs Bassī Pāgēnsīs Bassōs the Netherlands A country. New Latin. Plural.
Classical form: Pagensibasses (Paggensibasses, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Can also be spelled: Payesibasses (Pagesibasses), from a vulgar spelling.
Pennsylvany Pennsilfanig Pennsylvānia Pennsylvāniam Pennsylvania A US state.
Classical form: Pennsulwany (Pennsulƿanig).
Persy Persig Persia Persiam Persia A country of old.
Petory Petorig Petōria Petōriam Petoria A country of old.
Philadelphy Filadelfig Philadelphīa Philadelphīam Philadelphia A city in the US.
Classical form: Piladelpy (Piladelpig).
Philippins Filippins Philippīnae Philippīnās the Philippines A country. Plural.
Classical form: Pilippeens.
Philisty Filistig Philistia Philistiam Philistia Classical form: Pillisty (Pillistig).
Philistin Filistiin Philistīna Philistīnam Philistine Classical form: Pillisteen (Pillstteen).
Picardy Picardig Picardia Picardiam Picardy A region of France.
Pisch Pisc Piscis Piscem Piscis An astrological sign.
Classical form: Pisk.
Might just blend with the native term, Fish.
Plouton Pluton Plūtō Plūtōnem Pluto A planet. Anglish IPA: /ˈplaʊtoʊn/.
Classical form: Plooton (Pluton).
Polynessy Polinessig Polynēsia Polynēsiam Polynesia A region of Oceania.
Classical form: Polunessy (Polunessig).
Polony Polonig Polonia Poloniam Poland A country.
Pomerany Pomeranig Pomerānia Pomerāniam Pomerania A region of Germany.
Port Port Portus Portum Porto A city in Portugal.
Port Call Port Call Portus Callus Portum Callum Portugal A country.
Alternate forms: Port Cale (from ‘Portus Cale’), Portucale (from ‘Portucale’), Calport (English word order).
Pretory Pretorig Pretōria Pretōriam Pretoria A city in South Africa.
Prousy Prusig Prūssia Prūssiam Prussia A country of old.
Classical form: Proosy (Prusig).
Romany Romanig Rōmānia Rōmāniam Romania A country.
Rome Rome Rōma Rōmam Rome A city in Italy.
Routheny Ruðenig Rūthēnia Rūthēniam Ruthenia A country of old.
Classical form: Rooteny (Rutenig).
Russy Russig Russia Russiam Russia A country.
Sapient Homin Sapient Homin Homō sapiēns Hominem sapientem Homo sapiens Scientific Latin.
Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Can also be spelled: Satanah, from alternate ‘Satanās’ form.
See also: Louchifer.
Saturn Saturn Sāturnus Sāturnum Saturn A planet.
Sardinny Sardinnig Sardinia Sardiniam Sardinia A region of Italy.
Saxony Saxonig Saxōnia Saxōniam Saxony A region of Germany.
Sayittary Sagittarig Sagittārius Sagittārium Sagittarius An astrological sign.
Classical form: Sagittary (Saggittarig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Scandinavy Skandinafig Scandināvia Scandināviam Scandinavia Classical form: Scandinawy (Skandinaƿig).
Scandy Skandig Scandia Scandiam Scandia
Scoaty Skoatig Scōtia Scōtiam Scotland A country.
Scorpion Skorpion Scorpiō Scorpiōnem Scorpio An astrological sign.
September September September Septembrum September A month.
Serby Serbig Serbia Serbiam Serbia A country.
Sibery Siberig Sibēria Sibēriam Siberia A region of Russia.
Sichily Sicilig Sicilia Siciliam Sicily A region of Italy.
Classical form: Sickily (Sickilig).
Silessy Silessig Silesia Silesiam Silesia A region of Poland.
Sin Sin Sīna Sīnam China A country.
Can also be spelled: Chin (Cin), from alternate ‘Cīna’ form.
Slovatch Slofac Slovacia Slovaciam Slovakia A country.
Classical form: Slowack (Sloƿack).
Slovenny Slofennig Slovēnia Slovēniam Slovenia A country.
Classical form: Slowenny (Sloƿennig).
Sole Sole Sōl Sōlem the Sun A star.
Somaly Somalig Sōmālia Sōmāliam Somalia A country.
South Affric Suðe Affrick Āfrica Austrālis Āfricam Austrālem South Africa A country.
South Carolin Suðe Carolin Carolīna Austrālis Carolīnam Austrālem South Carolina A US state.
Classical form: South Caroleen.
Can also be spelled: South Carlin, from a vulgar spelling.
See also: North Carolin.
Spart Spart Sparta Spartam Sparta A country of old.
See also: Lackedamon.
Swechy Sƿecig Suecia Sueciam Sweden A country.
Classical form: Swecky (Sƿeckig).
Syracouses Siracuses Syrācūsae Syrācūsās Syracuse A city in Italy. Plural; can be singularized to: Syracouse (Siracuse).
Classical form: Suracooses (Suracuses).
Syry Sirig Sȳria Sȳriam Syria A country.
Classical form: Sury (Surig).
See also: Assyry.
Taprobany Taprobanig Tāprobanē Tāprobanēn Sri Lanka A country.
Can also be spelled: Taproban, from alternate ‘Tāprobana’ form.
Tasmany Tasmanig Tasmānia Tasmāniam Tasmania An Australian state.
Terr Terr Terra Terram Earth A planet.
Terrnove Terrnofe Terra Nova Terram Novam Newfoundland A Canadian province.
Can also be spelled: New Terr (English word order).
Classical form: Terrnow (Terrnoƿ).
Thessalonic Þessalonick Thessalonīca Thessalonīcam Thessaloniki A city in Greece.
Classical form: Tessalonick.
Thessaly Þessalig Thessalia Thessaliam Thessaloniki A region of Greece.
Classical form: Tessaly (Tessalig).
Tounesy Tunesig Tūnēsia Tūnēsiam Tunisia A country.
Classical form: Toonesy' (Tunesig).
Tounet Tunet Tūnēs Tūnētem Tunis A city in Tunisia.
Transylvany Transilfanig Trānsylvānia Trānsylvāniam Transylvania A region of Romania.
Classical form: Transulwany (Transulƿanig).
Can also be spelled: Trassilvany (Trassilfanig), from a vulgar spelling.
Turchy Turcig Turcia Turciam Turkey A country.
Classical form: Turkey (Turkeg).
Tuscany Tuskanig Tuscānia Tuscāniam Tuscany A region of Italy.
Rey Tyrannosaur Reg Tirannosaur Tyrannosaurus rēx Tyrannosaurum rēgem Tyrannosaurus rex Scientific Latin.
Classical form: Reg Turannosour (Regg Turannosure).
Uran Uran Ūranus Ūranum Uranus A planet. Anglish IPA: /ˈɜːrən/ (no ⟨j⟩).
Vatican Fatican Vāticānus Vāticānum the Vatican Classical form: Watican (Ƿatican).
Vandalichy Fandalicig Vandalicia Vandaliciam Andalusia A country of old.
Classical form: Wandalicky (Ƿandalickig).
Vennet Fennet Venetum Venetum Veneto A region of Italy.
Classical form: Wennet (Ƿennet).
Vennety Fennetig Venetia Venetiam Venice A city in Italy.
Classical form: Wennety (Ƿennetig).
Venner Fenner Venus Venerem Venus A planet.
Classical form: Wenner (Ƿenner).
Ver Alow Fer Aloƿ Aloē vēra Aloēn vēram Aloe vera Scientific Latin.
Classical form: Wer Alow (Ƿer Aloƿ).
Victionary Fictionarig Victiōnārium Victiōnārium Wiktionary A website.
Classical form: Wictionary (Ƿictionarig); or Wiktionary, influenced by ‘Wikipady’.
Vichipedy Ficipedig Vicipaedīa Vicipaedīam Wikipedia A website.
Classical form: Wikipady (Ƿikipadig).
Vindobon Findobon Vindobona Vindobonam Vienna A city in Austria.
Classical form: Windobon (Ƿindobon).
Viriddy Firiddig Viridia Viridiam Greenland A region of Denmark. New Latin, calque.
Classical form: Weriddy (Ƿeriddig).
Viryin Firgin Virgō Virginem Virgo An astrological sign.
Classical form: Wergin (Ƿerggin, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Viryinny Firginnig Virginia Virginiam Virginia A US state.
Classical form: Werginny (Ƿergginnig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Yammec Geammeck Iamaeca Iamaecam Jamaica A country.
Classical form: Yamac (Geamack).
Yanuary Geanuarig Iānuārius Iānuārium January A month.
Yappon Geappon Iappō Iappōnem Japan A country.
Can also be spelled: Yappony (Geapponig), from alternate ‘Iapponia’ form.
See also: Nippon.
Yemins Gemins Geminī Geminōs Gemini An astrological sign. Plural.
Classical form: Gemins (/ˈgɛmɪns/).
Yeoryie Georgie Geōrgia Geōrgiam Georgia A US state. Anglish IPA: /ˈjiːərji/.
Classical form: Gaiorgy (Gaiorgig, /ˈgeɪɔrgi/).
Yerope Gerope Eurōpa Eurōpam Europe A continent.
Yelic Gelick Gaelicus Gaelicum Gaelic A language.
Classical form: Galic (Galick).
Yermany Germanig Germānia Germāniam Germany A country.
Classical form: Germany (Germanig, with a hard ⟨g⟩).
Yordany Geordanig Iordania Iordaniam Jordan A country.
Yordanneh Geordanneh Iordanēs Iordanēm Jordan A river.
Can be shortened to: Yordan (Geordan).
Youly Geulig Iūlius Iūlium July A month. Classical form: Yooly (Geulig).
Younon Geunon Iūnō Iūnōnem Juno An asteroid.
Youny Geunig Iūnius Iūnium June A month. Classical form: Yoony (Geunig).
Yove Geofe Iūpiter Iovem Jupiter A planet.
Yugosclavy Geugosklafig Iugosclavia Iugosclavia Yugoslavia A country of old.
Classical form: Yugosclawy (Geugosklaƿig).
Can also be spelled: Yugoslavy (Geugoslafig), from a vulgar form.


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